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Combining Locked Cores and Pieces

You Can Now Combine Cores and Pieces in the Locked Section

This is a huge time (and money) saver. No longer do you have to use an item to swap your pieces/cores around just so you can combine them. This functionality should probably have been there from the start but let’s give MZ some credit. This is the first genuine game improvement they have released in a while that doesn’t cost any money. In fact it even saves you money. Let’s hope it is the start of things to come!




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  1. It may be glitching, because sometimes the combined pieces are then moved into unlocked space immediately.

  2. about friggin time. And you dont need some stupid Prestige Crafting VIP level 12 to do it is surprising. MZ seems to exploit any game bug as a potential money maker.

  3. That is amazing, Thanks for the post, and your right, the tedious process of swaping just to combine level. 1-2-3 was annoying to say the least,
    I am at core level 4 right now. that’s why I didn’t go further : ) only 2 months into game though, and loving it.

    PS. Slaggy amazing site
    dnedaed (k U)

  4. YES!! About time lol

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