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Cider Mill – Alliance City Building

Cider Mill

The Cider Mill allows you to convert Silver and Food into cider. Upgrading the building makes the conversion more time and resource efficient.

 Level Resource Conversion Efficiency Time Conversion Efficiency
1 6.65% 10%
2 16.63% 25%
3 33.26% 50%
4 49.9% 75%
5 66.53% 100%

To Build Level 1 Cider Mill:

6d 18h 0m 0s6,425,3274,497,7293,855,19620,39525

To Build Remaining Levels:

18d 18h 0m 0s1,5941,5941,59452,41730
44d 2h 20m 39s2,4382,4382,438110,77535
81d 11h 53m 39s3,7363,7363,736193,42540
131d 3h 24m 14s5,7205,7205,720299,13745

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