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Choosing Your Equipment – A Beginner’s Guide to Gear

Equipment Crafting Guide – The BasicsEquipment Gear

There are over 400 pieces of equipment you can craft. How do you decide which ones to build?

In this guide I’m going to talk to you through the basics. There is an awful lot of gear to choose from but as you will see, only a few are worth building.

Your starting point is three sets of equipment:

  • Research
  • Construction
  • Combat

The total time to research everything* is around 50,000 days. Adding a full set of research gear could reduce this by 15,000 days!

You can see why research gear is a priority.

The total time to upgrade all buildings in your city is around 3,000 days. Significant, but not as significant as research.

Combat gear is also very important, but as we will see you don’t want to be building this at anything other than gold level (lvl 6).

NOTE: You only need to be wearing you gear when you start a research or building upgrade. Afterwards you can immediately take it off.

Research Gear

For a typical set of research gear see here.

Research gear is mainly focussed around building chalices.

I highly recommend you build a set of blue (lvl 4) research equipment and then work on building a gold set (lvl 6) afterwards. This is for two reasons:

  • A blue item only uses 1/16th of the materials that are required for a gold set so constructing it hardly sets you back at all.
  • Building a blue set lets you get the benefits much sooner. You can build 3 x blue chalices before you can build 1 x gold chalice and 3 x blue chalices = 60% boost, where as 1 x gold chalice = 30% boost.

Most of the research gear requires Glass which you can find by farming Ore tiles (Mines).

Construction Gear

For a typical set of construction gear see here.

Like Research Gear, you want to focus on building a set of blue construction gear first (lvl 4).

Construction gear is primarily focussed around crafting odysseys, which even at lvl 4 give a significant boost (33% each).

Most of the construction gear requires Parchment which can be found by farming food tiles (Farms).

Note, there is a helmet that gives a construction boost that cannot be crafted. It is gifted after buying a certain amount of gold (not sure how much, perhaps around 200k)

Combat Gear

Combat gear should generally only be built at gold level (lvl 6). The boosts take a significant step up from lvl 5 to lvl 6 and unlike research/combat gear, there is a not a compelling reason to build these early on. It also worth noting that much of the best gear is only available at hero level 50.

I would always recommend focussing combat gear on either Troop Health (see here for why this is better than Troop Defence) or on Troop Attack focussed on one specific troop type (see here for why focussing on one troop type has many advantages).

For troop health sets click here:

For infantry attack sets:

For cavalry attack sets:

For ranged attack sets:


MZ has recently introduced a new set of boost types.

Enemy Health Debuff: This is roughly equivalent to building troop attack but applies to ALL TROOP types. This is great.

Enemy Attack Debuff: This is roughly equivalent to building troop health.

Enemy Defense Debuff: Don’t overly focus on this as explained here.



The general rule of gems is to only use lvl 6 gems and to only put them in lvl 6 gear. That said, for a little extra boost you might as well put lower level gems into your blue equipment that can be removed later with a gem saver.


Other Sets to Build:

Down the line you may want to build other sets of equipment such as a Hero set for attacking monsters, a farming set for resource gathering and a resource production set. You also might want to start adding sets for different troop types. See here for a full list of recommended sets.


In conclusion, crafting a full set of research gear should be your first focus. It could save you thousands of days of speed ups and get you a whole host of benefits from completing your research early. Alongside this, build an odyssey every time you have 3 x blue parchments. Spending as much loyalty as you can on Daily Chances is also a great way of accumulating all the materials you need to build a lvl 6 set of combat gear.

*Pre Crafting and March research trees

About the author

Slaggy, founder of insidegameofwar.com and all around game enthusiast.

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  1. im a beginner im now lv 28 hero what is the best monster killing gear for me , i dont buy packs

    • Profile photo of Redsnapr1

      I’m level 56 and have been using Slayer’s gear. It does take a bit of silver and all sets have a material or 2 that are hard to get. It took about 3 months for me to make Colossus!

  2. Really want monster slayer gear….but have had Phoenix and Persius gear were also recommended by our top monster slayer (15k kills). Your thoughts would be appreciated on the this.
    Aside from scrounging up enough silver am having difficulty obtaining materials…like serpent tails; turkey feathers etc. What chests or monsters would usually have these Items? Thanks Aurorialytes

  3. Does anyone know if you can get the set bounus by crafting different troop type pieces within the same set? If I make 4 fire age piecdes from the ranged set, will I get the bonus if I craft 2 other pieces say from the infantry fire age set?

  4. When crafting level 6 equipment, do all pieces have to be lvl6 to get max upgrade or do you only need 1 gold piece to get max lv6 upgrade?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      If you have all pieces level 6 you are guaranteed the level 6 stats. Once you introduce level 5/4/3/2/1 your percentages drop from 100%. You then are chancing getting a level 6. There are mixed reviews on chancing. Some people have had a lot of success whilst there are a lot of others that would swear by getting all level 6 pieces before crafting.

    • The only luck I’ve had is all pieces level 6 but 1, and it should be at least level 5. Every time I’ve tried with less than the one piece being level 5, I’ve gotten an overall level 5 piece.

  5. Slaggy quick question. I am a beast hybrid trap account that uses around 600k t3/4 with 137k t4 traps to take solo hits despite being 205m power. My question is in regards to gems. I have some decent gems which boost troop health and say, infantry attack. Like the Cerberus gems etc. I also have trap gems. Currently in my gear I have health and defense and attack gems. Would u recommend replacing the defense gems with a gem like Cerberus or even trap gems since u seem to be saying that health and attack is far preferable to defense? Thanks.

  6. you reccommend 3x blue odyssey and 3xblue chalice, what about goimg 3xblue mirror, and then going gold chalice and odyssey? You get mirrors at earlier level and its easier to come acrosd, I know the percentages are lower but not by much for research…

  7. Slaggy, could you please tell me the best gear possible for my trap account. I train 2 types of troops ranged and infantry (regualar) and 2 types of 125k traps (caltrops and catapults). All tier 3. I have not maid it to tier 4 yet but I basically eat tier 4 troops currently. I just would like to know how to upgrade my gear to make it better. Currently I have Xena’s crown (lvl 6), Persephone’s bow (lvl 6), two tower shields (lvl 5), Petasos (lvl 6), Flame surfaced breastplate (lvl 5) and Hermes’ sandals. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yeah I have been searching the web for a guide on how to best gear my hero as a trap account. I also wanted to know the benefit for trap account between troop attack gear and trap attack gear…. Since I can train a lot more troops than j can build traps, wouldn’t avoiding trap attack all together and simply focusing on troop attack to maximize my kills when defending be my best option? Trap attack seems pointless

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        I agree, particularly as troop attack boost boosts traps anyway. Once you have millions of troops, the damage from traps becomes significantly diminished.

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