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Chimera Gear Set Released

New Defense Gear, Chimera

Chimera set defence gear is newly available and its stats will help you boost troop defence 2000%, type defence 3000% along with attack debuff of 1850%.

Base set bonus grants the set 1080% troop defence and 760% troop health while the full seven piece set gives 1700% defence and 1240% attack debuff.  Once gear is powered up to ten, this adds a further 140% of both defence and health.

Below you can see a comparison with the older sets.

TD = Troop Defense, TD = Troop Health
ID = Individual Health, ID = Individual Defense
TAD = Troop Attack Debuff, IAD = Individual Attack Debuff

Jiao Dragon4004002,5508008000
Glacier King15001,0001,5000400400

Below you can see the changes compared to the last set (Lycan).


Conclusion: Even though it has a good increase in troop defense, and troop health. The individual defense is a great improvement defending against the current cores.


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  1. Change the short term for Individual Health to IH (it is ID atm)

  2. What about the respective gems to Chimera?

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