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Cause Catastrophe Amongst Your Enemies!

Catastrophic Elixir is the new Potion in the Lab.

Another potion that you can customize to suit your needs as a defender or attacker has been released in your Alchemy Lab.

Using 6 of the 8 new ingredients alongside a fully skilled hero, you could achieve  stats of


  • 4B% trap
  • 3B% rally/wonder
  • 2B% troop
  • 700M% legion


  • 75M% empire
  • 25M% legion


  • 8B% trap and tile


  • 3B% attack
  • 20M% legion defence
  • 15M% troop/ empire defence

Meet the new ingredients, with their accompanying boosts:

Catastrophic Elixir

2B% troop/strategic/wild attack

Leviathan Scale

500M% rally attack/wonder occupy troop attack

15M% enemy empire troop defence debuff

Mysterious Ink

750M% rally attack/ wonder occupy troop attack

20M% legion defence debuff

Emerald Bloom

800M% rally attack/wonder occupy troop attack

15M% enemy troop/enemy strategic/enemy wild defence debuff

Peacock Feather

3B% enemy troop/enemy strategic/enemy wild attack debuff

1B% rally attack/wonder occupy troop attack

Widow Fangs

700M% legion health

25M% legion defence

Hibiscus Petals

8B% mobile trap health

4B% mobile trap attack

Snake Skin

8B% troop health on tile

Desecrated Ground

8B% mobile trap health

75M% empire troop defence


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  1. This is not one stop.Your two potions behind, anyone have good defense, I’m max but can’t find recipes for last two potions.I can’t buy the premium club membership. It takes all I have just to stay caught up.Any help.Brothers,or sisters.Like I’m really gonna meet you in battle.Odds are to big for that.Please help.God can’t. I’m disabled and use this game as a escape from chronic pain.

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