Gold Mine

You can build the Gold Mine on a rural tile outside your city walls. The Gold Mine allows you to gift and collect Gold with your friends. Upgrade your God Mine to increase the amount of Gold you can collect each time! The Mine lets you collect Gold every 24 hours.

Level 21 Benefits: +2 Bonus Gold Per Collection

LevelTimePowerHero XPStoneFoodWoodOreRequirementsMaster Hammers Gold Collecting Unlock Gold Collecting Bonus Gold per Collection
10d 0h 1m 55s351000000 5 1
20d 0h 3m 50s7025190190190190Academy 20 6 1
30d 0h 7m 40s14050361361361361Academy 30 7 1
40d 0h 15m 20s245200686686686686Academy 40 8 1
50d 0h 30m 40s3854001,3041,3041,3041,304Academy 50 9 1
60d 1h 1m 20s63002,6082,6082,6082,608Academy 60 10 1
70d 2h 2m 40s98005,2165,2165,2165,216Academy 70 11 1
80d 4h 5m 20s1,505010,43210,43210,43210,432Academy 80 12 1
90d 8h 10m 40s2,310020,86420,86420,86420,864Academy 90 13 1
100d 16h 21m 20s3,500031,29631,29631,29631,296Academy 100 14 1
110d 19h 37m 36s5,320046,94446,94446,94446,944Academy 110 15 1
120d 23h 33m 8s8,015070,41670,41670,41670,416Academy 120 16 1
131d 4h 15m 46s12,1100105,624105,624105,624105,624Academy 130 17 1
141d 9h 54m 56s18,2001,000158,436158,436158,436158,436Academy 140 18 1
151d 16h 41m 56s27,4052,000237,654237,654237,654237,654Academy 150 19 1
162d 0h 50m 20s41,1602,500356,481356,481356,481356,481Academy 160 20 1
172d 20h 22m 28s61,8802,500534,722534,722534,722534,722Academy 170 21 1
184d 13h 23m 57s92,8555,000802,083802,083802,083802,083Academy 180 22 1
198d 4h 55m 7s139,4405,0001.2 M1.2 M1.2 M1.2 MAcademy 190 23 1
2014d 18h 27m 13s209,23010,0001.8 M1.8 M1.8 M1.8 MAcademy 200 24 1
2159d 1h 48m 52s313,98510,0002.71 M2.71 M2.71 M2.71 MAcademy 20 Stronghold 210 25 1 2 1 1


  1. Actually you can get a level 920 stronghold as of febuary with an anthea’s gift

  2. I have got a n instant level40 special buildings advancement in my resources. How does it work?

  3. You need to upgrade your farm (Stronghold). Not sure on which level, for sure level 36 will work. Starting level 41 you can decided to produce Cheese.

  4. I emailed MZ about that issue. They are now in my packs

  5. This chart does not include the amount of power essence that is required to upgrade the Gear Workshop.

  6. You will find master keystones inside the bigger gold packs. Also, when ( on the rare occasion that the dungeon opens)
    dungeon has great prizes(treasures) to be had, and one of the more common prizes that you can pick up are the master Keystone’s. Make it out of the dungeon and the prizes that you can fit, and gather, are yours.😇

  7. I’m a stronghold 26, need about 25,000 “brass rods” to upgrade, this list does not include that. Apparently none of the current packs do either…I take it they switched from brass rods to some other stupid BS for higher strongholds?

  8. At level 15, the Altar now requires 5 “Master Keystones” to unlock level 16.

    • No idea how to get this. Now stuck here for last 93 days. Most buildings now at lvl 21. Need to get Master Keystones. A little help please.

  9. If i did not spent my money this gow,.. what now?

  10. Where can you get the Supreme Marshal Manual? It’s needed to level the training garrison to level 21.

  11. Ainda não lançaram esse material

  12. How or where do I find opalite glass?

  13. join seal team in k 743 AZRIEL.

  14. Where can I find the usage of boost ,time orbs instant luck etc…

  15. Profile photo of Nevaeh

    Angie – they will show silver if someone has put a bounty out for the recovery of the hero.

  16. port to k 743 join juiced gorillas

  17. Resurrection of hero after 3 days! How?

  18. How do u actually build something????

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