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Building a Heroless Trap

How to build a solid Heroless Trap

Building a heroless trap is not difficult, but it takes work. You will want to complete all research, except for Runes. This also includes the research that opens up, after completing Academy 24.

When it comes to buildings, you will want to have your SH to at least 29. Keep one of each building, and have the rest, all barracks.

Troop count should be around 51B. You will want to have around 700M each T4, and 5B each T5.

Buildings boosts are important. Barracks should be to at least luck level 28, and you will want to have between 140% – 160%, Individual Health.

Barracks- Individual Health
Embassy- Embassy Defense Bonus
Altar- Troop Health
Forge- Troop Health
Watchtower- Attack Debuff
Academy- Infantry Defense
Hall of War- Rally Attack Debuff
Stronghold- Rally Attack Debuff

You will also want to run behemoth health boost.

This set up was working perfectly until the increase in Alchemy building levels. In order to be an effective heroless trap, with this troop count and build, you will need to upgrade your Alchemy, to level 30.









This was successfully tested BEFORE the new battle mark research. Now, it’s off from what it needs, currently new setup is being tested and improved before editing.


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  1. with all sh now able to go pass level 120 with new banners, gems and gear what is the recommended setup to not burn while hero is gone

  2. no where near enough troops

  3. All this crap is out of date daily/weekly because of the updates!!! Come on mz give us meaningful help!!!

  4. But why’s that? Is there any rational explenation?

    • You’re talking about what “GOWAddict” said right? I don’t know, why they suggest it like that now. Anyone who knows???

  5. any idea about how many t5/6 you need for a heroless trap? i have building boosts maxed
    i am 3t atm, everything maxed out except 50% of ultimate battle
    350b kills

  6. Can you give me ranges on the other building boosts besides barracks? Thanks

  7. These new upgrades are crazy I’m at 13b all t4 2b all t5 and burn miserably I’m 600m research power I’m boosted reined potions everything you can do I also play in 386 where players are instantly maxed as a new release drops but heroless is tough now they say add t3 not sure

    • Profile photo of

      Can anybody help me gear up to take out traps?

    • You need more T5 troops. If you read above, they recommend having 5bn of each T5 and then 700m of each T4.

    • Your going to need more than that we’ve been burning 12-15T heroless now… realistically we’re talking 60-75B T5 spread across all types hits have become a pretty fun guessing game now…

  8. can you mix each gem to get a better stats

  9. Probably is the only way to play as heroless but I think it’s too expensive and it push you to increase your power . I find it silly to build this type of trap because you can cap at 500 power with knife’s ….

  10. do we need seige for traps or does it help to have seige

  11. Hey guys, how thought he that count of troops? 5Billions of each T5 and 700Millions of each T4? thanks for answer

  12. So you’re saying it’s now irrelevant?

  13. Will be nice to see this updated with the battle mark tree. What’s the best way to take a hit without a hero when you have more than 50 billion troops and are at max research on all trees but the battlemark tree?

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