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Budget Rally Trapping 104: Permanent Gear (Part 4) – Updated July 2016


Part 4: Permanent Gear – Updated 6/30/16

Welcome to the fourth part of the series on budget rally trapping. Unfortunately, when it comes to combat gear, there isn’t really an effective way to craft elite gear on a budget without lots and lots of seasonal event and/or monster chests, and the easiest way to get them is by buying gold packs. You can also acquire them through completing the third prize of kill events, inferno events, and occasionally solo events. Now, you can also acquire some of the necessary chests through the bazaar in the alliance city, as well.

There’s currently a bountiful number of choices for excellent permanent defense gear.

When looking for permanent gear to craft, there are several things to consider. First, is do you intend to take rallies in your permanent gear? Or do you plan to pop cores? If you plan to pop cores, your gear doesn’t need to be nearly as good. If you do plan to take the rallies in your permanent gear, how well will that gear perform? Second, is will this gear look appealing to hit? The bigger you get and the more kills you have, the more you need to consider the second thing.

Let’s go over what we’re looking for in permanent gear in an ideal Game of War world, where rally leaders don’t much care what gear you’re wearing, and go from there. There are four boosts that I look for specifically, but there are now quite a variety of boosts to consider when crafting permanent gear.

Troop Defense, Troop Health, and Enemy Attack Debuff are what I consider to be the most important boosts when crafting permanent gear or putting gems into it once crafted, and to a lesser extent, Troop Attack. Troop Attack will most directly influence how many troops in the incoming rally you kill, along with your troop totals. Higher troop numbers need less Troop Attack than lower troop numbers to kill an entire rally. Troop Defense determines how well your troops resist damage dealt to them, and Troop Health determines how much damage they can sustain before they are wounded or die. Troop Health functions much in the way of “hit points,” in other types of video or mobile games, and Troop Defense functions like armor or toughness. Enemy Attack Debuff will reduce the amount of damage dealt to you by the opponent’s rally, which is absurdly helpful. There are certainly other useful boosts, but these are the big ones for me. Defense Debuff Resistance is an outstanding boost for rally traps with higher numbers of troops, and my updated gear suggestions reflect this stat. It can be boosted by completing the corresponding research in the Defense research tree, and by using a couple of different pieces of gear, though only one of them is really beneficial defensively.

Troop Defense is more important the higher your troop counts get. Once you have 50 million troops or more, Troop Defense becomes dramatically more important than Troop Health, but I have not been able to confirm exactly where this becomes the case in terms of troop totals. If you are a solo trap or a mini rally trap (about 2 billion power or so now, give or take) Troop Health is still reasonably important, so tailor your defense gear/gem choices accordingly.

Assume any overall boosts listed apply to all three troop types: regular, strategic, and wild. It just saves space and makes it easier to read to list “Troop” instead of all three. These boosts are just the gear, so no research or gems, which will make the values seem lower than what they would look like if you were to equip them.

Full Size Rally Traps (>2.5 billion power)

For our now nearly universal T2/T4 rally trap model that I’ve been advocating in the updated articles, there are a few things that have changed recently, as they relate to defensive gear. The first thing being overall Troop Health is now nearly impossible to keep positive (or above 0) if the rally leader hitting you is using cores from the newest generation (Poseidon, Ares, Nike) and they have their barracks upgraded to Lv.22 or Lv.23. The Health Debuff on Poseidon/Ares/Nike worn by a (currently) max research rally leader with full Lv.23 barracks is ~1650%. So even if you’ve done the Health Debuff Resistance (HDR) portion of the Defense research tree, you’re still looking at needing 1320% Troop Health to remain at exactly zero assuming 20% HDR (1650% x 0.2 = 330%, 1650% – 330% = 1320%). So what does this mean for rally traps? Troop Defense is more important than ever. As such, gems and gear choices should be focused on keeping Troop Defense as high as possible, post enemy rally leader core debuffs.

In keeping with this premise, I’m a big advocate of using the Kunoichi Kunai, for its Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR) statistic. On paper, it doesn’t look particularly powerful. It only has 45% Troop Defense, so why would we use it? The 90% DDR you get from using three of them negates most of the Defense Debuff on an attacker’s core set. If you have completed the Troop Defense Debuff Resistance research on the Defense research tree, then that 20% DDR plus the 90% DDR (for a total of 110% DDR) from using three Kunoichi’s Kunais effectively negates the majority of the Defense Debuff in an attacker’s core set (the formula isn’t precisely understood). If you use three of them, you’re negating a considerable percentage of their Defense Debuff, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of cores set up for Defense Debuff as it leaves you more overall defense, post-debuffs.

Rally leaders are now adapting to hitting the Kunoichi Kunai, and have begun gemming their core sets for attack, instead of debuffs. You can still use 3 Kunoichi Kunais against cores gemmed for Troop Attack, but you won’t get results that are as lucrative as you did against cores gemmed for Defense Debuff. This is why you want to gem them for as much Troop Defense as possible, as this will help protect from the overwhelmingly high combined Troop Attack on the newest generation core sets. The other option is to use a higher defense accessory and two kunais instead of three, which will help defending against core sets gemmed for Troop Attack.

Recommended Gear

1.) Mix and Match Defense Set: 1,125% Troop Defense, 275% Troop Health, 25% Troop Attack, 120% Cavalry Attack, 120% Infantry Attack, 90% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, 90% Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR). The 90% DDR greatly increases the effectiveness of what appears to be pretty low Troop Defense at first glance. This gear can be anywhere from 2700% Troop Defense to about 3000% Troop Defense with the best gems.

Frostlord’s Will / Imperial Mantle / Imperial Greaves / Frostlord’s Shatter Star / Kunoichi’s Kunai x3



2.) Second Mix and Match Option

Frostlord’s Will / Imperial Mantle /Imperial Greaves / Frostlord’s Shatter Star / Frostlord’s Wielders (x1, or x2) / Kunoichi’s Kunai, x1, or x2)

Obviously you can’t equip eight pieces of gear. By “x1, or x2” I mean, use two Frostlord’s Wielders and one Kunoichi Kunai, or one Frostlord’s Wielders and two Kunoichi Kunai. I’d suggest x1 Frostlord Wielder and x2 Kunoichi Kunai, which is what I use currently. This will give you a happy medium between top-end Troop Defense and DDR, and likely help you to get hit an extra time here or there.

There are some other strong defensive gear options now, but they have less top-end defense than other choices so I did not put them as my top choices. Every bit of Troop Defense counts, so even 10% less Troop Defense makes a difference. Here’s a few of them:

Imperial Crown / Barbarian’s  Spear (very well rounded) / Imperial Jade (good Enemy Attack Debuff, Troop Health) / Frostlord’s Unrest (good alternative if you can’t do the Imperial Greaves), Imperial Crescent (good Troop Attack, also has Defense Debuff)


I assume some of you are by now asking, what about Golden Shogun? It’s super shiny, so must be awesome. And it is, but it’s best suited defensively to gigantic troop counts – even higher than those you’d find in a rally trap. The Golden Shogun set is incredibly powerful, but it doesn’t have the overall defense necessary to truly excel as far as rally traps are concerned. It does have very high/powerful troop type defense numbers that can be used by rally traps to their advantage. You should shoot to keep the three troop types as even as possible though, to account for the lower overall Troop Defense you’ll get from using several pieces of the Golden Shogun set. For example, you might use these three pieces from the Golden Shogun set, along with the  rest of your regular defense gear from the recommended list above, for a defensive gear set that looks like so:

Frostlord’s Will / Rising Yoroi / Imperial Greaves / Rising Katana / Rising Tekko / Kunoichi’s Kunai x2


SUPERCEDED – Usable with over 600 million troops still

1.) Frostlord Set: 1510% troop defense, 200% troop health, 200% infantry attack, 200% ranged attack, 200% cavalry attack, 100% enemy attack debuff, 75% stronghold march speed debuff (basically three bonus Great Wave 4th gems built into the three Frostlord Wielders, if you have a full set)

Frostlord’s Will/Soul Chamber/Unrest/Shatter Star/Wielders x 3

frostlordswillfrostlordssoulchamber frostlordsunrest frostlordsshatterstarfrostlordswielders frostlordswieldersfrostlordswielders



2.) Xena’s Defensive Set 2/Kunoichi Set: Varies, as there are more options to choose from. With the Deceit and all of the Haunted pieces, it has 935% Troop Defense, 200% Troop Health, 58% Troop Attack, 155% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, 45% Enemy Health Debuff, and lots of march speed (which doesn’t help us at all when defending).

Kunoichi’s Deceit, Haunted Kunoichi’s Cloak/Tabi Boots/Machete/Kunai x 3


Using the complete original Kunoichi set (Xena’s Defense Set II, seen below), it has 325% Troop Defense, 195% Troop Health, 155% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, 35% Enemy Health Debuff, 58% Troop Attack, 55% Trap Attack, and 90% Enemy Defense Debuff Resistance (very helpful if you have a higher troop count). Using this set of gear (or this set of gear with the Deceit, instead of the Mask), is less off-putting than seeing the above set of gear, as people know the Haunted Kunoichi gear has very, very high defense values. The original set is very clearly not as good, but it is still excellent. There has been a lot of “inflation” in combat gear statistics of late in Game of War, which means gear gets obsolete rather quickly. I would recommend having and replacing several of the pieces below, at least, with the Haunted version of the same piece of gear.

Kunoichi’s Mask/Cloak/Tabi Boots/Machete/Kunai x 3

These gear options are best for making up a suit of bait gear now, then switching to some form of the recommended mix-and-match defense gear set above. Any of this gear used needs to be gemmed for defense though as well, naturally

You also have a few more options that will help you raise the Troop Attack and Troop Health of your Kunoichi gear if you so choose, but at the cost of taking a hit to your Troop Defense if you have Haunted Tabi Boots. This is great for solo traps and mini traps, and less important if you have huge numbers of troops The Kunoichi’s Snow Tabi Boots have 73% Troop Attack, 70% Troop Defense, 52% Troop Health, 40% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, and like the Frostlord Wielders, effectively has a Great Wave Gem built in free with the 25% Stronghold/Wonder/Super Wonder March Speed Debuff. The other option is the Kunoichi’s Wings, which has 45% Troop Attack, 35% Troop Health, and 20% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (and a march speed boost, which is irrelevant for defending). These are both excellent choices as well, though if you intend on taking rallies in your permanent gear I would not personally use the Wings, as there is no defense boost.


Other good options for defensive gear include the Shogun’s Elite Kabuto (75% Troop Attack, 10% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, 40% Enemy Troop Health Debuff), Shogun’s Dark Sashimono (20% Troop Attack, 120% Troop Defense, 40% Troop Health, 25% Stronghold/Wonder/Superwonder March Speed Debuff), Shogun’s Winter Kegutsu (170% Troop Defense, 44% Troop Health, 35% Enemy Health Debuff, 25% Stronghold/Wonder/Super Wonder March Speed Debuff), Chiron’s Wreath (good for people trying to look more appealing to hit) (20% Troop Attack, 40% Troop Defense, 20% Troop Health)


Miniature Rally Traps (right around 2 billion power, can be less)/Solo Traps

For smaller rally traps and solo traps where Troop Health is more important, I would consider some of these pieces of gear if you can make them. As a mini rally trap or solo trap, you’d use want to think about using more health gems and gems with health, and also more gems with attack, ideally. That said, I’d recommend the same gear as above.

1.) Mix and Match Defense Set: 1,125% Troop Defense, 275% Troop Health, 25% Troop Attack, 120% Cavalry Attack, 120% Infantry Attack, 90% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, 90% Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR). The 90% DDR greatly increases the effectiveness of what appears to be pretty low Troop Defense at first glance. This gear can be anywhere from 2700% Troop Defense to about 3000% Troop Defense with the best gems.

Frostlord’s Will / Imperial Mantle / Imperial Greaves / Frostlord’s Shatter Star / Kunoichi’s Kunai (original)





Frostlord’s Will/Soul Chamber/Unrest/Shatter Star/Wielders x 3 (respectively)

frostlordswillfrostlordssoulchamber frostlordsunrest frostlordsshatterstarfrostlordswielders frostlordswieldersfrostlordswielders


Kunoichi’s Deceit, Haunted Kunoichi’s Cloak/Tabi Boots/Machete/Kunai x 3

Can be used for bait gear, I wouldn’t risk using them currently, otherwise.

But seriously, other effective alternatives are plentiful. The Colossus Aegis is an excellent piece of gear, particularly because all of its attack and health boosts are individual boosts.. meaning unless your opponent has that specific troop type attack debuff or health debuff in their cores, it won’t be affected by their overall Enemy Troop Attack Debuff or Enemy Troop Health Debuff. It has 65% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Attack and 95% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Health. The Hearthflame Orb is also a good choice for the same reason; it has 57% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Attack, and 74% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Health. The Hearthflame Kindle is also comparable, just in armor form. It has 100% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Attack, and 40% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Health. Another armor, the Colossus Barricade is similar, with 96% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Attack, and 40% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Health.


If you combine three pieces from several of the different sets, you can piece together solid individual troop type boosts. For example, Frostlord’s Will has cavalry attack, Frostlord’s Shatter Star has infantry attack, and the Frostlord’s Unrest has ranged attack (pictured above). The Hearthflame Ember has cavalry attack/cavalry health, the Hearthflame Flint has infantry attack/infantry health, and the Hearthflame Warmth/Hearthflame Tinder has ranged attack/ranged health. As an added bonus, they all have significant Enemy Troop Attack Debuff. The armor that goes with each set has good individual troop type boosts as well (Frostlord’s Soul Chamber/Hearthflame Kindle, both seen above).


For Big Rally Traps/Anyone Having Difficulty Being Hit (Typically 8 billion+ and lots of troops, or huge kill totals)

There comes a time when you’ve just trained too many troops and/or finished too much research to be one of those rally traps that gets hit constantly. Your power is too high, or you’ve killed enough that your kill stats are a deterrent if you also wear good defensive gear. Typically a combination of the two. And if you’re wearing a lot of the gear that I suggested above with crazy defense power, many opposing rally leaders will take one look and say, “Hmm. That’s a whole lot of nope. These cores were expensive. Let’s find a better target.” If people are still hitting you at your higher power in your best defensive gear, awesome. Keep wearing it. If this is not the case, and you’re not getting hit, it can help to wear ‘bait’ gear; gear that is supposed to look bad and make you more enticing to hit. There are a variety of ways to do this, but keep in mind this is really only a good idea if you’ve got a lot of troops. It’s a terrible idea if you’re very research-heavy with fewer troops, or all T4. Much higher troop numbers are better if you intend to use the gear for actually taking rallies, as the gear will be far worse than purpose-built defense gear. A lot of troops in this context means well over 700 million – 800 million combined on the low end. If you have fewer troops, you’ll still want to switch to your best permanent defensive gear or cores when the opponent’s rally starts marching.

The easiest way is to simply take a preset, skill it like you do for defending rallies normally (see the previous article here), then gem your research gear, training gear, monster killing gear, crafting gear, etc., with combat gems and put it into that preset. Anything not normally used for combat works well, as does weaker combat gear, or specialized gear like the older Fire Age, Hermes, or Executioner sets.

So, you gem your research/training/monster killing/obsolete individual troop type gear with some combination of defense, shadow, rose, and hallows gems from what I’ve been told. You can use the newer specialized gems that are super hard to get if you have them, just focus on defense (with large troop numbers), health, troop attack, and enemy troop attack debuff. I would use elite defense gems in the fourth gem slot and Shadow gems liberally, personally. So for example, you might use a set of Slayer gear with combat gems and hero skilled for combat.

Slayer’s Charge/Slayer’s Helm, Slayer’s Armor, Slayer’s Boots, Slayer’s Sword, Slayer’s Rune/Slayer’s Spiked Gauntlets/Slayer’s Trophy (some combination of those three accessories)


Or a training set, like the General’s gear or pieces of the General’s gear with other weaker combat gear that has training boosts that gives the appearance you’re wearing your training gear. The following would be examples you could pull from:

General’s Helm, Firelord’s Armor, Molten Core Cage, Phoenix Breastplate, Fiery Cloak of FantasyShogun’s KegutsuInferno LegplatesGeneral’s GreavesKunoichi’s Machete, Spear of FireGeneral’s Gauntlets, Phoenix Life

If I were going to run this gear, I would choose as much gear with combat boosts as possible, personally. But I’ve seen guys wearing the full General’s set eat rallies and lose very little, it just depends on troop numbers. I’d probably use the General’s Helm, one of the three individual Fire Age armors (Firelord’s Amor, Molten Core Cage, Phoenix Breastplate), Shogun’s Kegutsu, Kunoichi’s Machete, and three Phoenix Life, just because they do have some form of combat boosts.

To reiterate if it wasn’t clear, DO NOT run training gear/Monster gear/Research gear with the lower troop numbers I recommended. You need absolutely huge troop totals to run this gear effectively. T2/T4 traps with giant troop totals exclusively, are the only people who might want to consider this strategy.

Other options would be using research gear, crafting gear, or other non-combat gear. To take a rally in it, you need 700m-800m troops (T2/T4 combined) minimum, and about 2000% Troop Defense, otherwise, it’ll hurt you dearly and you should switch to your regular defense gear when the rally is marching.

If you’re on the higher end of trapping power but still have lower troop totals, use some of your older gear, or intentionally craft some gear in Epic or Rare quality and wear that. I would caution against taking a rally in gear like that without a lot of troops, but feel free to experiment. I’d switch to my best defensive gear or cores depending on my power and the scenario. Just don’t hold me or insidegameofwar.com responsible if you use intentionally bad gear with troop totals that are too low as I’m simply passing on information that I’ve been told or seen used effectively.

TL;DR Version

The best permanent defensive gear available currently for full size rally traps in my opinion is a mixed set, made up of Frostlord’s Will, Imperial Mantle, Imperial Greaves, Frostlord’s Shatter Star, and three Kunoichi’s Kunais. I would personally use this exact same gear if I was running a miniature rally trap using permanent gear, or a solo trap as well.

If you run a higher powered trap and are having difficulty getting hit (or are having difficulty due to high kill totals; really for any reason), you can consider wearing ‘bait’ gear, which can be research/monster/training gear skilled and gem’ed for combat, or intentionally worse or obsolete combat gear to help increase the likelihood that you will be hit. If you have smaller troop totals, you will still want to core or equip your top end permanent defensive gear before a rally lands. If you have huge troop totals (700 million plus), you should be able to take rallies in your bait gear effectively, but it needs to be just under 2000% Defense, or you shouldn’t use it.

The next article will cover strategies for crafting defensive cores, gems,  and will have some of the cores and pieces I like to use as well. If you have any gear strategies that you would like to share, please feel free in the comments.


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  1. With all the additions to the game in the last 7 months it would be nice to see something like this updated. With different mixed ideas for permanent gear.

  2. No longer outdated.
    Currently, seriously, seriously, seriously OUTDATED!

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  4. No idea why that didn’t post in-line with the other comments, but if anybody’s missing context, it’s in my only other comment in this thread (with Lubear’s initial reply)

  5. Maybe as a starting point, I think we both agree that TDDR, however, it’s calculated, is game-breakingly good. I wouldn’t want that base point to get lost while we engage on semantics.

    And yes, it’s fair to say that I’m using “empirical” very loosely, as it implies that real-world evidence has entirely proven or disproven something, and you’re absolutely right, nobody’s formula has been conclusively proven or disproven….every data set (actually, every data set I’ve seen combined) has outliers that have to be explained before anybody can hang their hat on anything.

    At best, that leaves us in the position of “nobody knows for sure how it works.” Given that, I think the revisions you’ve made are more fair to the lay reader who hasn’t spent the time digging into it…saying “negating basically all defense debuff” felt a bit misleading, when (to your own point) there aren’t any public datasets that support the comment.

    All that said, to be entirely fair, I’d revise my statement to be: based on my own anecdotal data and experience, as well as additional not-publicly-available testing, the additional defense from 2 kunai + 1 non-Kunai accessory reduces losses more than the use of 3 Kunai, in all but a few seldomly-encountered edge cases. Both methods will reduce kills, but it’s rare that a 3rd Kunai will be more beneficial than a higher defense accessory.

    So far as the data I’m working from, like yours, it’s not (all) mine to share….I’ll happily check with the primary “owner” and see if they mind shooting it to you. Meantime, thanks for the civil reply, and I think the revisions you made are a nice balance; they emphasize the data you have the most faith in, without implying that it’s known, proven fact.

  6. recently, I have seen a funny thing…accs with power 12-15 bil in full frostlords are getting more rallied than those 8-9 bil in weaker gear(lets say combo haunted xena and frostlords)..somehow many rally leaders see 8-9 bil in weaker gear as a baiting trap while 12-15 acc in frostlords as a naive guy who is not actually trapping but too proud to use kunai..smh

  7. Does the introduction of the anniversary colossus set change your gear recommendations for traps?

  8. “If you have completed the Troop Defense Debuff Resistance research on the Defense research tree, then that 20% DDR plus the 90% DDR (for a total of 110% DDR) from using three Kunoichi’s Kunais effectively negates the Defense Debuff in an attacker’s core set. If you use three of them, you’re negating basically all of their Defense Debuff, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of cores set up for Defense Debuff.”

    That’s not how TDDR works. Based on currently tested knowledge, past the researched 20%, additional TDDR from kunai isn’t additive…it has (fairly stiff) diminishing returns based on a formula.

    It’s fair to say that exactly what that formula is hasn’t been firmly narrowed down yet. Depending on which set of tested numbers you believe, 3 kunai gives anywhere from a roughly 52% to a roughly 60% reduction in the attacker’s TDD; both data sets have outliers that aren’t easily explained, so it’s fair to say that nobody knows with certainty exactly what that formula is (or if they do, they haven’t published it).

    As a general rule, 3 kunai has been empirically shown to be generally inferior (again, there are some outliers) to running 1-2; the troop defense given up isn’t worth the returns in TDDR you get from a 3rd kunai. It’s great that you call them out as a smart choice for moderate-to-large troop count traps (because they are), but advocating 3 based on an assumption of additive math is largely setting folks up to fail.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      I’ve updated the article to remove the superlative words I’m assuming you found offensive (changed “all” to “most,” etc.) and added that I use a Frostlord Wielder and two kunais, not 3 even though I’m a fan of it. I’d advocate 3 kunais less strongly for defending against sets gemmed all attack, as I’ve found the defense of a third non-kunai defensive accessory helps cushion attack quite effectively.

      But to be fair, you’re throwing “empirical” around really freely when the problem with discussing TDDR is that nobody’s done any actually empirical public testing. I’m assuming you’re talking about the handful of tests on the other GoW site that’s often quite math-based and the chart extrapolated from the TDDR / 100+TDDR = Real-World TDDR equation.. If you’re referring to different sources, I’m not aware of any other in-depth/public analyses so please point me towards them. I do highly respect the people and work they put into that site, but that kunai testing isn’t strong enough for us to use “empirical” as the primary descriptive adjective, nor is that formula based on the information they’ve posted. I based my explanation on testing, but it isn’t my testing to publish. The person that did the testing my explanation is based on found that defender losses decreased until 100% TDDR then flatlined, even after TDDR rose above 100%. So is TDDR exactly additive? It’s not terribly likely. But I don’t think it’s as useless as the TDDR / 100+TDDR = Real-World TDDR formula either. If you have other data I’d love to see it; I still haven’t seen anything empirical that’s disproved my perception of the effectiveness of TDDR. Drop me a line if you have other info, lubears@insidegameofwar.com.

  9. My hero died a year ago today, let’s all have a moment of silence…

    T3 solo trap for sale – 27 million power and 44 million kills (no troops/hero currently) Price is .00000001 USD

    T4 rally trap for sale – 398 million power/ 88 million kills (no troops/hero currently) Price is one LOL – 7K wasted woohoo good times

  10. Making sure I have this right on gemming. With the new defense debuffs your recommending getting troop defense as high as possible. so gem strictly for defense or do I still need to supplement a few attack debuff gems as well?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      Generally speaking, it’s statistically stronger to buff your hundreds of millions of troops versus debuffing ~6.4m.. that said, Attack Debuff is still very strong, and highly beneficial. You’ll see a similar correlation when comparing higher defense with reduced losses, and higher attack debuff with reduced losses. In my opinion, you’re better off favoring higher defense, since 7k attack minus even 400% or 500% attack debuff is still 6.6k or 6.5k attack, but I certainly wouldn’t disregard Attack Debuff completely. Mine varies between 225% -275% depending on the gear I use, and I use 3 or 4 Gems of Protection as well.

      You’ll have to look closely at the numbers, and see how much top-end defense you’re willing to sacrifice for your particular setup. For some troop counts, 2800% versus 3000% defense will make little to no difference, while for others, it’ll triple or quadruple losses. If you want to email me we can discuss further, totally up to you though. lubears@insidegameofwar.com

  11. hey guys need some help here…when rally trapping does the troops that get wounded in my hospitals count toward weather i win the rally and grab a hero? currantly i can grab heros from the fiercest rally against me…my understanding is if i kill more troops than the rally march does then i win…how do my wounded troops factor in?….is it simply who kills more?

    • Yes it is your lost versus their lost if you burn or not. Capturing the hero has to do with killing their entire rally and your lost is less than theirs.

  12. Hi I am at 2.7 billion power with 42 million t4 , 6 million t3 and 2 million t1 (90 % are sta. Troops) 1.9 million beds , with frostlord helm and others are all Xena 2 and 2 haunted Xena gear! Defend and health are around 900 boost , attack 200%, ! My concern is how many troop I will lose , I don’t need to eat the whole rally! I didn’t spend much so I don’t want to rebuild too many troop after each killing event! All my gears are applied with defend and health and rose gem or Shadow! I did take one rally few months ago and lost 1 million t1 and 4 million t3 and I zero 2.375m t4 rally ! But last month, I took another rally , but it was bad I lost 6 million t3 and 1 million t1 but only kill 1.6 million t4 (rally size is 3 million ) I know my regular gear is not good! How my new gear will work better this time! I got good core set in my preset but everytime because of lag, I can not use it ! That is why I need to focus on regular gear! So my question is than how can I reduce my troop lost ? Thx

  13. how exactly does nerfing work? I am a T3/T4 rally trap and this is the first time I have heard of this term. Im setup 9m T3 regs, 9m T4 regs. in addition, 9m T3 strat, and 24m T4 strat. Note that my T4 strat counts are high because of being on a rally team so I have to train them all the time. Am I hurting myself by this setup? I have a pretty good grasp on the game, but obviously for some reason Im sustaining huge troop deaths. I have 13 hospitals, 1.5m beds, defense tree done, well every tree down to defense done. what am I not doing right?

    • defense gear is decent. frost and xena haunted mixed. frost helm, and rest xena haunted gear and accessories. dont have the materials to make any other frost gear yet.

      • Did you mis-type 24M Strat T4? .. cos that sounds like a tank of an account. Dunno man, check gems and hero skills I guess. Nerf works the other way – against ratios with much larger numbers of lower tier troops.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      It’s best to have even counts of regular/strat because of strat’s vulnerability to wild troops. Wild troops shred strat troops, even if they do die a bit easier than the other types of T4.

      At 51m (I think, I did it in my head) troops, you’re in that gray area where we aren’t sure how much or less important troop defense is than troop health. When I was around that count, I tried to keep both defense and health relatively even, and quite high. Enemy attack debuff will also reduce your losses, but you shouldn’t be losing terribly much depending on your defensive stats. Have you followed the article about hero skill set up and skilled troop health I & II, troop defense I & II, enemy attack debuff, and the 3 altar bonus boosts at minimum?

  14. Forget traps guys! T2 needs about 20 billion power now to be effective! I’ve a max sh14 100k of t4 with no hero will burn 8 million troops! Surprisingly the T1 isn’t touched if you don’t exceed 9 million of them.
    T3 you need about 14 billion power! Trust me I’ve built and tested the maths! The sh21 players are being gifted these upgrades yet the research bar has stayed the same from sh20 down! The gaps so big now! Mz never realy needed to cap T1 after all?

    • MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains

      Wow ,what nonsense . You nerfed yourself. That’s why the damage is so high . When by themselves, 15m+ T1 and 5m T2+ is nerfed . When T2 is used with T4 , nerf doesn’t happen until above 12.52:1 ratio ; T2 with T3 isn’t nerfed until over 7:1 ; this is common knowledge now due to “that other site ” and in-game advice rooms like The Oracle and Trap

  15. FROM DV: (Stayalives allaince) Via Lady Nate Over the past few months, the game has changed drastically. While previously, new researches have been manageable, and new gear sets attainable, as both their cost and the time between releases were not overwhelming for most moderate spenders. During the past boycott, in multiple correspondence initiated by some of the larger well known spenders in the gow community, you stated that you will typically release large new researches with several months of separation between them. Why then have you released insanely high cost research and new gear sets, only to release further high cost research mere weeks later. In order to be relevant at this time in the game, someone will have had to spend over $5k in the past month for research alone. This research is in addition to insanely high priced new plots of land, and now new building levels which will also be extraordinarily expensive. Your new march research, allows for greater troop loss for those who have already spent to complete the research, requiring further spending to replace the greater troop loss. The alliance city, which has for so long been obsolete and useless, is already accelerating to a point where it is clear that it too will soon require massive upgrades and spending to maintain relevance. With the new release of the bazaar, in accordance with lag, kicking, as well as many other glitches that have so far gone unresolved, and in many cases gotten worse, shows us that you are motivated solely by greed and care nothing for user satisfaction. We ask that you slow the release of new researches and allow players to catch up, stop the inequality of resources in packs that require multiple purchases of different packs, just to maintain balance and the ability for growth, and for clarification on the new features you plan to release. Additionally, revise the inferno system, so that they are actually worth finishing, either by separating troop/research infernos or some comparable method, as currently only those buying 5 or more packs for troops, or completing multiple high tier researches can complete. Until such time as these and any additional demands that may rise through the dissemination of this player movement..we will cease to buy, and we will spread this movement not only within the game, but amongst all major social media networks as well.

  16. As a 2.7b rally trap with 48m t4, I tend to run both troop health and troop defense. I find that attackers typically debuff one or the other, but not both, and having good stats for both (using core presets) spreads things out enough such that I win no matter what they march at me.

  17. I also agree with Jeff. There is no such thing as a budget rally trap. Any thing about this game a normal person would consider to be “budget” is long gone.

    • Exactly. Just add up the costs to obtain even the most modest of those sets of equipment and youll see 10s of thousands of chests and lots of packs required to get crazy materials.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        I know rally traps with 200m+ kills that made them with $200 and some help from their alliances with rss.

      • You really damage your credibility when making statements like that… For anyone that’s played the game for even a short time knows that someone CAN NOT create a rally trap for $200, and that claim is utter BS… Even with help from an alliance feeding you RSS you still would need to be gifted 10’s, if not 100’s of thousands of 3 day speeds in addition to the speeds that $200 got you in the packs of today, otherwise you aren’t going to complete the needed research or get a hero up to a level to be a rally trap and that’s not even mentioning the mats for the gear and cores needed,… stuff you can’t gift.

        I suppose if someone already in an alliance comprised of nothing but whales, perhaps getting enough speeds and XP via gifting is possible … kind of like whales do with Jumper accounts they make, but that is money too… someones.

        Keep it real… otherwise you sound like an MZ sales and marketing propagandist.

        Oh, wait… It appears this site has become just that.. my mistake. Look no further than the about us section to see link to the sales and marketing for the other MZ POS app.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        If you can’t fathom how to build a rally trap for (relatively) cheap, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. I don’t have any reason to lie. I’m simply passing along what I was told.

        I know a guy quite well that said (rather adamantly) that he finished his initial build in $200 (of full price packs, so total cost was $5+$20+$50+$200=$275). That was at the time rallies were 2.375m still. The same quality of build for how he made his would probably be $300 or $400 worth of full price packs (so plus $75 on top of that) now, but I don’t know, that’s just a guess. I don’t have any idea what he’s spent since.

    • So first it’s $200 now it’s $275 then you don’t know if they guy has spent since. Without logging on to the guys account and seeing his gift level I’m not so sure. I’ve seen a lot of deceit in this game by MZ and the players. It’s not fair to the average player to claim a rally trap can be built and then maybe maintained for just under $300. Which even that amount seems ridiculous to spend on a phone game.

      • I think it’s possible to build an “ok” rally trap for $200-300. You just need to always core and probably choose which rallies you take. But I’m pretty sure if this rally trap gets hit by frost that it’s going to burn and probably cost a lot to retrain.

      • I have spent only about $300 on the game. I am now currently just shy of 2 bil power. I am a pretty effective rally trap. I do have to pop cores, and yes, frost hurt, but now with 4 presets and one loaded with anti frost cores I need not worry any longer. The key to it is being smart about how you build and when you build. Infernos help, especially when you see the ones that pay out big gold. Also, alot of guys that I know that trap on a budget also Have extensive farm systems that they use to sell rss for speeds. There are many ways to grow in this game without spending real money. Just takes some hard work, time, and dedication to what you want.

      • $300 and have March tree far enough along to get 4 presets and crafting far enough along to make lvl6 anti-frost cores? Not to leave without mention getting academy to lvl21 just to get those unlocked and T4 too… I can’t imagine you having any capacity with beds to cover much… and you say it’s just shy of 2Bil?? Sounds like a meat trap, not a rally trap. making a rally trap for $300 is pure fiction…

      • Just because YOU cannot do it doesnt mean that it cannot be done. You are in the mindset that you have to grow only through spending. Farms and selling rss has paid off huge for me! So I dont need a ton of packs to grow. I am also in a very supportive and active alliance. All those gifts add up big!

      • I have several farms on 50-60 million research power level 14 with nearly 2000 days of speeds and I would have nearly a million gold if I was not using it to boost ac .
        I also gave a 180 million research city away with level 54 hero VIP 15 combat maxed economics maxed both wall traps maxed crafting done to level 5 maxed just shy from unlocking presets by a few level 9s defense mostly on level 9 with several pieces from above sets on gift level 4

      • Join a good alliance. with loyalty from chests buy daily chances that will get XP resources materials. craft research gear anything left over sell in bazzar buy chests for gear. keep to level 14 as infernos are easy to win .save up free speed ups for winning infernos and collect free gold from Athena’s and in no time you will amass enough to get shackles daggers and books when you have enough level up .optional to use less speed ups when winning an inferno you can also join one of the help alliance .no matter the power on level 14 an inferno is around 3.5 million winning 20 k gold so with the speeds given away and loyalty from a good alliance you can get enough resources to do and enough speeds to finish and win infernos regulary

  18. I like this follow up article. Good that you address the controversy on troop health vs defense for more effective trapping.

    Jeff B raised a good point that i somewhat share similarly. Rally trapping isn’t necessarily ‘budget’ so to speak. You still need to invest quite a far bit to get the necessary research done and getting a ton of troops trained, unlike the so-called ‘budget solo trap’ which we are all familiar with. Typical budget solo trap cost like 1 or 2 packs depending on individuals. I would say a typical rally trap would cost 3-5 packs for initial setup or maybe even more if ,for instance, you’re chasing higher end permanent defensive gears like frostlord set etc.

    Rally trapping also means you potentially lose ‘a lot of troops’ in the process of eating up incoming marches, prob much faster than joining rallies, depending on how many rally hits you planning to absorb per KE. Rebuilding could be tiring if you don’t have a supportive alliance who value your massive efforts contributing to a load of KE points. I am personally lucky enough to have a bunch of supportive teammates in my alliance.

    One other thing I want to add is that if you’re a frequent rally trapper, it is probably wise to have a good farming system setup for yourself, so you are self-sustainable resources-wise. In fact, some people I heard actually make more than enough to even trade excess rss away for speedups to help the rebuilding process. Just my 2 cents. cheers

    • well it depends when did you start to play and buy packs…if it was more than few months ago, you would need to invest 1000 $ or more to get to usual rally trap size (1,5-2 bil) and to have some acceptable defense gear…packs had cca 1000 days of speed ups and 500 chests…if you started to play 2-3 months ago, I guess you would need to buy 2 packs to get to power level and another 3 packs to get lordfrost/haunted xena gear…I’m the first case and I got all full fireage sets, regular colossus set and hey, 6-9 months ago those were great sets…just… you cant do a shit with them now…they became totally obsolete…so all money I invested in them are wasted now…if I wanted to stay competitive I got to buy packs again…there is a clear pattern…6 months from now nobody will be able to use haunted xena or frostlord for effective defense…the only positive thing is that if I do nothing now, I’ll become solo hit target again soon…at 1,7 bil…hell yeah…last kvk ke two crazy guys soloed me although I was sitting there in haunted xena gear…they lost badly although they were in frostbitten cores, but hey with solo march size getting bigger and bigger that time will come soon

      • Yeah, to be honest, i am not a big fan of regular gears, they will get outdated fairly quickly. i played this game since 2014, so already figured it out ages ago. cores are still the best preferred option for me as they are usually quite up-to-date, particularly if you kill monsters or dig alot from the special event digs (i do multiple of 3 or 4 at a time by asking from my alliance for free digs).
        the newer special event cores/pieces come in alliance gifts fairly frequently too these days, so make sure you are in a spending alliance, or if not, persuade the top alliance to recruit you. just in the recent Christmas/New year spending spree in my alliance, i have collected a ton of freebies of cores/pieces from alliance gifts, enough to make a couple of defense suits.

      • I disagree i have seen one of our members eat 6 rallies back to back, odin, orion, 4h, odin and one being a frostbitten rally from a 120b player using reg colossus helm, armor, colossus avalanche (new boots), colossus thrasher, 2 colossus aegis and 1 frost lord wielders. is this budget?.. does this seem worthless?… maybe not so much. can a rally trap obtain these at 1.5 to 1.8 b….. yes easily… please try to test what these guys teach on these web pages before you discredit them.

        Kingdom 649

  19. Sorry,I tried to reply to TryToHelp!

  20. And what is the troop work that would work with that gear and boosts?

  21. To help with lag you should clear your mail, reports, notes & especially contacts and rooms you do not use. This really works I’ve been rally trapping for a while and never have lag problems 🙂

  22. I use the first Xena set for bait gear works very well !

  23. I may have missed it in the other parts of this series, but has anyone defined what “budget” rally trapping is in terms of real currency? Is it, $500, $1000, $2000… to get research, hero and gear and troops to the level of an effective rally trap??

    How about what these budget traps need to build into their budget to handle the march size increases and cores… I am going to throw something out there… there is no such thing as a “budget” rally trap in GoW in the general sense of the term… if one thinks they can acquire everything that is needed by just buying a couple packs to get started, opening alliance gifts and farming monsters, and mining digs… they are sadly mistaken.

    So, before labeling or describing something something as “Budget” lets be clear on what budget really is in real currency terms. I think the ones just learning will find it informative… of course, MZ woudn’t like that information disseminated too widely… as it might deter a potential fool from making the first leap into whats turned into a joke.

    On another note… how about the scuttle butt of another boycott… think it will get off the ground and get publicity without having the backing of the whales?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      With how packs are now, if you’re starting from scratch it can be done with $200, and a half price pack here and there to maintain. Realistically I’d say $300, as the guys I know that did it with 2 packs have a very supportive alliance. For 200+ million kills (several that I know of that built theirs in two packs have met this milestone), that’s a bargain compared to a rally leader or even a mid-level 5-7 billion power guy. Running a really competitive solo trap isn’t much cheaper than that.

  24. With how the battle engine works, is there any advantage to having more attack to kill the attacker sooner so maybe less of their attack is unloaded on you?

    i.e. One gear set I have is heavy on defense and health and very light on attack. Since I have a ton of t3 I will kill all troops in the rally. But if I had more attack, would I kill more of their troops sooner and save some of mine since they would not be able to unload all their attack on me?

    No idea if there is anything like that in the battle engine but I am maxed on the defense and health I can put into my economy set so maybe a little more attack would help?

    • MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains

      That’s not how it works , Defense ,Health and Attack Debuff lower your losses . Any Attack higher than what is needed to kill the whole march is “wasted ” , but ideal Attack boost changes for each situation , it’s not a static number

      • MoMoney is correct. Having any more attack than you need to kill the incoming troops is overkill, and does nothing to limit your losses — that’s what defense, heath, and attack debuffs are for.

  25. MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains

    Permanent gear really isn’t an option for rally traps anymore ,except to bait in , unless you enjoy replacing billions of resources worth of troops every KE . As a 110M T2 , 10m T4 2.1B 2.4M beds rally trap Defending in Frost Lord Helmet ,Frost Lord weapon and rest Xenas Haunted gear , 3m Frostbitten killed 2.2M T2 over beds ,and I’m not nerfed . Budget Cores put me under beds . If SH22 gets released , Rallies will be going to over 5M and there will be much stronger cores Than Frostbitten by then . Defending in cores Is now mandatory if you care AT ALL about Troop replacement

    • Profile photo of JasonEvil

      Check the screenshot on gameofwarrealtips the hall of war L22 still comes with only 2M just as it was with L21. There are no additional 2M on top of that.

    • totally agree there…playing defense in normal gear is not really an option at all anymore. Not sure why it’s a topic here. Also not sure why all defensive players are still labeled as traps either, since the nurfs they added for lower tear troops there isn’t really such a thing as a trap anymore. Sure you can surprise some one with a lot of T1 and win on points but the cost is so high to replace them using T1/T2 isn’t trapping it’s being foolish..

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      Mo, you need way more troops than that to see the full benefit of that set up. Both tiers, as well. The numbers you have now were fine when people were first figuring out how to run them and rallies were still 2.375m, but cores are too good and rallies are too large now, so you have to add troops.

      • Lubears, what would be a minimal count of troops for a rally trap which uses t3 as meatshield, to be able to cap hero in regular gear? I currently have 19 mil t4 and 7,5 mil t3 and definitely cant cap hero from top core sets rallies…

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        I’d think at this point it’d be somewhat self-limiting because of power. What’s your current power with that troop count?

      • in the mean time Im sitting at 22 mil t4 and 7,5 t3, 2,080 bil overall power

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        So what I’ve found is that “middle ground,” so to speak, in terms of an effective meat shield is difficult to find. Until recently I was running T4/T3/T2 and would still lose enough T2 that it wasn’t worth having T2 if I was going to have T3 anyway. So, the point here is that either: you need very large troop numbers to help spread out the damage dealt if you want to cap heroes, or: run a smaller meat shield to reduce your losses numerically, and rely more heavily on your T4, which is much riskier.

        You could train another 400m-600m worth of troop power and still be very hittable. I’d either think about keeping the T3 as-is and adding more T4, or triple or quadruple your T3 with the same amount of T4 and see how that goes. The newest cores have messed with the ‘formula’ for troops that I had quite a bit, but those numbers were for if you were popping cores. If you’re looking at a minimum # of T3 to eat a rally in your regular gear and don’t want it to hurt (it’d be solely a guess on my part, but) I’d guess 20m-40m T3 if you have 22m T4 assuming you have fantastic permanent gear.

        If anyone runs this setup (T4/T3 exclusively) and takes rallies in permanent gear, please feel free to chime in.

      • Lubears, I wonder, what’s better…to train additional 10 mil t3 or 30 mil t2…both will add 240 mil to overall power but t2s are not 3x weaker than t3, so my attack&defense should be better with 30 mil t2…recently I read about rally traps with 10 mil t4 and 120 mil t2, defending in haunted xena and not losing more than 1,5-1,8 mil t2 against full top core sets like orion or frost, do you think its possible? and last question for today, I guess replacing some gold pieces of haunted xena with purple lordfrost pieces is good, isn’t it? I could craft purple frosthelm and weapon and on paper they look better than kunoichi deceit and haunted machette, whats your opinion?

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        First question, I’d go with the T3. T2 are really effective in huge numbers, otherwise they’ll just make it more likely that you’ll burn. The T3 will be tougher to bed/kill at the individual level so you’ll be more likely to eat a rally.

        Next thing – it’s very possible, and is incredibly lucrative for your kingdom in terms of points. Except 10m T4 and 120m T2 generally won’t be enough nowadays. You’ll win massively on points every time you take a rally though, don’t get me wrong. But for a full-size T2/T4 buffer trap now you’ll want more like 18m-20m T4 and 180m+ T2, which means you’ll have a ton of troop power and it won’t be very likely that you’ll get hit in your shiny Haunted Xena or Frostlord gear. The best ones that I know that run this set up wear intentionally worse gear and take rallies without changing out of that gear.

        As a general rule though, purple Frostlord anything will be better than the corresponding version of legendary Haunted Xena gear. If you aren’t doing any of the Set Bonus research tree, there’s not really any disadvantage to having a piece or two of purple Frostlord gear versus all legendary Haunted Xena gear. For those in particular, the Frostlord pieces will add some individual troop type attack and a lot of troop defense, at the cost of some enemy attack debuff and troop health. Depends on your desired setup really, but you’re fine crafting the purple Frostlord gear. I’d use more health gems and as many shadow gems as possible if I went that route. Having some purple gear will also make you a more desirable target for rally leaders.

    • Yeah you just need to adjust for march increase and better cores with more troops. You’re only at 2.1 billion so you can easily train more troops up to 2.5 bil and you will still get rallied. Or do what I do and take all other rallies in regular gear and then core for when they hit you with frostbitten.

  26. Maybe if the leader forgets to take off his Hermes…or they REALLY suck at crafting, otherwise your troop count is way to low with that low of atk (my opinion)

  27. Yes just stay away from frostbitten cores

  28. You overlook the fact that the lag has been horrific lately and switching gear with presets doesn’t always work. Sometimes it show’s an error or simply takes to long. Then you get hit wearing bait gear or maybe even no gear. MZ has ruined this game by adding to many features but no addressing the lag of the game.

    • Lag is inherent to any online game. It happens in them all. Find as stable a connection as you can and you will find that it doesn’t affect you nearly as much. However, no amount of programming can overcome the nature of the internet.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        Or lag/crashing from playing on a device that doesn’t have enough RAM to run the game. If you’ve got any Apple device, that refers to you. I got my current Android phone specifically because it has 3 GB of RAM. Guess what? Doesn’t crash, and very, very minimal lag (aside from what’s not controllable, like Myrmeleon said. And if I’m playing using my phone data I add an extra second or two since the information has to literally go to SPACE and back.)

        Alternatively, play on your computer on an emulator. There’s several that are free that are quite good. My favorite is Nox.

      • Interesting view point… my experience has been most people don’t go out and look for a phone or any device specifically with high RAM so it can run one certain game. As a matter a fact, I would suggest most people pick up the game after they have a device already purchased and are looking for something new to do, and all other games or apps run perfectly fine… they go to an app distribution point and trust the system requirements listed and decide based on that. As it relates to an Apple device, they would see this app purportedly is certified to run on any idevice that is capable of running iOS 6.0 and up…. That requirement would make it compatible with any device that is several years old now…, but the real truth is it won’t even get past the launch screen on a device that is even newer than that and has iOS 7 on it and crashes frequently on any of the newest iDevices with the latest version of iOS… similar false system requirements are listed for Andoid based devices. Another fact,.. the app has evolved into the biggest piece of bloatware of any app I have seen for a mobile device… weighing in at over 1GB now.

        Running on emulator is an option, but with that option comes drawbacks… the biggest being mobility. It is a mobile device app, it’s marketed as a mobile device app… not a PC app, and not a console game.

        While the work around to alleviate the chronic crashing problems is to purchase a mobile device that has huge amounts of RAM, which is limited to a select few, or run via an emulator on a PC… I can with reasonable degree of confidence say, that’s not a practical or viable option and solution for most people with even the slightest bit of intelligence… And that is undoubtedly the biggest contributing factor as to why this game has seen the exodus is has in the last 4-5 months.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        It was time for a new phone when I got the new one, it wasn’t specifically because of GoW. My 4+ year old Galaxy S3 didn’t crash either, just got hung up from time to time in the game. I got a new phone pretty far into my GoW addiction, so I chose the one with 3 GB of RAM (Galaxy S6) instead of 2 GB (S5). Obviously one can’t recommend that as standard practice (If you like Apple products, you like Apple products, totally cool.), as that’s not at all practical, and would be an expense that may not be doable or prudent for a lot of people. My point was just that the lack of playability isn’t an inherent flaw in something MZ did as part of their coding or server infrastructure, rather that it’s often a device issue at the user end that MZ gets blamed for. Emulators are one work-around that you can use if you’re at home anyway.

        Should MZ publish an actual list of devices, or the minimum specs needed to run the game? Considering how the game has developed, yes, absolutely. But they won’t. Because Apple wouldn’t like that, and they don’t want to alienate their iOS users. That said, don’t expect the issues to get any better until Apple decides to put an emphasis on actual performance in device design.

      • The reply wasn’t available to Lubears – so I hit the one above. I disagree on 2 points.

        First; MZ does list system requirements for both Apple and Android devices… and they are flat out false too, as if one had a device with the minimum, this app would not even launch, let alone run . The system requirements at the app distribution sites haven’t been updated to reflect anything they’ve changed on their end that would now require a more modern device. Application systems evolve, yes, and so do devices, and the minimum requirements for this app to run reliably should be published and the app (or updates to) should not be installable on anything that does not meet those requirements. Many apps on both Apple and Android devices already have that type of thing in place, and Apple would have no reason to mind… and actually it is deceptive to anyone downloading and spending money on the app to not be told in advance the MZ app won’t run unless the device has minimum system requirements.

        Second, the lack of playability of GoW on the vast majority of the devices on the market today is an inherent flaw and something MZ did… and here is why – they did not keep their coding clean enough to allow it to run on the devices that meet the minimum system requirement they publish on the app distribution points. It’s simple as that. If the app evolves beyond what is commonly available on the market it is something MZ did in their application programming and infrastructure, it is not a device issue… people are buying what is common on the market today, even the most popular of devices of both platforms, the app isn’t stable. How is it the manufactures problem? It’s nonsense to think it would be.

        Lastly – if MZ can’t program it’s app to run on reliably on the vast majority of devices available on the market today, then they need to program in minimum system requirement check before install and prevent it being installed on anything that don’t meet them. If that makes MZ a niche market app, where it is only certified to run on certain devices, then so be it, but at least they are being honest about it and not purposely taking money from people who are trying to run their product on something that can’t do so reliably.

  29. 830M troop power,600M research only power,4 presets,1.152.000 beds,4M each reg T1,2M each reg T2,3M each reg T3,1.5M strat T3,2M each reg T4,2M each strat T4,some of them figures are a bit higher for a totall of 44M troops,having mixed haunted xena gear gemmed for a total of 360 troop attack,1600 defense,1125 health and 267 enemy toops attack debuff(overall only,no individual troop boost) any chance to eat a rally?Hero skill tree set up as you said in the previous article.

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