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Budget Rally Trapping 102: Troops (Part 2) – July 2016


Part 2: Troops, Meatshields, and Research

Update: This series has been updated (June/July 2016). 

Welcome to the second article in the series on budget rally trapping. If you missed the first article, this article will focus on troops, however, and will consist of what I’ve used personally, or know others have used personally with success. But still, these are just recommendations, so keep that in mind. If you don’t think you have enough troops, err on the side of caution and train more. Note that any troop number recommendations are always an even mix of normal and strategic troops. I also am not factoring Wild troops in, as I don’t recommend completing the Wild tree if you’re a rally trap.

Things to Remember about Troops:

  • Like a solo trap, you can defend with a (nearly) unlimited amount of troops.
  • The enemy rally can contain a maximum of ~4.8 million T4 troops at present (unless they send a meat shield with their rally, which is very rare in my experience, and would reduce the number of T4 in the rally), but this will rise to between 5 million and 5.75 million T4 once Hall of War Lv.23 is released (estimated, it’ll be a good bit to justify the assuredly extreme cost of Lv.23 HoW) .
  • The enemy rally leader will likely be wearing full level 6 cores that will be either set gear cores, or a custom core suit that will favor one troop type. FYI- if they start the march with the Hermes set and don’t core immediately, you can teleport away so that the march will instantly land if you are very quick, but your reinforcements will go home and not help you defend if you do move (the “pop ‘n port” technique mentioned below). Their attack values typically will be anywhere from 4000% combined (troop type + overall troop attack), up to about 6700% combined (Nike). Core sets (as in a full 7 pieces) with very high debuff values are what hit the hardest in my personal experience, but the attack values are really getting up there on Poseidon, Ares, and now Nike so they can hurt quite a lot as well. Unless you’ve crafted awesome cores with 6 pieces, 4th gem slots, and set bonus research (if applicable), the rally leader’s gear will probably be better than yours. So, you need a serious troop power and numerical advantage.
  • These troop recommendations are assuming you want to use permanent gear, not cores. You can reduce the number of T2 by 30 million – 60 million and use cores instead, if you like.

Troop Recommendations

  • I’d recommend a minimum of 24 million T4, evenly mixed. This is not the “ideal” amount of T4. Ideally, I would suggest between 30 million and 50 million T4, you just need to keep your power in check. Staying under 6 billion power is advisable at this point, that may change again with newer core sets.
    • You need to shoot for approximately 3 billion troop power at minimum with how powerful cores are now to use permanent gear. You can have less and use cores, but for permanent gear, you need a TON of troop power for it to not hurt.
  • You need T2, and a lot of them. Really as many as you can while staying under the Nerf that kicks in at once your ratio of T2:T4 rises above 12.525:1 assuming you have wall traps. In other words, for each one T4 troop you have, you can have 12.525 T2 troops. This number evens out into whole troop numbers, not fractions, once you do the math. Presently, I would recommend ~275 million evenly mixed T2 at minimum, and ideally between 350 million and 450 million T2. These totals will reduce your losses considerably. Obviously for the higher T2 counts, you’ll need to have more T4 to back them up with so you don’t nerf.
    • So for 24 million T4, you can have 300,600,000 T2 at absolute max. For 30 million T4, you can have 375,750,000 T2 at absolute max. What it really boils down to is how many rallies you want to be able to take before you have to retrain troops. The more T2 (or other meat shield of choice) you have, the more rallies you can take before you need to shield and train more troops. If you join rallies literally ever, you need to reduce your ratio to around 10:1 or 11:1 at most, otherwise you could lose enough T4 that a march of T2 attacking you could cause you to nerf.
  • If you want to use only T4, and treat your trap like a wonder battle you should shoot for 22 million – 25 million troops, and I would replace your embassy with another hospital if you plan on doing that so that you don’t get your teammates’ reinforcements killed. I’d also use some more hospitals than normal to reduce the cost of retraining T4. This is not recommended, but I’ve seen it done effectively by a small handful of people.
  • So, to reiterate, 24 million T4 (not counting reinforcements) and ~275 million T2 is a bare minimum recommendation for taking rallies in permanent gear. This amount of troops will only very occasionally eat rallies, and will need to be increased proportionally as cores get better and better. But the theme is, “What do I need at the very least to take rallies?” so this recommendation is solid for the context. This is not the only setup that works, but I feel confident recommending these totals at a minimum. In reality, you want 30 million+1 T4, and 350 million+ T2 for a more viable setup. The more troops, the better as long as you always stay below the 12.525:1 (T2:T4) Nerf ratio.
    • This is the most common type of rally trap setup nowadays, and I’ve been converted myself. The only downside is having to retrain T2 quite regularly, but with how packs are now, as well as the frequent Athena’s gifts, it really isn’t bad. You will have to spend some, but it’s pretty reasonable once you have the T4 and bare bones of your T2 trained assuming you don’t get zeroed.
    • About 400 million troops total is what you need to really reduce your losses considerably and eat rallies pretty regularly. I have about 450 million troops total on my trap (of which 36 million are T4) and that’s plenty, but this number will increase as cores get better and the rally size continues to rise.

 General Research Recommendations

As a general rule, you want to focus on research that improves combat outcomes. Obviously to have unlocked all the (pre-Wild) T4 troops, you need to have the Economy tree, Combat tree, and Strategic Combat trees finished. The Defense tree is hugely beneficial, as there is not much “fluffy” research that adds power without helping you in combat, until you get near the very bottom. I would suggest completing through Defense Debuff Resistance Lv.10 on the Defense tree. This will greatly increase your individual troop healths and individual troop defenses, trap capacity, overall troop health, overall troop defense, and resistance to the defense debuff in your enemy’s core sets, in addition to the troop health and troop defense research found on the Combat and Strategic Combat trees. There is some beneficial combat research in the March tree before you can unlock hero presets, but I would research the minimum required here. You get a few percent boost in health, defense, or whatever, but for the same amount of power you could train another 10 million-20 million T2 or so. The Crafting tree is somewhat optional, but I would personally lean towards doing it, since the 4th Gem Slots are hugely helpful in boosting your permanent gear’s defensive stats. Unlocking hero presets is an absolute pain, but well worth it once you have a couple in terms of convenience. But it is worth several hundred million power to unlock a few presets, so weigh that versus having more troops. If you want to use defensive cores, you need to have researched the Crafting tree to that point.

Screenshot_2016-01-06-15-03-49 (1)Screenshot_2016-01-06-15-03-55Screenshot_2016-01-06-15-04-02Screenshot_20160620-182205

You should shoot to complete through Defense Debuff Resistance Lv.10 on the Defense tree, as shown above. Health Debuff Resistance, Attack Debuff Resistance, and so on are helpful, but aren’t absolutely necessary.

TL;DR Version

The reality is there are dozens of combinations of troop numbers that will allow you to run a successful rally trap. For the sake of simplicity and having to train/maintain fewer troop numbers, I would recommend no less than 24 million T4 and about 275 million T2. I would really recommend 30 million T4, at least, and around 350 million T2. 31.25 million T4 paired with 375 million T2, for example would be a strong setup with proper gear and hero skills. About 400 million troops seems to be the cutoff for reducing losses considerably, but as we see more hits from Nike cores this number will need to be revised.

The next article will cover hero set up and permanent gear recommendations, with the following covering defensive cores.

A couple of responses to things/points raised in comments:

  • The “pop ‘n port” (pop cores and teleporting immediately so the rally lands) works quite well, assuming you don’t mind taking the rally without any reinforcements.
  • You want the correct reinforcement type mostly because your reinforcers will lose far less if your meat shield gets broken through during the rally. Though the risk of this is nonexistent with a T2/T4 rally trap, it’s not a bad habit to get into.
  • I only wish I still had an altar for the altar boost. I’ll still instant-execute heroes, I just don’t get anything out of it besides satisfaction.
  • This was answered, but yes, you can join rallies without a Hall of War, and yes, you still get notifications. You just can’t lead rallies or set fake rallies.
  • I didn’t recommend strategic troops. I recommended an even mix of T4, including both regular and strategic troops. Most people will have researched strat troops to join rallies, at the very least. If you haven’t, that’s fine. Make sure to tell anyone reinforcing you that though, because it’s important if you don’t have any strategic combat research done.

For the other articles in the series see here.


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  1. Do you get rallied by leaders with hero 65, VIP 25 and complete research? If yes, you still cap with 800m?

    What’s your troop mix between T2 and T4?

  2. Profile photo of Scott

    I am still at 800 million troops. Using cores I win almost every rally. In regular gear it depends on what cores they use. The Kunais are very effective against the high defense debuff cores. I generally see how close the battle is and adjust my tier 2s up to remain competitive.

  3. Some people are saying you need to have 1B troops at a min now to take a rally. But i think that assumes attackers will be close to fully researched with new cores. will prolly be higher by the time you read this if MZ keeps up their frantic rollout pace.

  4. With all the new releases by MZ over last 2 months such as hero 65, banner, new core gear and now SH24, any update to the article on the troop count needed?

  5. Profile photo of Kos Sever

    I have 600mln t2reg and 90mln t4 reg. with 2 kunais and frostlord still lost about 14-16mln t2 when nike rallying me( should i train more T2

    • You need to have a balance of strat troops too.

    • I have 1.65B troops. Even mix, T2/T4 10/1 ratio. I have the full frostlord set myself. I had a 388 billion power player attack me in Nike with additional boosts. 250% defense debuff, and 250% attack bonus. He killed nothing, only wounding 2,341 troops, while I killed off his entire march and captured his hero. Key to newer cores, is to have your hero skill tree set for Troop Defense 1,2, and (3 if applicable). Then also set your individual troop defenses. Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged. The new cores still have troubles debuffing individual troop defenses.

  6. The troop totals are completely silly right now because it makes your power too high. Anything over 5bil is not a “trap” IMO; it’s a regular account or a “turtle”. Has anyone figured out the troop numbers you need when running cores? I’ve been running my own variant of “black hole” customs but can’t seem to get ahead of a Nike rally. I’d really like to go back to my old setup where I ran T3/T4 with hospitals; right now I have 150+mil T2 (even mix), 6mil T3 (even), and about 36mil T4 (5mil each reg, 7mil each strat). Thoughts?

  7. Do i have to dispense t3
    I own 20m t4
    36 m t3
    200 m t2

  8. These are great articles on the rally trap series. I followed them very closely and my trap account is complete now. My account eat all rallies including 6.3M Nike march. Total power is 8 billion plus because I built more troops for March 15 precaution.

  9. What would be troop numbers needed to deal with 6.3m rally in regular gear ?

  10. I have 494 million even mix t2 and 94 million t4 would I be nerfed

    • Frankie Cummins

      Not even close. If you want to keep it really simple and donate to rallies keep a 10 to 1 or 9 to 1 ratio of t4 to t2… so t4 = 94m they you could carry 940m t2 and be totally safe.

  11. 24m t4 and 275m t2 are not enough to take a rally in permanent gear… Not even 60m t4 and 300m t2 are enough today. And with march15, and 6,3m rally, all traps must need more troop power and research

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      I’ve updated the troop numbers but for whatever reason it hasn’t gone live. I agree with you though. I run 42m T4 and about 500m T2 now. But getting hit is an issue, which is why I typically tell people to run less than that since a rally trap that doesn’t get hit is quite frankly super boring.

      • When will you post next article ?

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        You mean the defensive cores article? Will still be a week or two, I’m still going through all the new cores and pieces that have been released since I was last making defensive cores.

      • I thought you will bring out one on regular defensive gear before that

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        It’s been written, should be live today or tomorrow.

      • Lubears, its probably i’m testing with some of the best players in the game, but it turned out that 780 mil troops with gear that gives me 2900 D + two kunai daggers was not enough to cap 6,3 mil Ares rally..it was close 6,3 to 7,2 mil tho…so smt like 850 mil troops should be a safe bet but that brings you well over 9 bil overall power…but our guys are able to burn even 13-15 bil in full frostlords so 9 bil power with the right baiting gear should be hittable

      • Beo, I capped a 5.9m ares rally with less troops and only 1 dagger. Replace one of your daggers with frost Lord or NK accessory and try then. I am close to 10b power, but more so because of some useless research

      • Nitin, its very well possible, but not against our guys…I usually have no problems to cap any rally in any cores and without losing more than few ten thousand troops, but our guys hit hard…but i love to test with them coz when i can handle them i can handle anyone;-)))

  12. T2 die way to easy. Switch to T3 with these new cores and march sizes,. No nerf worries as a bonus

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      T2 are worth way less power and way fewer points, which is the main reason to use them with T4. It’s also far easier to have enough for them to protect each other. Not really possible with T3. An account with enough T3 to protect themselves through sheer numbers isn’t going to be in the rally trap powerband at all.

      • I was a t3 rally trap for quite a while,. Need much less t3 compared to t2 and with enough beds can keep perm losses to minimum . Didn’t win on pts by as wide of a margin, but many more hero caps and much less rebuilding.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        T3 are much more expensive in terms of RSS and speed ups to retrain.. and now you need so many with the bigger march sizes that you’re on the very edge of hittable imo. I used to run T3/T4 and I was won over pretty easily once I tried the T2/T4 method. The easiest argument to defend is that they’re far better on points than are any other type of rally trap.

      • Beds instead of retraining. Pts don’t matter, every rally I see loses on pts -so if we cared there’d be no rallying outside of wonders in kvk.

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        I’m not getting sucked in by a troll. Even mediocre T2/T4 rally traps are massively points positive. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be taking hits. 😀

  13. hey so i have 250 million evenly mix troops of all 3 types.. but about 80 million of them are T4. i wear a 7 piece set of frostlord with a lvl 57 hero at a 17 vip.. is my T2 count too low? i took a solo 40 bill hero with a full 7 piece cored apola set yesterday and a 94 billion power players hero with a 7 piece of showgun. both running an even mixed 1.5 million troops but i get hit with a 4.5 million troop rally and i burn?? (note) my defens tree, strategic and regular combat, strategic and regular wall traps & restorative tree are all maxed. half my wild troop & march trees are done.. i need mork work on my set bonus for sure but why am i burning? im assuming its a lack of t2? please help me here… ive put alot of money and time into my account .. dk what else to do…

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      There’s a lot of variables, but generally speaking, yeah you need more troops. Definitely a lot more T2. You want around 400 million troops now, if you want to eat rallies. The protective effect of sheer numbers of T2 isn’t very noticeable until around 8:1 unless you have billions of T2 and are a massive player. Then, 4:1 or 5:1 is plenty.

      • You need a lot more than 400m T2 to eat rallies from Nike now, and that’s before the new rally March size increase to just below 5.4m troops.

        Howver, I’ve not eaten enough rallies to be sure, but I’d guess the number is around 600m for Nike @ 5.4m.

        If you’re at 400m troops, as you suggested Lubears, you should still win the battle, by a wide margin, but not all troops will die and the hero will escape.

        The good news for Sean is that he has a lot of T4, more than most traps, and thus he’ll kill more with that setup (but also have more power).

        Another alternative is to use a few cores (just don’t replace those Kunais!) to get defense and attack up.

        Hope this helps…>Myrmeleon

      • I agree. There is no way an account with 32 mil t4 and 360 mil t2 is gonna take a fully researched, VIP 22 Nike hit. I watched an 11 bil in frost and daggers get soloed in my alliance today with around 380 mil troops. Great article for the basics tho. Just up those troops!

      • My account is 10.9 bil power with 855mil total troops running a t2:t4 ratio of 12.5:1. I cap 6.3 Nike with Boosts and I lose 14,000 wall traps t1 and t2. I have level 60 hero with a Frost/Shogun mix and 2 Kunai. These days huge accts are getting hit so troop counts matter.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      I’d suggest using troop defense for the set bonuses for golden shogun. if you don’t have good gems, it’s tough to get overall troop defense high enough to prevent it from being zeroed out, leaving you only with the troop type defenses. This will considerably increase the likelihood that you’ll burn.

  14. I have 90m t3 and 30m t4. I wearing full frostlord set and full research in set bonus tree. I still cant defence a full zeus attack. Any suggestion on troops number need for this t3 t4 setup to eat rally? Thanks.

    • Yes, use the nerf calculator and train as many T3 as possible…. Or drop the T3 and add T2 to the nerf limit. Or just train T2 to the nerf limit. Or use cores. All will work. The choice is yours.

      I’m not particularly fond of T3/T4 traps, because you have to have too much power to be effective, so I would suggest either a T3/T4 with cores, or T2/T4 trap with regular gear and a Kunai or two.

      Hope this helps…Myrmeleon

  15. So I tried to post but let me try again..are these troop counts for each troop type or as a whole? I’m currently 17 mil each t2 and 8 t4. I always burn… I win on power but lose butt loads of troops. Suggestions?

    • You need a lot more troops. The key to taking heros when trapping is outnumbering your opponent by about 100:1. That’s why T2/T4 traps are so effective. Combine that with Defense Debuff Resistance (80% is a good number to shoot for) and a bunch of Defense (say 2700+), and you’ll destroy anyone who chooses to march against your city.

  16. So let’s guess you are a 10bi. With today’s set cores when you are rallying or you forgot to change your suit and are using a research or training suit you can be hit by a solo or a rally. My question is what is the best meat shields that I can have if I am hitting in these cases?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      Are you the 10b? Or are you the one doing the attacking?

      If you’re attacking a big player, your cores/gems/set bonus have to be excellent. You won’t be using any meat shields. Ideally, you’d be sending a full wild rally and your cores/set bonus/gems should debuff their defense, health, and counter troop type defense to zero.

      If you’re the one defending, lots and lots and lots of T2 is the answer.

    • I have seen t2/t4 traps take rallies and they do great but the operators settle to easy for using their regular defense gear too lazy to craft cores. To me this is not striving for the best. With Zeus I have yet to see a t2/t4 trap capture a hero many due to the fore mentioned reason. The average loss I have seen on a t2 is around 5mil to 8mil t2 that will beat you on points both in kills and power but they waste valuable resources retraining t2s.

      T3 traps lose very little to none at all due to the fact most t3 rally traps are hospital traps and 1.5 t3 can kill 1 t4 so you don’t need very much T3s to eat a rally and with the counter cores the most I have seen lost of t3s is 1.5mil over the hospitals. Every one of the t3/t4 traps I know capture the hero if they pop in time. T3 rally traps also have an advantage to t2 rally traps they can take hits all day as long as they have the cores and the resources to heal. And they can donate to rallies and not worry about a nerf. There is no limit to t3s you can have and the more you have the less you lose.

      Now with the March speeds and the Hermes and northern King set players are boosting their rally speed to hit with in 2-5 seconds of launch there is little time you hit a preset so you have to prepare for the march in a minute and then as soon as it marches pop and port.

      As for me I have a 35bil account with over 450mil t3 and over a 900mil total troops and with the introduction of frost, Zeus and now Poseidon I get to dust off my old rally trapping tricks. I don’t need to pop cores against Zeus I lost 3.8k t3 but I like to get that number close to 0 it is a nice ego killer when they think they can march on an experienced player and get nothing.

      It is up to you to decide what you think is better this is my observation after 2yrs of playing the game. If you don’t like cores you better start liking them because that is what MZ wants you to do that is why they come out with the massive debuff cores like Zeus and Poseidon and I see it getting worse.

      • I am a T4/T2 trap. 60mil mix t4 and 380mil mix T2. Gear is imperial. Mix gear didn’t work for me. 9 bil in power. I could eat any march up to 4.8 with any core gear. However, I began to lose once rallies of 5.1, 5.4 and 5.8 march came through. With the increase in March I was forced to increase troop count which increase power. I’m now at 12bil with 120mil t4s and 700mil mix T2s. I won the last rally of 5.4 and lost 4K troops.

      • I’m at the same place. 60 mil, t4 480m t2, ID with 3450% Troop defense. I can take 4.8 cores while I sleep. loosing less than 5000 t2. I’m still waiting on someone to attack with 5m+ in Nike. I might throw on a boost if I see one of those coming.

  17. So if I want to mix t2/t3 for my meat with 12mil reg and strat t4 (2mil of each type reg and strat), how many of each would that be?? At the moment I have 3mil infantry, 2.28 ranged, and 2mil calvary of t2 regular troops. I’d prefer an even mix and can deploy some if need be.

    • I also have 1mil each type reg t1 troops. I dont have any t1 strat or t1 wild but have both researched. should i throw those in my mix as well?? I am not a regular spender

  18. I saw a “Rally Trap” in our kingdom which just became Ancient then Merged a month ago. This Trap was a visiting Outlander at SH16, which led many people to just click and attack it without paying attention to the Power of 16 Billion in a 6 Piece Frostlord set or the kill stats.

    Yeah 16 Billion is a lot of power, but since it’s a SH16 plenty of people just hit it.

    After the first 6B power solo’d and lost hero captured. Then came along 28B power solo’d. This SH16 w/ 16B power sent out marches attacking various dead accounts and took the hero of 28B player as well.

    So 6 other Billion power players showed up and they began sending Rallies. Sh16 just continued taking hits, while attacking other dead empires. Then it teleported into a hive total alliance power 450Billion and starts hitting people there while absorbing attacks. The SH16 finished up with 6 heroes captured and the entire Kingdom Chat was just daring others to hit it lol.

  19. Has the nerf limit recently changed?? I was at a 12.5:1 T2:T4 and just lost my ass in a rally for science against a half rally! (1.7 mil) I lost an even amount of T2 Regular. 20 mil each and the rally was all legionnaires? Keep in mind I swallowed a rally with this setup a week ago. Fully cored rally, Frost cores, from a 25bil player. I was only wearing regular gear in both. Something isn’t adding up. Please advise.

    • ^^^^^ scariest post of the week.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      No, and I don’t believe they intend to change it, either. I took one two nights ago and it went off without a hitch.

    • Iggy the reason you got wrecked was the 12.5:1 is a limit if you get there and you send a march out you are now nerfed. A great rule to live by in the t2 traping is don’t go over 10:1 that way you can March and donate to rallies.

  20. I want to eat a cor rally what do you recommend

  21. I have a 1.7 bil account with 500 mil troop power…12 mil t4 even spread and 3 mil t3 regular even spread…i like to run fake army to make myself look like all troop power. Leaving antiscout off makes me look like a meaty target and the “use all resources” button even makes me juicier. My question for you is: have you experienced the glitch switching gears that causes your hero to take the rally with NO gear on? If so, has MZ reimbursed you? Myself and another player in my alliance traditionally are scoring between 1 billion and 3 billion points with this setup, but the last kvk we encountered this glitch and between the two of us lost over 500 mil troop power. if we had taken those rallies in our war gear, we probably only lose less than 200 mil.

    • has happened to me before. was hit by a good odin worst of all and double-teamed. mailed MZ about the glitch, they did reply me and apologized for the lag, that’s about it, nothing more. i guess it’s prob better to switch cores earlier than later (something like between 5s to 10s before rally hits you). i rather waste cores myself (if opponent spots it and cancels in time), than risk losing a ton of troops. don’t wait till the last second to pop cores.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      I have not experienced it.. but it apparently happens pretty frequently. It’s tough to balance waiting until the last minute so they don’t cancel and popping them in time. The other option is the ‘pop n’ port’ so they only have a second or two to cancel before you port and the rally lands. But this assumes you don’t mind taking it without reinforcements, though.

  22. I was just told that new update and new t2 nerf limit is 15m, is this true

  23. I am a 600mil rally trap. Ate several frostbitten 3mil rallies last kill event and captured hero…am I lying?

    FunMonsta 470

  24. Guys, not sure where to put this question as Idont see a “contact us” area. Basically, a few really friends and I were wondering about proper hero setup for a solo trap these days. Gems, skill points, etc. There is some disagreement between us on the effectiveness of debuffs on a solo attacker. Much like wall traps. We do not buff our wall traps because there are so few of them. It would be pointless. It makes much more sense to buff our millions of troops. Can the same be said of debuffing 500k of an enemy solo March? Would a rose gem be much more effective than a shadow gem in this scenario? Just trying to get a proper hero setup for a solo trap these days. So much has changed. Would it help more to allocate hero points to individual defense rather than enemy debuff? We would love to see some tests on this. -TGZ

    • That’s our consensus too – for the same reason. The hero skilling is a bit trickier because of the choice between individual troop boosts and enemy debuffs. In that instance I guess the troop debuffs win..

  25. i have a pure t3 account. 1.9b 70m t3

  26. Excellent articles Lubears..Im a rally trap myself and Im happy that my setup mirrors ur most recommended setup in most parts…14 mil t4(evenly spreaded), 7 mil t3 as meatshield…1,2 mil hospital beds…Im most interested in cores that you use, I try to reach 2000/2000/1500(AT/DE/H, combined overall troops + troops specific), but especially AT is difficult, as there are not that many cores and pieces that boost overall troop attack…I know I might be to fast, because article on gear will come later, but what would be min AT to eat full rally each time, with lets say I would have 15 mil T4 and 10 mil T3? Does it make sense to boost defense to 3000%?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      The article on cores will cover cores that I like and use regularly, and a bunch of my go-to pieces as well. I don’t really follow recipes for normal defense cores, so I use a lot of the same pieces over and over. I have seen recipes for defensive sets, but some of the cores are hard to find so I just make my own. Takes longer at first but you get a better feel for crafting them quickly.

      I find that ~650% overall troop attack plus the baseline 130-odd percent individual troop attacks is enough for me to kill the whole rally, but I have more troops than you do. For how you’re set up, I’d say 800%-900% overall troop attack should be fine, but honestly it’s safest to have it up over 1k, given that some core sets have a bit over 1k attack debuff. You’re relying a lot on your sheer numerical advantage as a rally trap. I try to get enemy health debuff up around 300%-450% when crafting cores so that helps a lot as well. You can never really go wrong buffing defense. Frost cores have about ~1k defense debuff, so it’s even more important than usual while those cores are shiny and new and everyone uses them. I tend to try to get defense and health pretty close together, but going heavier on one or the other is just fine.

      • Thx for feedback Lubears…I took Frost rally last Sunday with great results…3 mil killed T4 vs 1 mil lost T3 and 1,15 mil hospitalized T3…won that hit by a HUGE margin…Can’t wait for the cores part;-))
        I’m gonna craft a set with 3000% defense or close and less attack and see how does it play out for me…And I wanna to train add 2-3 mil T4 to compensate lower attack %…but this will bring me close to 1,9 bil which might be tricky…

  27. I have the best budget rally trap. I take frost rallies without coring using only regular gear and only have troops hospitalized not killed using t2 meat shield. So all it takes is some rss to heal and usually less than a 6 day speed to heal. I win majorly on tier based ke and also win big on power based but not as huge because I cap and usually eat whole 3 mil rally for 300 mil points on tier events. But only give up less than 1.5 million points because t2 hospitalized only gives up 1 point.

    • No…I have the best budget set up. I take 10 rallies at a time using NO gear and I only lose a few war bricks. I crush everyone in any style event. My set up?…well, that would be helpful so I won’t say anything about it. Just wanted you all to know how awesome I am.

    • ok, so whats your setup and reg gear Serina? I kind of doubt you can take fully cored 3 mil. rallies and dont lose a single soldier, especially if you use t2 as a meatshield…I use t3s as meatshield, have 1,2 mil hospitals beds and use cores, still I lose troops..not much usually, but still…

    • You accidentally posted your diary entry on a comment board.

      • I don’t want to go into too much detail as I worked hard to get this build and don’t want to just give it away except to my alliance members but he’s given you the basic premise in this article so I will say that with a lot of t2 but staying below the nerf and having the right permanent defense gear (combo of haunted xena and frostlord) and having the right research and city build (hospital capacity 1 and 2 research and all hospitals) it is possible to do this and this is not just some imaginary diary post. I can send screen shots of my reports to prove it too. I admit that the cap I got of a frost rally where I was only wearing perm gear, the guy was only 6 bil so that does make a difference. The only times my beds have overflowed is with frost rallies of high power attackers (30bil +) that have full research and the new wild debuff research. With these attackers I will need to core to cap without overflowing beds but yes I did that too.

  28. Lubears, I’m mostly interested in tips on baiting as a rally trap. I’ve been playing dead (acting like I’m offline), but it takes forever to get noticed and rallied, and I don’t have the time or patience for it. Please do a detailed post on baiting strategies! If you’re already planning one, how soon could we expect it?

    • I was a solo trap in the old days, and have been a rally trap ever since we figured out how to build them. I’ve played dead (offline) but often lack the patience to play that way while my buddies are rallying people. So this is what I do when enemies know I’m online: I put on fully defense and heath gemmed decoy gear. You know, that purple Xena’s item from when you gambled, or whatever your last armor was before you upgraded. Some of my friends have been making executioner gear, it’s has nice attack debuffs. In my experience it has raised how often I am rallied while online. Yes, of course you want to wait until the last possible second and switch to your regular wargear or cores, and sometimes you will get hit in your backup gear, but it’s really not as bad as you would think if you are setup correctly. Happy trapping!


    • Baiting strategy: Go where they most eyes are focused — near the edge of the wonder forest.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      What Myrmeleon said helps.. Also not wearing full frost or haunted xena. Really nothing with a set bonus, and a purple piece of gear or two helps also. It really depends on what your power is though, tbh.

  29. Well, I asked for a t2 nerf about a month ago never got an answer build more than nerf and lost $300 would’ve been great to know this

  30. Hey thanks for this information I’m enjoying being a rally trap, it’s a big step up for me and after eventual getting my Lvl 6 cores with 6 pieces and 4th gem, I made some cores, and last ke managed to take my 1st rally, it went pretty well for u 1st rally I won on points and PD, luckily for me the leader of the opposition rally had shown her hand(what cores she was running) having spotted she was running ranged attack cores I was so happy as I had just finished making some new cores that where cav attack and ranged debuff. I ported in nearish to the rally leader dropped my shield I scouted they scouted( I had anti on) they set the rally I quickly got my boosts on my alliance reinforced me (made a mistake here should have asked for just cav reinforcements) but never mind I have my cores ready I know what there running, I saw one of them sending one man at me to try and get me to show if I had cores on, I ignored that 1 man saw the rally marching hit my cav attack, enemy ranged attack debuff cores then it hit my 1st rally. I didn’t kill all the rally or get the hero but for my 1st rally it went well I killed 1.4m t4 they killed or wounded 1.7m of my t3 I had 17.5m troops 3m t3 rest t4 and was fully reinforced, just thought I would share my 1st rally with you guys and girls.

    Keep up the good work

  31. Just food for thought, I rally trap using only 12M t4 and 750k t3 troops. But I only use regular troops and a single troop type. For instance, with the current dragon bone and frost cores, if you have a single troop type rally trap with Calvary, you can take most hits rally leaders will send. Rallies should generally never take 4 horse in my opinion. But with my set up, I can craft 6×6 cores that have 1700% attack stack and push everything else to health, defense, and troop attack debuff. I typically average 500-600k t3s in the hospital and eat 9/10 rallies I choose to take. That’s the true beauty of rally trapping. The choice of hits u take. You can also influence types of troops u will be hit by, by wearing troop specific gear. If you want to be hit by calv, wear hear that is clearly strong for range. It allows you to dictates terms of engagement.

    • finally, I’ve found another person using a biased setup for trapping. except i use t2 instead of t3 for the single-type meat. and I agree with you that you can choose which rallies to take if you are quick to check the opponent’s gear or have enough march speed debuff to slow down the march for you to check what’s incoming in the watchtower. Single-type cav is what i am using too, coz infantry is the slowest troop type and you surely have enough time to check usually and shield to avoid the hit.

      here’s a tip for you bro, if you have enough cav-specific defense and health stats, you might be able to withstand a 4H hit, coz the high troop def-debuff stats doesn’t affect individual troop type stats, and it is impossible to have negative value for your overall troop defense. so look out for cores and pieces with cav-specific def/health stats. gd luck

  32. Great article and can’t wait for the next.
    You mentioned wild troops and balanced meat, I took a wild rally this last ke with a mono typo type meat and it was amazing. 3 mil eaten for 3 mil t1/ 4 mil t2 usual losses for me but I got double on kills so I would say wild hit harder ( I did tests previously) with the exception of wild v counter reg there is a huge drop on power in that situation

  33. Trapping is more than just how many of each troop to be sucessful, u need to match your troop setup to the gear/cores u r gonna use. I scored over 1.6bil in my last kvk i was in. And t2s can be very effective if used right and will still get hero when rallied. Just my 2 cents.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      The T2 portion wasn’t quite ready for publishing, but it’s been updated.

      Information about gear and cores will be covered in the upcoming articles about setting up hero skills/ permanent gear and crafting defensive cores, respectively.

  34. Profile photo of icg

    I currently use a t2 meatshield of about 3 million, and a large number of t3. I think lower numbers of meatshield are better largely because of the unbalanced nature of strategic troops. they have a very high attack against only one troop type, and since all of the t2 must be killed before the t3 can be damaged, it means most of the enemy’s attack is wasted against troops he does much less damage against. For example, a ranged rally will kill off all my infantry easily, but can’t get through the remaining 1.6 million troops because strategic ranged does 1/6th damage to cavalry and ranged. I also take advantage of this by crafting a lot of cavalry / infantry defense into my anti-ranged core set. It’s counter-intuitive, but I have never had anyone break through my t2 even at such low numbers. I don’t always eat the rally because of my low troop count, but I don’t really care much about capturing heroes. I run all hospitals too (over 2 million beds) so my losses per rally taken are around 300k t2, though usually less.

  35. Great to see this follow-up series for rally traps. So i remember in the past when the solo trap turtle series was posted, it was mentioned somewhere that you need 2-6 times of the incoming march size to be able to trap effectively. So what I have been doing was extrapolating it and estimating a size of roughly 7-8 times the size of the incoming rally (in the past was 2.375mil) to determine how much troops i might need. Now with 3mil rally and even better cores, i suppose you might need 8-10 times to swallow a full march. But my point is, i think this is probably better than recommending people 12mil t4 with some meatshield, coz some people may need to have a different variations of their troop setup, or perhaps they may already have trained a ton of t2/t3, and probably wouldn’t wanna dismiss their existing troops and then train the 12mil t4 to mimic your recommended setup. just my personal opinion

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      You never dismiss troops, just retrain according to what you want your new or adjusted set up to be as you lose them. I’ll keep saying this, like I do at the beginning of each article. These recommendations aren’t for the absolute best rally trap set up. They are minimum recommendations. More troops, and more research than what I’m recommending as a minimum will certainly make you more successful. But you certainly don’t have to have 24 million or 30 million T4 to run one successfully.

  36. Traps are noobs with no skill

    Wow the comments from noobs makes me want to commitmsuicide, Proven fact that over all number of troop, and number of troops within each tier will affect the mythical algirothm MZ uses for battle. This same principal also applies to troop NERF. I came here to study up on what traps are doing these days and it just proves, operators of MOST ( not all traps) are complete noobs and know nothing about the game. No wonder traps are given a handicap in the game. Resembles golf in a way. You suck so here’s what MZ is going to do for you, we will Adjust nerf so you don’t suck so bad. The mentality of , I trained 50 million T1 and can port away makes me good is astounding. I used to be 100% against MZ applying a troop cap depending on food availability to sustain an army. Now I’m 100% for it because of all the noobs who can’t fight. PS: please run a trap like this on power destroyed KE types. I love it when dumb noobs do this.

    • if your so great at everything why you wasting your time on a game that dont make things even for everyone that way you dont have to be worthless and spend thousands on a game to compete with the ones that have figure out to beat stupid people like you but you have nothing better todo then sit around and be rude to people because your father didnt hug you enough and your mother didnt feed you enough so grow up alitte and quit your bitching on a site because you can and i can spend money and have the best of the best all the time because i cant win or look like im untouchable like stayalive777 if they put troops die if you dont have food like the game should be you billion power players would have no idea what to do if all you could get is a 75% food reduction because you would be buying packs just to feed your troop you selfcenter vandictive person so if your such a smart player then why dont you have your own website and be a teacher oh you can do that because u spent to much to learn how to build cores off this website and have no class of your own to build cores with out hand written guide

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        You really need to find the “.” on your keyboard. Didn’t even read your comment. If you’re going to be a smartass don’t embarrass yourself in the process

      • 1. Your assumption of “most” traps being here is wrong, most here are learning
        through this article.
        2. MZ never adjusted the nerf, something you clearly don’t know
        3. 50Million t1 would be nerfed.. Whoa something else you don’t know?
        4. Not all traps say they are “good” for porting and snatching a rally, yet another incorrect assumption
        5. I know MANY traps who win in power destroyed, which meat does best (implied I’m supposing), another thing you don’t know.
        Conclusion: you think you know how traps work and that they’re dumb, yet you come into the comment section to spread incorrect information and prove the same about yourself?

    • Keep thinking I’m a noob….that’s just the way I like it.

  37. Sorry…800 mil power

  38. I want to do a complete T3 trap but am unsure how to do it. I current have 20 mil T3s and app 7 mil of 1s and 2s mixed. I’m at sh 19 And don’t want to go up any higher. I like being smaller and can’t afford T4s anyway. I’m at 800 power. Any suggestions anyone? Oh…and I’m researched out for my level.

  39. p.s. you are leaving a lot of defensive power on the table by not having the altar bonus and the hero tree set up to take advantage of it. To be honest, I think it’s a mistake to set things up the way you have without an altar and the associated bonuses — they add no power but provide a significant defensive advantage.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      You don’t need an altar or an active altar boost to get the ‘bonus’ altar boosts from the hero skill tree. I confirmed this before I knocked down my altar. They’re the best 90 points you can spend once you’ve hit hero level 55. But this article is about troops, so I’ll cover that in a later article.

      • Curious. Never tested it….always presumed you actually needed an altar and the active boost to get the hero tree bonus. Thanks.

      • Are you sure Lubears? I heard opposite…I know altar does not have to be active(after hero execution), but I’ve been told you must actually have it…Im a bit confused now..

      • and btw, do you guys have the same problem, that those stats “show up” only when you equip the preset? When I check on preset stats screen they are not showing up for some strange reason…

      • Profile photo of Lubears

        Yes, I’m quite positive. A few friends and I made absolutely sure. Before/after screenshots, that kind of thing. You don’t need an altar constructed, or for it to be “active” (from executing a hero) for the altar bonus boosts to be applied if you’ve skilled them on your hero. You may want to keep an altar for the boosts from actually axing a hero, but I didn’t think it’d be worth keeping and it hasn’t been. Gave me room for another hospital.

        The bonus boosts only show up if you have another preset equipped that also has them skilled. So if you check your core preset stats while wearing your research preset (skilled for research, no altar boost bonuses), they’ll be considerably lower. If you switch to your regular combat gear preset (with the altar bonus boosts skilled) and check your core presets again, they’ll show up.

  40. Profile photo of Nick

    Lots of good info here. Thank you!

  41. Why not run less T3 and more T4? That way you will eat their rally and not burn, and still destroy them on KvK points. There are few things more satisfying than eating a full 4H or Frosty set and letting those nice shiny cores burn out in your prison.

    • p.s. as a follow up, consider testing 5m each strat t4, 7m each reg t4, and 800k of each reg t3 as meat. With 32.5m troops total, that means more power, but those heroes die in your prison now, and all you lose is between one and two million t3….a little more if they march wild.

  42. What is the upper end of the power band for rally traps?

    • In my experience, players above 3b power have trouble getting hit. Before Wild troops, I would have said 2B, but now the sweet spot appears to be 2.5b and below.

  43. I have 50 mil t3 and 35 mil t4 and never burn. I was hit with 3 million cavalry (strat reg and wild t4) with the leader using a Custom Odin set for cav. I killed 2.5 million troops, he wounded 400k. T3 trapping is good, because you can drop 20-30mil troops every time you go trapping, retraining t3 is nothing compared o t4. And wiTh wild t3 trapping is somewhat easy with anti scout on !

    • The most I’ve lost using t3 was 1.56mil defending against another custom Odin set. Only lost by 300k troops. Currently running 11 hospitals 7 barracks. Along with the hidden boosts your barracks go from 10% defence to 18% which is a great increase and helpful. I was Full barracks and t4 but too expensive

  44. Profile photo of JasonEvil

    What benefit is there from increasing T3? The troops that actually do the killings are T4 and the only job of the meatshield is to protect your T4 from being killed. So when you are training more T4 then you still keep your T3 (or even reduce them) because less of them are getting injured anyway.

    • I’m not sure why you think it is the T4 that do the killing – all troops do that. 1 T4 = 1.5 T3, so swapping 10m T4 for 15m T3 when defending will result in exactly the same number of troops killed by the defender.

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        You’re wrong

      • if he’s wrong then correct him lol.. just saying someone is wrong isn’t helping anyone or even showing that he’s wrong.

      • Vig’s correct. I simply refer you to the nerf. Implemented specifically to give T4 marches a fighting chance against the brutal strength of massed lower tier troops.

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        He is correct in saying “All troops kill” However where he loses any sort of valid argument is trying to compare the power of 1 T4 troop to a T3 troop. Here’s why. Just because some figured out the power ratio of 1 T3 vs 1 T4 doesn’t mean you cracked the battle algorithm used by MZ. It has been proven time and time again, the over all number of troops, plus the amount of troops a person has in each tier will effect the combat boost. In other words, because MZ boost change depending on troop ratios rather then actual number of troops, 5 million T4 will not react the same as 10 mil t3. ( these numbers are just grabbed from mid air) Most people don’t notice it because the 3 mil rally can’t even begin to compete with very large number of troops. However if you break it down start small and Continue to work towards larger and larger forces it’s very easy to see. It’s basically the same principal as someone saying “I debuffed an enemy to zero” Again it’s been proven that it’s physically impossible to debuff someone to zero. % boost change and combat reacts different as numbers get higher.

      • True, the value of stats like defense and health shift as the relative number of troops change, and context is everything. It doesn’t change the fact though that 1 T4 is equivalent to 1.5 T3, boosts aside. Swapping in 50% more T3 in place of T4 will not result in you suddenly killing much less of the attackers forces.

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        I completely agree with 1 T4 troop is equal to 1.5 T3. However more isn’t always better. There is a gigantic misunderstanding about troop power vs troop strength, nerf, and how boost work. It’s simple mechanics of the game. I also said it would be extremely difficult to really notice the difference when attacking a target with huge amounts of troops with a bad set up. Losing 10-25 mil T1 on a t4 rally probably seems normal. However with a properly set up trap I can eat rallies all day long and lose less then a million troops. In regular gear against cores. So I think we are now saying the same thing and agreeing with each other. Also for the sake of this article “Budget trapping” I would hope someone isn’t making 50 mil t1, then a ton of T3 and T4. Not only is a waste of money and time, it’s completely pointless. If it’s a trap and people don’t care about set up and efficency then do whatever. If someone is truly trying to trap on a budget, and do it with 100% maximum efficency 90% of this article and people’s comments are very misleading and just flat out not educated.

      • if he is wrong why dont you show the proof he is wrong oh ya you cant because you have to idea what your talking about u pos

      • Profile photo of JasonEvil

        The more weaker troops you have (below T4) the more troops are still lost (injured/killed). When more troops are killed as compared to the attacker then you will burn and can’t even capture the hero no matter if you killed all his troops. A meatshield is most effective when it is as small as possible.

      • Right, lower tier troops will usually result in more of your troops killed, which could lead to you burning and not capping the hero. But there are two counter points to consider:
        1. Kill events are determined by power destroyed or points won, not heroes capped. A meat shield reduces the points you give away.
        2. Let’s say I trained 10m T4, that’s 360m power. For that amount of power, I could train 45m T2. Not only would that cost me 1/2 the RSS and a fraction of the silver, I would also be adding twice as much effective troop strength (1 T4 = 2.25 T2). Given that you want to keep your power relatively low, “meat” can help you do that.

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        Correction, troop power. Not troop strength. Huge difference between the two

      • I meant exactly what I said with power and strength lol.

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