Budget Rally Trapping 101: Introduction, Premise and City Set Up (Part 1) – June 2016


Part 1- Introduction, Premise, and City Set Up (UPDATED June 2016)

A lot has changed since this series was originally written. New research, new cores and new game features have all changed the nature of Rally Trapping. Over the next couple of weeks, this series will be updated to reflect all the new changes.

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So you want to be a rally trap. Everyone should, to be perfectly honest. I believe it is the most dynamic way to play the game, since you can both join rallies, and take them. The premise of rally trapping is simple: instead of avoiding being rallied like the plague, your intention during Kingdom vs. Kingdom kill events (abbreviated to kill event(s) from here on) is to bait, annoy, or otherwise entice enemy alliances into rallying you. This can be done in a variety of ways which I will be sharing with you over the course of the series. This will be the first article in a series of articles that will describe how to play as a rally trap as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. This article will cover the premise of rally trapping, the mechanics of doing so, and how to set up your city to best sustain this play style by improving the effectiveness of your troops by boosting defense. Future articles will cover:

  1. How many troops/meat shields you should aim to have, what research specifically you should focus on
  2. How to skill your hero to take rallies
  3. How to craft passable cores over time to take rallies, what permanent gear you should focus on crafting
  4. Overall strategies for rally trapping using the set up I am recommending, and describing other methods/setups of rally trapping

As kill events can be won or lost by a handful of skilled or very bad traps of any variety, becoming a knowledgeable and skilled rally trap will be greatly appreciated by your alliance and your kingdom. The ultimate goals of this series of articles are to help as many readers as possible reliably improve their outcomes when taking enemy rallies of any kind, to give readers a strong knowledge base to work from for this play style, and to help people play the role of rally trap as inexpensively as possible.

What is Rally Trapping?

Rally trapping, in general, is not very different from solo trapping or playing a solo defensive turtle. For more on solo trapping or playing as a solo defensive turtle, see the in-depth series on the topic. The overall premise is much the same; you want players (in this case a group of players) which are typically much more powerful than you to hit you, with the expectation that your losses will outweigh their gain. Naturally, you want this to be the case for both power-destroyed kill events, and the troop tier point scale kill events. Instead of hoping for big players to send solo marches at you, you are hoping they will set rallies on you. If you do happen to be soloed as a rally trap, politely thank your attacker for the free kills, event points, and high-level hero to hold.

What is the Difference Between a Rally Trap and a Solo Trap?

The main difference between a rally trap and its solo brethren will be the size/power of the account. Successful solo traps nowadays tend to have comparable gear to rally traps, and higher level heroes as well. What used to suffice as a small rally trap is now a normal solo trap. Solo traps range from around 500 million power to 1.3 billion or 1.4 billion power. Rally traps have grown to between 2 billion or so all the way up to 6 billion power – 7 billion power.

As mentioned above, this series of articles will focus on rally trapping using the most sustainable methods possible. Of course, everyone would just love to crank out five million more T4 and 100 million extra T2 meat shields, but that’s not always possible for people, even those that have managed to set up their accounts as rally traps. For me, that used to be T3 and T4, but I have since come around to the T2/T4 method that has become so common. It does indeed end up being cheaper, long term.

Personally, my rally trap account is right around 5 billion power. I would consider between 3.5 billion power and 5 billion power a viable and safe recommendation (though I have been playing the role of a rally trap since about 850 million power, the game has changed dramatically since then). Much of your effectiveness will depend on troop power alone, so as little research power as possible is necessary. More on that later.

Requirements for Rally Trapping

Some general outlining principles: In general, this is a more expensive form of trapping than solo trapping (defensive turtle, if using the standard lingo for the site). Everything you build, research, and craft should be oriented towards defending rallies. There are a few things most highly successful rally traps have nowadays. These are what I would suggest:

  • You must have T4, and they should be an even mix. Strategic troops are slightly more powerful in terms of attack power, but this advantage has largely been negated by Wild troops. So I would recommend training an even mix of strategic T4 and regular T4. DO NOT TRAIN SIEGE units. They do nothing for you.
  • Typically, 20 million – 60 million T4 are present in dedicated rally traps, with higher numbers usually belonging to rally traps that join rallies more often than those that don’t. In order to do this, you need to complete the Economy research tree, as well as the Combat and Strategic Combat trees. You can run a rally trap using normal troops alone; I’ve always used both.
  • You should train at an absolute minimum, 200 million T2, evenly spread between normal and strategic troop types. You really want 350 million-450 million T2, even more if possible.
  • You should have as much of the defense tree done as possible, preferably to Defense Debuff Resistance Lv.10. This is a considerable amount of power, but I believe the results are worth it.
  • Having an embassy is highly recommended, though one can rally trap without it.
  • Aside from an Academy (debatable, safer to leave though in case there’s new research that becomes important at some point), Watchtower, Forge, Prison, Altar (debatable, useful if you can capture heroes and force them to hemlock while in your prison, or you have a steady supply of Instant Executions), and Gymnos until your hero hits Lv.60. Every other building you have should be a Barracks, Lv.21 at minimum. This is because of the defense boost conferred by Barracks; 10% at Lv.21, but 18% when combined with Altar Bonus Boost hero skills (more later).
  • ALWAYS stay below the Nerf ratio of 12.525:1, with the ratio being T2:T4. So for every T4 you have, you can have 12.525 T2. If you have no wall traps, you can push the ratio slightly higher, to 13:1, but it’s not recommended. If you push your ratio close to the Nerf and cross over it for whatever reason, the next attack that hits you will cause catastrophic damage. Don’t push it that close. If you don’t join rallies, stick to 12:1 or so, 10:1 if you do.
  • For the T2/T4 setup, you don’t need presets from the march or set bonus trees, anything from the Wild tree, or the Restorative tree (though the Restorative tree does reduce the cost of troops considerably). Completing the Crafting tree for the 4th Gem Slots is recommended, but adds a considerable chunk of power along with the ability to add a 175% defense if using Elite Defense Gems, or 245% if you happen to have a seven Rainbow gems. I did it, but it’s up to you.


This bit of this section is still important if you intend to use cores when taking rallies, but not if you intend on running the standard T2/T4 trap configuration using regular combat gear. You can use cores if you have fewer troops still, however.

  • You should have researched level 6 cores. I have seen rally traps run using level 5 cores, but I would strongly recommend against doing so. You are severely limiting your effectiveness in combat by consciously using all level 5 cores or permanent gear.
  • You should have two presets unlocked, I would suggest doing so through the march tree instead of the set bonus tree. There are some other small, but additive combat boosts present in the march tree that are helpful. I rally trapped for several events without presets, so it can be done (albeit very stressfully and inefficiently), but for the purposes of this series of articles, you need two unlocked. One will be equipped with your permanent defensive gear, and the other will contain your defensive core suit that you will equip a moment before the enemy rally lands.

How to Actually Take a Rally

As there is not an existing guide on insidegameofwar.com about the overall method for rally trapping, I will quickly go over the order of events in an ideal rally trapping scenario.

  • An outlander alliance declares war (sets a rally) on you. This means you have just under 60 seconds assuming the enemy rally leader has completed Rally Reduction Time level 10 (they usually have) and his alliance is organized, (usually closer to 50 or 55 after confirming the rally is on you) before the rally marches. If you have them, now is the time to click on Rally March Speed Debuff in your boost lists to reduce the speed of the incoming enemy rally, and quickly check the rally leader’s hero for cores (lag permitting).
  • If you have an embassy, you should quickly ask for reinforcements in alliance chat.
    • I used to think that the troop type of reinforcements you had made a difference, but that is not the case. The troop type reinforcing you only matters if your meat shield is broken through. As in you’ve lost all of your T2. You should no longer be taking rallies at this point. The proper counter troop type will lose fewer troops reinforcing than the weaker troop type, depending on what type of cores you’re being hit with.
  • After you ask for reinforcements, wait 10-15 seconds, then pop your combat boosts. I use Troop Defense boosts and Enemy Attack Debuff boosts, though I am aware there is a difference of opinion on the matter.
  • This next step is to check the troop make-up of the incoming army. This is only possible if you are far enough away from the attacker, otherwise you won’t have enough time. If you are far enough away (or have enough great wave gems embedded in your permanent gear to slow the incoming rally march considerably), stay in your city view and click on the “war march incoming” notification to look at the rally to make sure it is a real rally.
    • (SUPERCEDED, permanent gear is far easier using T2/T4) If it is and you are going to pop defensive cores, then click on your hero and prepare to equip the preset containing your defensive cores. If you will not have time to look, omit this process and wait in your hero view screen. Wait until there are five seconds or so before the rally lands (you’ll likely have to count this out in your head), and equip your defensive core preset. If the lag is particularly bad, err on the side of caution and equip a bit earlier (as in seven or eight seconds, don’t go wild). Do note that if you equip your defensive cores too early, most rally leaders will cancel their rally if they have enough time to do so. This is why it is important to wait until they are unable to cancel the rally if possible, though it is better to have equipped them too early than to take a full rally in your regular gear most of the time.
    • (SUPERCEDED, you should have all barracks now) As soon as your troops show up in your hospitals, switch to your training gear if you have more than two presets and one of your other presets contains it, and heal your troops, either instantly, or using speed ups. If you have time to wait for a few helps or more before you will be rallied again, do so, if not heal them as quickly as possible. Once you’ve pressed heal, equip your permanent defensive gear preset again in case someone decides to solo you when they see your training gear or in case another rally may be marching. If another rally is incoming and you don’t have time to switch to your training gear preset, just heal without doing so while wearing your cores, and do so as quickly as possible. If you are being double or triple rallied, they most likely know you have cores so there is less incentive to switch back to your permanent gear.
    • If there is not a double rally set on you, switch back to your permanent defensive gear preset and hope they rally you again. Repeat as necessary.
  • If you aren’t popping defensive cores, all you need to do is put Anti-scout back on after the rally has landed unless there is another rally incoming. If you are small enough to be hit anyway, then this is less important.Hopefully, this gives a bit of an outline to the process if you were unaware of the actual mechanics. There are other ways to play the role of rally trap; I strongly prefer to play as a mobile rally trap; I join rallies, will reinforce teammates in my immediate area that are being rallied, and generally do not sit still like the static “offline” rally trap style requires. To play as an “offline” rally trap, you are essentially hoping an unsuspecting giant player will wander into your hive and set a rally on you, thinking you are offline. That requires patience, and tons of it. I will discuss the protocol for this in a later post, but I much prefer playing as a mobile rally trap as it is much less boring. If you are having trouble getting hit, then you may need to rethink this.

    City Set Up

    So, moving on to city set up. Resource buildings are of little to no consequence to a rally trap. If you want to hyper-produce one material, feel free, if not, it doesn’t matter. It makes no practical difference. One could make the argument that you don’t need any resource buildings, as they add several million power that does nothing for your defensive capabilities. Inside your city walls, however, is very important. All buildings should be Lv.21. My city is set up as follows:

    • 1 Academy
    • 1 Forge
    • 1 Treasury/Dungeon/Wonder Dungeon
    • 1 Gymnos (not technically needed, just speeds up getting to hero Lv.60, can be knocked down afterwards with the only penalty being the loss of 10 hero monster skill points)
    • 1 Prison (kept for the attack boost when heroes have been captured)
      • Altar optional, can be worth considerable combat boosts if you can eat rallies and capture heroes and force them to hemlock
    • 1 Watchtower (debatable, but I strongly recommend having it, even if just for the defensive boost for reinforcements and small enemy attack debuff)
    • 1 Embassy
    • 20+ Barracks or as many as possible.
      • Anything you decide to knock down should be replaced by a Barracks

    The city set up is largely preference, though rally traps tend to be made up primarily of barracks (for the defense boost they confer at level 21 and to a lesser extent, below level 21).

    Note that I do not have a Hall of War (not needed, as I will not be leading rallies or setting fake eight-hour rallies). I also do not keep a Market normally. I will knock a hospital down to put the Market up if I know I will be sending a considerable amount of resources, then put a Barracks back up once I have finished sending the resources.

    Stay tuned for the next article in the series, Budget Rally Trapping 102: Recommended Troop Numbers, Meat Shield Numbers, and (more in-depth) Research Strategies.


    (To see the other articles in the series click here)


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  1. Article is Well Outdated!!!

    A 5billion trap nowadays is a solo turtle NOT a rally trap, with Cores, Boosts, Building Lvl’s, New researches being forever introduced, March Boosts, Debuffs, Vip, Hero Lvl 70, ( the list is ENDLESS ?) Im 30B and a “hero70- Vip25 still puts 10-15M troops in their graves. Am trying to “Suss” (Again)how to trap, Any replies will be appreciated.

    #575 (Vv) Emijos ??

  2. Are the T2 (or any meat shield) really needed? If you’re pushing 60m T4, what is the difference in terms of losses/cost? I get the idea that T2 are *cheap*, but they do have a cost and they do add to power when you’re looking at training 500m of them (that’s 4 billion power tied up in T2, which in my mind would be better used on extra 100m T4).

  3. First off, great article!

    If you tear down the gymnos you also lose 20 hero skill points (at lvl 21.) As far as I know, the article only listed that you’d lost 10 monster skill points. I’d tear it down but the 20 hero skill points are important to me.

    Also I wondering if the next installment will talk about lower tier wall traps. I know what works for me through texting but a lot of my members won’t believe it if unless they read an article about it. (Must be all those French models running around ?.)

    Thank you!

  4. This updated post contains solid info.

    Here is my recipe: Present into regular gear (Frostlord Will, Haunted Kunoichi Cloak, Haunted Tabi Boots, Frostlord Shatter Star, Frostlord Will, 2x Kunoichi Kunai). All Barracks in city, one hospital. 175m of each type of regular T2, 21m mixed T4 (strat and reg) — well below nerf limit. 125k of each type of T4 reg traps. 1.4B research power, 6.5b troop power. — just under 8b power total. Level 21 city & buildings.

    Max losses are about 1m T2 for a full 4.5m rally (new march tree will likely skew this up a bit), depending on attacker cores & gems. That’s 8.25m power lost for me, 162.2m power lost for attacker.

    The reign of the Kunai goes on, and 2 is better than 3 by about 30% as per above setup.

    Don’t believe everything you read (particularly on other sites). The only way to know is to test & retest.

    Happy trapping…>Myrmeleon

    • Max losses after new March 14 research are 2.3m for a full 4.9m rally. That’s 18.2m power lost for me, 176.2m power lost for attacker. DDR FTW.

    • Myrmeleon, you didnt mention gems. What gems do use with this setup and does the skill tree setup make a big difference? Thx

      • Gems are as follows: Elite Defense, Defense & Shadow in every piece of equipment. I use 4 Bulwark Gems (35% Defense) and 3 Gems of Protection (Rally Attack Debuff). They do make a difference.

        To get even better, have your Altar Boost happen and you only need one troop in your Embassy (that defense bonus cannot be debuffed)

        Just that last part (Altar & Embassy) takes the 1M troops down to below 20k.

      • Skill tree is huge. You want to make sure all 3 altar boost bonuses are active in your tree. Focus on defense and attack debuff and health (general then troop-specific, in that order). At my troop level, you’ll have plenty of attack, so no need to go above minimum.

      • why do you skill altar attack boost? makes not much sense imo

  5. I just got zeroed at 2.4 bil. I’d like to rebuild into a rally trap. I have all T4’s researched and wild t1s. I’m looking for some input on what traps I should build in my walls to be most effective. I’ve heard people say t2 traps work great to take heros??? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also wondering what troops to train and how many of ea to be an effective trap at my size.

  6. Anyone knows solo trap room in line?

  7. For all rally traps out there we are building a community to help better ourselves. Although we are all from different kingdoms and will end up competing against each other in kvk’s, we can still help each other. Add hostile19 to line so we can grow this community

  8. I am running a T4/T2 rally trap with 17 rax and yes, it costs a lot to maintain but I always win in power and (especially) troop tier events. I do not have any experience with T4/T3. Can anyone give me an example of taking a solid cored rally running T3 meat with and without equipping cores in time? With the lag, I have a harder time popping cores and want to know what happens when there is a “boo-boo”. Thx

    • It takes cosiderable less t3s to kill t4 than t2s and a vast t3 wall can reduce your losses below a couple thousand. But the draw back is the power gain with troops you do show more power, but with more and more players wanting to push the limits of who they rally it really doesn’t matter what your power is shown because I am seeing that most players that are power Conscience aren’t getting rallied they want the big trophies the 20bil and up because they think that they are all research and strat t4 so I got to dust off my skills and get to rally trap once again. My last report was I lost 3,802k t3 to 3,252mil t4 I killed so in that case a t3/t4 out performed a t2/t4 trap in kills and power. But you decide. I also have a 25.8bil account so it does take awhile to bait them in. But 20minutes in research gear and I get nibbles.

      • Now the max research is 14b so completely forget what you conceptions of rally traps are and open your mind to knew possibilities. I have and now I like getting to be able to grab a hero from a 50bil player and turn and run a double and triple rally on him and watch him either Shield or get his walls pushed in.

  9. Does TT gear help with healing troops?

    • Nope. There is no gear that boosts healing, yet.

      • Profile photo of MHY

        Hi guys, there is some set gear that boosts healing. You can find it in the forge under set gear – the set is called “Mythic Set Gear” however once you click on it, it is then called “Mythic Monster Set”. Once you are in the set you can click on the set details and you will note that in the base bonus and full bonus there is hospital healing speed bonuses. Hope this helps.

      • That’s not true. When I equip my training gear it cuts my healing time from 6 days to 3 days to heal 1.5mil t2.

  10. I’m a rally trap power is anywhere from 980 mil to 1.1bil, been doing a great job up until the frostbitten cores came out.. ? how can I defend against those?

    • There are some great anti frost def cores just google it. I’ve used them eat rally and take hero. If you’re having trouble with frosties then definitely avoid taking a hit from Zeus!

  11. Love this article. Really anxious to see the next installment.

  12. I equip as soon as March is heading my way then teleport where March hits my city instantly. Your want to be in control. Don’t let them be. Some time in doing this you catch them befor they core up. ???

  13. Yes finally an article on rally trapping! Great beginning so far and looking forward to reading the rest. And for those that think rally trapping is easy are those who have never tried doing it. Definitely requires skill to time when to core and when to boost and right research and troop mix. Just as much skill as leading a rally but a lot less expensive.

  14. Nice article, thanks for taking the time to author and post it 🙂

  15. Great post Lubears! love to see the upcoming articles for this series. I was just wondering if you or anybody else have done a setup of using an unbalanced troop setup for their rally trap. To be more specific, i do a setup with mix t3/t4, but a cav-only meat (i use reg T2), with defensive cores and hero skills emphasized on cav health/def stats to minimise my meat losses. But i don’t really know if an unbalanced meatshield actually makes alot of difference from a mix-troop meatshield. if the author can share his opinion, or if someone else could share their experiences that would be wonderful. thx

    • I used a full infantry meat shield and took a very nice frostbitten core hit today, it was all wild I used all regular so had two strengths working for me and it was awesome took out only a couple mil meat ( I’m not done building but not skipping ke)

  16. Not sure if anyone mentioned it above but you do not need an alter to use the instant execute. Yes you don’t get the alter boost but you can kill some punk if you really wish to. Alex

  17. Im a rally trap at 1.6b i use 24m t3 10m t4 i always use mix cores and kill rallies all the time so that being said everyone uses their own setup what works for them bottom line

  18. Interesting article I will be interested to see how it develops… for the record I am a t3 rally trap… it is possible.

  19. Great article. Can’t wait until the next.

    • I also enjoy this article please post more as we will have a kvk merge event soon i want to finish training troops as research and building im good i want to see whats the minimum amount of troops and type for taking a rally while online, eventually using permanent gear as xena first or second set

  20. And would I get rally notification without hall of war?

  21. Can I still participate in rally without hall of war?…

  22. I enjoyed this article. I look forward to more in the future. I have a different setup than you as far as the rally trap goes, but thats the best part about setting up a trap, there are so many ways that you can find the best way that suits you! Cannot wait to read some more! Thanks! Keep it up!

  23. Nice article but I’d prefer more advice on something you can use to take unboosted rallies in permanent gear with, something you can use to hold overnight. What boosts are best? What are the top 5 gems? I would also recommend not using embassy as you lose reinforcements when you teleport. Teleporting makes it so that they can’t cancel rally and sometimes you catch them in permanent gear if they pop too late. Also, why are you recommending strat troops? Strat troops are not significantly better and researching the tree only adds more power that could have been used to add more troops.

    • You wouldnt teleport if you want to take the hit. Having the Rein only helps you lose less and kill more! And since like he said he is a mobile trap, meaning he is out donating to rallies and reinforcing other players all while making himself a target to draw in a rally, he will have plenty of people there and willing to do the same. And with his setup, he could take rally after rally as long as they kept setting on him. They would eventually realize their mistake and stop and then the rein can go home. Not to mention, Allowing people to rein you for free points helps the alliance out by letting people get involved and score points in a kvk.

      • There is one advantage to teleporting to take a rally. If the rally leader sees u pop cores, they can cancel while you’re waiting for it to hit you. Even five seconds (as suggested in the article) is a long time. Plus lag issues. Teleporting means u can pop and port as soon as u see your cores are on almost instantly. You won’t have the rein to help you, but atleast you’re sure that u won’t waste cores from a cancelled rally

      • I agree that porting to draw the rally is one way to play it, but most of the time when you are a mobile trap as he is, you end up in a big cluster with tons of outlanders and your own alliance around. The big rally leaders tend to just keep their cores visible because they think it doesnt matter. The rein helps with the added punch to eat the entire rally with fewer losses. If you see that the rally sent wasnt full and you want to draw it before they recall, you can then port and still eat the march, but I tend to like the rein and just time my core popping. Fewer losses and better chance of eating the rally.

      • Yeah you’re absolutely right. I’ve just been screwed by mz lag once too many times I guess. Popping cores and having a 12 second loading time when u waited until the last 6 or 7 seconds before it hit is kinda disasterous.

      • Sorry, I just realised I repeated what Bruce already said. My bad.

  24. Traps are noobs with no skill

    This entire article could be written in 3 sentences.
    Train a bunch of T1 (like 50 mil) and a bunch of T4.
    Sit there and do nothing that requires skill.
    Pop cores just before rally lands. Then brag you’re good at this game.
    Article complete.

    • As compared to rally leaders who spend tens of thousands of dollars, convince half a dozen or so of their alliance that the guy sitting there in research gear is a good target… Then 3 minutes later are saying sorry for killing the alliances 3 mill troops and begging for their hero back. Butt hurt much?

      • traps are noobs with no skill

        First off don’t be mad because you know I’m right saying this entire article could be 3 sentences long.
        I don’t have to convince anyone a target in crap gear is a good or bad target. If someone is worried about losing troops in a rally they shouldn’t be getting in rallies. Troops die and thats the game. Nice try though. The ratio of legit targets vs no skilled traps that I hit is extremely low. Once in a blue blue moon do I hit a trap. I’ve made more people waste cores from a rally then I’ve hit. Even traps that I do hit normally suck so bad I win anyways because they don’t understand power destroyed VS Troop type KE. So all of your points are actually invalid and far from truth.
        Now what I do hate about traps, is people think it actually requires any skill, and or brag about how hard it is. I’m sorry but if you thinking training troops, looking up defense core recipes on this site and asking your rally leaders how to skill a tree “hard” I’d hate to see you ever fight at a wonder. I’ll give credit where its due though, traps are part of the game and its meant to be played how you want. I have zero problems with it. Just don’t act like its hard. lol. Yo

      • Now that’s an actual argument, and not just just a troll. Thanks for that. In rebuttal though, you’re talking about a meat rally trap, not a hero eating one. A meat rally trap wins on pure numbers, and I actually agree with you… They require no skill. Train 50 mill t1s and hope it’s a power KE. They pop defence cores for every target rally and munch then shield. A hero eating trap is a different species though. We don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars. We don’t have research maxed to do with as we please. We pick and choose very carefully what research needs to be done. The setup is precise. Our cores and pieces are limited so have to be chosen wisely. A rally leader gets their best cores, pops them for a wonder or a target, and then spends 2 hours looking for others. The trap has about two minutes at most to work out how to effectively combat that leader. You try checking a watchtower for a fake rally with 300 incoming scouts at the same time and tell me that requires no skill. If it’s fake and you pop, there goes your whole KE down the drain. Like you said, you’ve made people waste cores… There’s the skill again – to not waste them. There are skilled rally traps and unskilled ones… The same as skilled rally leaders and ones who think just because they spend $20K on a shiny account they can hit who they please. Saying “all” traps are noobs with no skill shows how limited your understanding is.

      • Traps are noobs with no skill

        I’ll give you a tip for not wasting your cores. Have other people in your alliance scout the rally leader. If he doesn’t pop his boost, 99% of the time it’s going to be a fake rally. A legit rally leader will never send a real rally with no boost. If his boost are on, they will get a scout and can see what’s coming. You’re welcome.

      • I’ll give you 2 tips… 1. If someone scouts you while you’re rallying, the target is usually online. 2. Don’t drop your anti until after you show your cores…. That way you can make a bad trap pop if u had them burning already. You’re welcome too. But like I said, I don’t waste cores. Ever. It must be epic luck though, because apparently all traps have no skill

    • Somebody is a hater, lol.

    • I would love to see your graveyard and find out how many times you’ve had your hero returned in a body bag by a rally trap!

  25. p.s. by not having an altar, you are making it much harder than it has to be. 😉

  26. Solid article. I agree with Steve on some of the finer points of playing a rally trap as well. What’s for sure is there are many ways to execute the strategy, and what keeps it interesting for me is to experiment to find what works best.

  27. Ok… I’ve been rally trapping for a long time. I would suggest a few changes. First, do not equip boost as quickly as you suggest. Most experienced rally leaders will scout you after setting rally and seeing boosts means you’re online and trapping (you can’t have boosts and antiscout on). Second, reinforcements don’t matter at all (in terms of type). Check your reports. The only difference that different rein makes is the amount that die, not the amount of enemy troops they kill. For example, if someone sends cavalry at you, being reined with an even mix will kill the same number as if you were reined with infantry. But with the even mix, more ranged will die. Third, you might want to think about 5 presets atleast. Bait gear on first preset, then an infantry core set, ranged core set, cavalry core set, and mixed core set on the other 4 presets. Watch for incoming rally, check watchtower for fake. If real, then pop boosts, then pop the appropriate core set. If rally is ranged, pop your cavalry set… If infantry sent, pop ranged… Cavalry sent pop infantry. Combine this with a good skill tree setup on each preset and you won’t even need rein. U can use the pop and port technique. I am 2 bill power, and use about 3 mill t3, about 22 mill t4. I pop and port and eat heroes all KE long… Leader power and hero level don’t mean a thing… I’ll eat anything if they send it

    • You literally just said exactly what the author of this article just said.

    • Your troop power alone should be enough to take out an incoming rally. That being said, your focus shouldn’t be on Cav attack if your’re being targeted by Range it should be on Infantry defense to minimize the number of casualties. With the right troop count, hey’re going to lose the entire march no matter what.

      • Infantry defence and health comes with setting the correct points on the skill tree when you make your preset… Also with the pieces you use in the cores. I agree with you though… I say “cav set” because they’re the troops doing the killing… Oh, and my troop power alone isn’t enough. March size increase, hero 60, new cores, and (seriously?) the new wild troop debuff researches made sure of that…

  28. On the 3 “mixed cores” you should ask for the following reinforcements:
    Odin: Infantry
    Orion: Cavalry
    Emerald: Mix (treat emerald just like 4h)

  29. On my rally trap they only kill 12k

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