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Brickworks – Alliance City Building


The Brickworks allows you to convert Stone and Wood into bricks. Upgrading the building makes the conversion more time and resource efficient.

Level Resource Conversion Efficiency Time Conversion Efficiency
1 6.65% 10%
2 16.63% 25%
3 33.26% 50%
4 49.9% 75%
5 66.53% 100%

To Build Level 1 Brickworks:

16d 16h 22m 48s4,497,7294,497,72912,850,65420,24725

To Build Remaining Levels:

218d 13h 30m 0s1,5941,5941,59452,03730
343d 15h 45m 38s2,4382,4382,438109,97135
480d 16h 20m 7s3,7363,7363,736192,02040
5129d 19h 55m 48s5,7205,7205,720296,96545

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