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Boycott Update – MZ Responds (25th Sept)

Stayalive’s latest post reports on some positive progress:

we still continue exchanging e-mails with MZ, now being handled by senior levels, about the requests and seems all requests are doable.

With some of the requests having been implemented already.

So far we have been getting positive feedback about our requests and some news have been released already in game as you all can see.

Machine Zone have made some announcements regarding the boycott on the blog:

blog_1 blog_2


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  1. Yeah I’ve been ‘muted’ before for being an admin in a cross Kingdom boycott room. Any rooms created that enable users to discuss issues in the game are basically shut down. I was muted for a couple days and later banned.

  2. She was paid ,like Mariah Carey for use of their visage.

  3. Well ,I in my real life I am a research scientist, so I understand the psychological effect this game is having on people.I also understand quantum theory,game theory , and was born in Washington and live there now but grew up in Nevada. The land of international gaming technology, years back all Nevada that were 25 and 5 and even 1 were replaced with nickel and penny slots. Most people were playing with credits, not real money and were playing dollars atta pull 20,after twenty went into machines but they were interactive now everyone flipped for them.gone forever was the sounds of coins hitting trays printed tickets were issued

  4. you made promises going ito this weekend . so far you have dropped the ball, the lag is now 15-25 seconds ans
    d when i logged in this morning 5 hours agoi have crashed at the least 20 times. i quit, liars

  5. @ Lava and all the others that have mentioned the inequities (and there are many, I agree) and structure of the game to entice continued spending. It’s there, it is obvious, and even over the top. I also agree the game designer uses to their advantage the human phycology of addictive behavior and peoples tendencies to spend on things that give the illusion to its paying customers they’re bettering themselves in some way. There is nothing new in this marketing and business tactic, and MZ could be successful if they didn’t let the easy money they make cloud the judgment of doing the right thing in business with proper maintenance of what actually got them here in the first place. They are biting the hand that feeds them and to me that is always the more interesting part of human phycology. MZ isn’t the only company that’s done this and history is littered with failed companies and its leadership that followed the same path. It always ends the same way. They go broke and fold. Anyone that is fortunate enough to be able to sell an account they’ve built is just that – fortunate and lucky they found a sucker that doesn’t know how to research. I predict that will become harder and harder to do in the coming days and weeks. The company is in a catch 22 now – even if they get their head out of their ass and fix the revenue producing app, they have so many customers pissd at the cost of playing effectively they are leaving in droves, and the big spenders are leaving because they have no weaker players left to go after and they are maxed out with exception of troop building and wonder battles. Those who remain are seeing what they already paid for being increasingly devalued because the game maker way over charged for improvement packages in the first place and are quickly learning it’s not sustainable for there to be continued growth of the game. So as with anything, they have to reduce prices…. What’s interesting is the cost associated with producing what people are buying is nearly zero to the game maker. But as I mentioned before – it matters not if the exact same packs that now cost $100 cost $5 tomorrow – it’s not going to matter if those that would pay whatever amount can’t play the game because it’s broken. The correct path is for them to Fix the games technology issues; the inequities and prices people pay will work themselves out in long run and the other inequities will also evolve if the game maker changes direction and listens to its paying customers. But I really think people should be prepared to just move on. Another human phycology phenomena – some people in leadership of companies and their financial backers fortunate enough to get some return on their initial investment, are just plain greed driven and could give a shit less about sustainability of something. Wall Street ventures are full of get rich quick ideas. They probably made more money than they thought in beginning and moving on to next moneymaking scheme is already in works. The future investor and existing customers and employees will be left holding the bag of failed crap with noting to show. Don’t be one of them – hold strong with what’s been started until this game maker/business can demonstrate they are addressing the critical issues and are in this for the long run – not short term financial gain.

  6. Profile photo of Lava

    I honestly don’t expect much to change after this. This app (because i can’t call it a game anymore) was designed to drain our wallets and nothing else. They make it blatantly obvious.

    When you sign on the first thing you see is a full screen advertisement for a gold pack that costs real money. Not the actual game you want to play, but the game’s demand for your hard earned money. The ad lags and if you hit the x more than once it closes and sends you to the buy packs screen where you see even more packs! You ever accidentally get sent there and take a look at what packs are available even though you weren’t trying to be there in the first place? MZ designed it that way just to get you to think about buying packs. Thats why I can’t call this a game. Real games don’t do this

    Just look at the way they design the research trees now. You cant just research what you want. You have to max a bunch of stuff that means nothing to you just to get to the good stuff which normally requires you to buy a few packs. I’m not even going to get into the gear sets. Ugh! Even the infernos are purposely designed for you to lose more than you gain without giving much thought to it. The pack price hike is even purposely designed to get you to devalue how much $100 really is. I can go on and on…

    MZ has definitely researched human psychology and are exploiting it in the worst ways. They aren’t going to change. In order to do that they’d have to come out with a brand new “game” and to be honest I will never trust it even if they did. They’re going to keep dangling that never reachable doughnut in front of you as long as you play this “game.” They suckered me out of thousands and I’m not proud to admit that. Do your research on these types of “games” people. We ALL lose. Google freemium games and microtransactions. Even South Park has an episode on this.

  7. Any thoughts on making Epic Chests actually Epic? Getting the lowest quality on gems, pieces, materials and cores isn’t very Epic. How about increasing Daily, Alliance and VIP quests…maybe determined by empire level? And why are VIP points so bloody expensive? Also, how about making items like instant execute and hemlock available in the store?

    Thank you guys for all of your hardwork! You guys are awesome!

  8. They could also easily add a way to trade the garbage materials for useful materials. I have so many useless legendary mats it would be good to be able to trade them for those rare mats needed to complete sets. I would also like to see them improve the gifting. You should be allowed to trade more than 1 book of war at a time and be able to gift 7 and 30 day speedups.

  9. Profile photo of MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains

    MZ has been ripping off its customers for 2 YEARS

    Why has it taken this long for people to rise up ? And why Does it have to be led by the biggest and longest lasting sucker in the game , StayAlive77 and D:V for people to care? The reviews of the game painted the true picture of the game for a long time with the top rated reviews being written all by new players based on how addicting it was

  10. I’ve given them basically a day of me trying to play in map view to see if that bug they mentioned had been detected and reportedly going to be fixed, you know the one, the fire and smoke, to see if there was any improvement. Nope, not at all – personally it’s not just fire and smoke, it’s bubbles, monsters and large masses like hives that hang the maps and set stage for crash. I sure hope they have someone that knows how to interprit the data collected in that new robust crash detector they mentioned – I’ve given them plenty to look at in the last 8 or so hours. I’ve crashed consistently every 5-10 minutes every time I’ve logged on today and made a point to go into map mode to just see. Same old thing – just as it has been since the update they rolled out earlier in the month. The one that, according to MZ suddenly caused everyone’s device and Internet connection to be the problem. I hope when they open that colosseum event they keep promoting, it turns out to be a ghost event. Of course just to get there you have to buy s pack with the epic ports… And if people hold to their convictions with this – there shouldn’t be any pack buying to get the ports. Hope that holds true.

  11. MZ has us drinking the coll aid again??? This is complete horse shit, there has been NO improvement of the game for me…I have been unable to log into the game for most of the day for the past 2 WEEKS….I feel like I’ve wasted time and money on this fracking game….they should be fired at MZ!!!

  12. Get Kate Upton on the phone as well. I’m certain MZ doesn’t want us to let her know (or bug her) about the unfair treatment we have been receiving.

  13. While we are hearing reports of progress , we still are not seeing it in the game. System constantly crashing, kicking players out. 3 day shields mysteriously dropping after only a few hours, leaving the player vulnerable to being zeroed. Getting packs and not all items being sent. Players being silenced. I have one player that the system kicks him out, alliance receives message player decided to leave, player receives message to alliance “kicked” So where exactly is progess?

  14. L.warren@southdevonutc.org

    What about the temple? What about the extra slots in the alliance city? What about explorer dungeon?

  15. Profile photo of silverhair

    Ah, the peace and quiet that was the ‘toast notifications’ option. It was bliss for the 1-2 weeks it existed. At least there is some acknowledgement that killing off these some of these toasts is a simple improvement that can help improve app responsiveness. But Alliance Gift toasts are not the only toasts that should go.

  16. Not only have required points for infernos increased to insane levels but also the prizes ares absolute trash, prize 2 right now is offering 128 level 1 string!! Thanks but no thanks MZ

  17. This game is to har for me to try to keep up with. I don’t know if I am going to quit?
    When I get the packs I am lucky to get two level one material that I need and all the other ones are junk level 6 level 5 it just seems impossible to make a set of gear

  18. Complaint of players – events are too much research focused. The 5x research points are unfair to those training troops and cant win events.

    MZ response – make new inferno events where research is now worth 6X points instead!! Yeah, that is all you need to know about how MZ ‘responds’ to complaints. ha ha

  19. Why would the inferno quests nearly double in required points since yesterday? Mz promised better rewards but increased the points needed. I, like many others, are watching to see how mz handles this and will leave the game in droves if mz continues to treat their customers with the disdain they have shown us.
    And once a mass exodus begins, mz won’t be able to stop it. I hope they are truly listening. Much better games than this have died premature deaths due to company greed and mismanagement.

  20. Stability is worse today for me. Can’t select an alliance city quest because kicks back to my own city view. Arrrggghhhh!!!!! I’m sure I just need to delete and re-load my app – right MZ? (Oh, I just did that last weekend even though I knew that was a nonsense reason that this is happening to so many people).

  21. The app became completely unplayable after the recent update. For me personally, it has completely destroyed a 1.5 BIL account that now has lines going through the screen completely distorting the graphics (starting the first moment I loaded the game following the update) accompanied by the performance going from questionable, to completely unplayable! MZs initial response to my defective account was that it was my device/internet service. Sorry, but that ridiculous finger pointing at the client policy MZ has adopted with absolutely no regard for people who have made a considerable investment, and are left with nothing but garbage is unacceptable! It is the equivalent of being punched in the face, having your nose bloodied, and then being told “well, your nose could have started bleeding in its own”…fix it MZ, unacceptable is an understatement for a meritage of business practices that I have observed during my tenure in this community.

  22. @chris – perhaps it was glitch, but on both devices I saw everything posted in my kc chat on both devices minus only what I typed from the account I used to make complaints and communicate with MZ from. It showed up in kc on the device I typed it from (call it complainer account) but no one saw it but that account. But every comment posted by anyone else showed in kc on both devices. Perhaps I am just too cynical and suspicious – but unfortunately MZ has given me valid reason to feel and think that way.

  23. I have yet to see any changes in game speed or log in time. I still have to wait for MZ spend more money ploy. If I want to purchase a pack trust me (which I dont) I know where to look for it. I don’t need to be reminded of it every time I log. Also the current blog reads that monster kill, drop, and gather rates have been increased. I don’t see that as well. Still getting garbage materials, and equipment that all I do is break for more garbage material. Pleas don’t be blinded by the temporary troop Boost and all of their other ploys that will last through the weekend and poof gone till who knows when. It will be back to the same old MZ. Alliance city is still useless. What ever happened to trading materials and storage in the alliance city? Silver? What’s that? I wasn’t even aware silver was incorporated in the Game Of Money. MZ continues to starve all kingdoms of silver with exorbitant research times and cost with no silver to do so, but they have no problem putting those packs out loaded with silver for $99.00. All they do us take, take , take and give nothing In return. I’m sure all we want is what most of us have paid for. I myself have spent quite a bit of money, and yet to receive necessary materials to make one full set of legendary gear. Why do we have to continue to spend money to unlock things we have already paid to obtain. CROOKS! Bottom line.

  24. You’re experiencing the Kingdom Chat glitch, where you have two different versions of Kingdom Chat. This glitch has been happening for months and every time I’ve emailed MZ about it they’ve, surprise, blamed it on my device.

    As the guy above says, smoke and mirrors. This game is garbage and they’ve finally pushed the greed envelop too far, they need to suspend pack inflation, enable in game trading, and give a SIGNIFICANT reward to anyone who sticks around to keep playing despite their bull crap service and devaluing of our accounts over the last 6 months.

  25. This is all smoke and mirror trash from MZ. So they can say “hey we are listening”. Lets get the main points that they have not even scratched the surface on.

    1. Reward upgrades for the superwonder/kvk ke event.
    2. Unlimited trooop march size
    3. Research time reductions. I mean 1700 days for one research?????
    4. Crashes after crashes.
    5. $99.99 gold packs have nothing but level one items. why not mim. level 4 items and above
    6. A separate super kingdom where big players could all go and kill each off.

  26. Checking kingdoms for busy times is completely the wrong approach. It will simply make the game even more USA biased. It will mean UK players like me will continue with ke events starting in the early hours of the morning.
    Much better to stagger start times throughout the day so that everyone gets a chance to be around at the start or end of an event.

  27. I don’t believe everything I read that happens to be posted in some forum on Internet, so when I read in one of the comments regarding this that MZ was intentionally silencing people that complained that was no different; however – I now believe that to be very true. Like many, I have more than one gow account in same kingdom – it’s a common practice and that account is utilized as a farm. Just so happens that farm account is tied to my primary email address and one I’ve used to make complaint about stability issues to MZ – I have had a couple exchanges back and forth with what appears now to be likely copy and paste responses and while I never once used threatening language or profanity, I did communicate back in direct and critical of process terms, and was certainly expressing my displeasure. This farm account is rarely logged into except to kick off the occasional research task and move it to different location – but I never bought one pack with it. However, last night I was toying around with a few friends in the kingdom and logged into it and was trying to communicate in kc with them and at same time I was also on my primary gow account in same kingdom. When sending something to kc from farm account it wasn’t being displayed to the other – I could see what I typed show up in the farm account itself, but it was not being seen in same kc by any others. I only really noticed because I was logged into two accounts on different devices (same OS) at same time. Now – could be just another bug, but considering circumstances – I don’t think so. So, for those who think MZ wouldn’t just do this as retribution for complaining – don’t just dismiss that as Internet rumor. I now have reason to believe it’s true!!!

    Their most recent blog announcements and their purported discovery of a bug they were going to fix hasn’t made any noticeable difference. Logon times are also not notably different and I suspect they won’t get rid of their coveted full screen pack advert that truly seems to be the biggest contributor to lag at logon. Waiting for that to display and clear can take forever sometimes. Not to mention if you click the X once and sometimes that doesn’t respond and so you click it again only to activate what is directly behind that, the gold store + icon and so now that’s got to load and be cleared. Am I alone in seeing this? I don’t think so.

    Keep up the pressure! The increased drops, better inferno payouts, boosts, etc… While welcome in normal times, I suspect, based on MZ’s behavior up to this point, the reason for this all at once and right now is to try and get those with weak convictions to buy packs… Don’t be tempted. I strongly believe everyone should forgo purchasing any packs and participating in organized events – no matter how attractive you think the deal is, to just say no until MZ fixes what’s broke and starts acting respectful to its playing (and paying) customers. That would include unsilencing those they have silenced and that the practice of doing so out of nothing more than retribution be renounced firm wide and those who do it be disciplined. Of course – that would require them to admit and rectify wrong doing… I don’t see that happening!!!

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