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Dragon Bone Core Set – Now Live


Dragon Bone Core Set

The Dragon Bone Core Set is a massive new Ranged Attack missile with huge Ranged Attack boost. It has a few health boosts but really this is for Ranged attacking only.

Check out the Dragon Bone Core Set here.

And load it straight into the Core Builder Tool here.


The Dragon Bone cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here.

New Secret Recipes:

Check out the new Dragon Bone Secret Core Recipes here

New Set Bonuses:

There is a new Set Bonus for the Dragon Bone Core – it is great for Troop Attack and Ranged Attack in particular. Plus 3 other new sets as well.


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  1. Im really sad after having to abandon one sh in another Kingdom due to mz not letting me back in after I started another sh..ive managed to build a sh18 I havnt spent much aprox $100 compared to the thousands some spend. but I was hoping I could continue playing and just get by with the little I have I knownnowbits impossible the Billion power plays have totallu took over and are simply eradicating players like me its a shame I love this game and made lots of friends too but I just carnt hold them off much longer without spending thousands which I simply do not have so I guess its back to candy crush for.me andni must say hundreds of others sme as me

    • Ann, I do know a few SH18 traps that have been successful. However they are in one of the top alliances (with big spenders) so they can get lots of the platinum and special event alliance gifts, which keeps them strong and I do believe they did buy a couple packs – not sure total spend.

      So it is possible to be a good SH 18 trap, but you are correct on being restrained by funding.

    • support@MZlaughsatyouandgivesyouthefinger

      Ann, you disappoint us. What’s the matter with you? Get with the program and go nuts in the gold store. Hey, baby, you only live once and you weren’t using the kid’s college funds anyway, am I right? Sure I’m right.

      We at MZ are here to help you develop a truly unhealthy and sick addiction to Game of Spending – Idiot Age so snap out of it.

      (Heads up, everyone! We are coming out with a brand new set of terms of service in which you agree to offer up your first born child as a human sacrifice. Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, we thought so.)

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