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Best Hero Gear Before Level 50

Which Gear is Best Before Hero Level 50?

2 New Filters for the Best Combat Gear Tool

Not everyone can craft full sets of Xena and Fire Age Gear. Not everyone has a level 50 hero. This update is for you.

These two new filters let you set your hero level to only show gear that your hero can craft. They also let you see further down the list past the super expensive gear.

Looking at the pre-level 50 gear, unsurprisingly the new Nian Lion Gear does very well. There are also some old favourites such as Jenocide and Harvest Boots.

Check it out here: http://www.insidegameofwar.com/best-combat-gear/


Best Hero Gear Before Level 50


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  1. How do you restore your traps? I have try it but it will say invalid unit

  2. Can I get a filter for research, construction…. also?

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