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Best Gem Sets

The Best Gem Sets in Game of War

TA= Total Attack – TD=Troop Defense TH=Troop Health TAD = Troop Attack Debuff – TD=Troop Defense Debuff - TH=Troop Health Debuff

This page shows the best gem sets in GoW. If you want to see all the gem sets with more info on each please have a look at the gem sets page here.

NameConstructionResearchTrainingTroop Queue
General's Training0%4%0%0%
Architect's Construction4%0%0%0%
Oracle's Research0%0%4%0%


  1. Wby is there not a page anywhere that says this gem set belongs to the set gear?????

  2. I think you have the General’s Training and Oracle’s Research gem sets reversed in this table.

  3. Has anyone done a study of gems sets vs pick-you-own when you have 25% & 35% boost gems?

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