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Guide to the Best Gear for Combat

Not all boosts are created equal. This list takes the results from the Guide to Combat Boosts and attempts to offer an answer to the question - what is the best combat gear?

This list is created by adding together all of the combat boosts which are then weighted by how effective they are.

Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff

Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Health Debuff

Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Defense Debuff

Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Siege Boosts

Checking out our Guide to Combat Boosts for more info.

This list is automatically kept up to date as new gear is released

When defending, you are nearly always defending with multiple troop types. As such, in the Defense List, 30% Troop Boost is better than 50% cavalry attack. It also takes into account Trap Attack.



Lava Titans Protector


Chimeras Gaze


Stallions Mane


Glacier Kings Snowblind


Lycan Faceplate




Lava Titans Mantle


Chimeras Pride


Stallions Hide


Lycan Pelt of the Moon


Obsidian Knights Battleplate




Lava Titans Girdle


Chimeras Rattlecage


Stallions Warcry


Skeleton Kings Gauntlets


Jiao Dragon‘s Mask




Lava Titans Stonefist


Stallions Motivation


Chimeras Venom


Glacier Kings Ice Axe


Obsidian Knights Morning Star




Lava Titans Guard


Lycan Wolf Claws


Chimeras Paws


Stallions Gallop


Jiao Dragon‘s Claws


This is not relevant for most players, but if you are going to be zeroing people with over 20mil troops then the optimum gear becomes very different. Specifically Health Debuff and Defense Boost become pointless and Defense Debuff becomes very good.



Hearthflame Ember


Goliaths Battlehelm


Lycan Faceplate


Skeleton Kings Gaze


Stallions Mane




Goliaths Titanplate


Stallions Hide


Colossus Hunters Cuirass


Skeleton Kings Carapace


Colossus Warriors Platemail




Chimeras Rattlecage


Skeleton Kings Gauntlets


Lycan Moonstone


Goliaths Onslaught


Stallions Warcry




Chimeras Venom


Goliaths Greathammer


Stallions Motivation


Glacier Kings Ice Axe


Skeleton Kings Duskblade




Lava Titans Guard


Chimeras Paws


Lycan Wolf Claws


Hearthflame Warmth


Hearthflame Tinder



  1. What are the best gems for Golden shogun Attack gear .?.

  2. This whole tool needs to be revamped. Start by sorting troop type from all around troop, such as cavalry defense from troop defense. Also where are the kunai’s one of the most important defensive pieces in the game…just because it does not have a defense stat doesn’t mean its not a defensive piece. Slaggy you do great work but this tool is extremely outdated and needs more/better filters! I guess I’ll look elsewhere for the time being!

  3. I think u should change your gear…Bachus or nike maybe…or pegaso…those are great.!! Im only 25B power and normally i use a defense gear…big players rally me and i only lost t1 traaps, not a single troop..but…when i see a Bachus, uppsss,,,lol lol thats big words right now.

  4. Profile photo of Jbear

    Not true any more I burn full
    Sola with boosted art at 47 bill.

  5. If people are in defense gear you will most likely loose on everyone above 5b or so, especially with Poseidon. Above that power you need to find people in bad defense gear (like monster/training/research) or heroless (people marching at monsters or a rally leader). Best options are the ones you can zero out their defense stats.

  6. Profile photo of Alphaomega

    Hi DR. Hope you can help me! Can’t seem to find answers on this site for it.
    I am 140 billion power. vip22. sh24. when i attack i use a core like poseidon against a defender using imperial or sola or frostlord. They have around 30 billion to 150 billion power. I lose all my troops killed. There vip is no more than mine. sh is no more than mine. and they did not switch to any other gear.
    What power should i be looking to attack??? Just a general number would be good for a start. I know there are a lot of other factors.
    Still feel like i am a rookie. No one has ever told or shown me.
    Help me if you can.

  7. I can’t find any guide or tip site that lists decent non set gear: ie I’ve got a level 50 hero and a sh14 city and almost all of the set gear is beyond my rss/silver funds so I’m trying to forge gear that’ll up my silver production or even stuff that’d help me be a small trap but it’s mostly hit and miss trying to work it out myself without a reference..

    • excellent point! It seems to me that event gear (as opposed to set gear) are the most accessible for players who are not spending big bucks on the game. There are plenty of good boosts found in the event gear, but it is a lot of data to sort through, Would love to see equipment data on “event gear” – Thanks Shaggy, for putting together this whole site – it is invaluable to me!

  8. Wouldn’t it make more sense to start listing which SET is best for Attack, Defense, Suicide etc? After all most will use an entire set together because of the set bonus which is then further expanded with the set bonus research.

    Would also love to see a comparison for CORE gear sets. Thanks much.

  9. Why is it showing defensive stats on the Attack gear settings?

    • Is it better to mix gear sets to create your best attack or defence sets from above or does the sets bonuses make using a complete set better (e.g., Frostlord, instead of a mixed set)?

  10. Profile photo of gowanus

    Slaggy, why Imperial Jade over Imperial Repeater. What to know which one to put in the set.
    Thanks . Great work,Very helpful information.

  11. I can’t find any of those accessories such as barbarians spear or frost lord sickle….I do see many questions about it but no answers? Is it a secret?

  12. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, Northern Gear / Barbarian should be back in the list

  13. Northern Gear is missing from list

  14. I am not able to find some of this gear….such as…Barbarians Spear and Hearthflamd Brand. I see Barbarian Cleavers and Hearthflame Orbs. Please help me find these. Thanks.

  15. The recommendations for defense gear are way off! Whoever did the initial test had a very low amount of troops… so all these information is obsolete! In reality people now has hundreds of Millions of troops. The correct Tier for Defense in a high troops count situation would be:

    Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Attack Debuff

    Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Health Debuff

    Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Defense Debuff

    Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Siege Boosts

    So all your gear recommendations are wrong unless the player has less than 25 million troops. Only then this list would apply.

  16. Is everyone aware of the problem with set bonus on your regular gear?? Mz has taken the bonus away. CHECK YOUR REGULAR GEAR PRESETS!!

    • Not sure where to direct this question. Is there a way to gain points when attacking someone????? I fnd that even though you may defeat your enemy that you still end up losing power points. Both the one attacking and being attacked lose points. If you are marching your hero against an enemy and you win the battle you gain hero xp points.
      Can someone help me out here??? Again, is there a way to gain power when attacking someone or being attacked thanks.

      • No. When you attack another player, you send troops, right? Some (or all) of those troops are killed by your opponents troops and/or traps, hence the power loss. You cannot gain power by attacking OR defending.

  17. Hello,
    My question is for suicide gear…. Is it more beneficial to mix sets than to use the specific set gear ? For instance if I use the strongest suicide gear of each type and make a custom set…. Is this going to be stronger than using a full legendary frost set? Or autum Fire ? Thanks 🙂

  18. The stats for accessory in Attack and Defense are exactly the same – does not seem right.

  19. Hi!
    I have Haunted Xena set for defense and I’d like to know which one is better feet, Snow Tabi or Haunted Tabi? I’m 1.5b and 50m troops.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      It comes down to how you skill and gem the set more that which is better of the two. Personally, IMO the snow boots as it brings more attack to the set where defense in my setup is already high attack is more beneficial. Debatable topic and it comes down to each individuals account and set up.

      • My attack is 164, def 1350, health 685. Should I craft that snow tabi?

      • kepu that all depends on the make of your army. If you are defending with an army over 8 million then the def. boost is nice. If you are defending with a smaller army under 8 million then health becomes a better boost then defense. Attack will always be the best. In your case I would definitely craft snow Tabi. 164 attack in way to low. Remember to reset skill tree and fill from the bottom up. If you are hero 55 make sure you max the atler boosts even if u have no alter. u don’t need one to get the boosts.

  20. So does anyone have any info on the performance of custom gear combinations vs set gear? Like how core sets boosting more than Legendary core sets but for perm gear? For instance picking all of the gear with highest stats like infantry attack regardless of set it belongs to make a permanent gear missile set or all the gear with the same debuffs and highest defense. I have the base set bonus but can’t decide if I want to craft the Xena haunted set, the Samurai haunted set or throw together what I can make from the top gear for defense lIke hearth flame and frost lord. I have a small billion power account to join rallies but I need some good defense gear to cover me if a rally gets set on me.

  21. Profile photo of Bill

    Uh Oh
    The list is in rebellion again……Regular Tabi boots have lost 40% boost and other items have dropped also.

    Thanks Slaggy

  22. where did the barbarian and frostbit set come from?

  23. Where are these new gear sets? I never seen the frostbitten set.

  24. Profile photo of Bill

    List has changed it seems, my Needled Heart used to be rated higher than my Spear of Fire in the defensive list. Kunai has dropped also

  25. This chart is messed up now. It appears that when you uploaded the new gear it messed up and is putting the wrong fields in for items. Items like the Hygieias Pendent that have a research and troop health bonus are now showing in your list to have food production and infantry health. Someone made a boo boo.

  26. Why is the Haunted Xena gear ranked so high in the best Attacking gear?

  27. Profile photo of Dave

    Is it possible to make to make a best attack with set bonus item?

  28. So what about the newer accessories and gear that just came out around black friday??

  29. Kunio black xena is the standard defense suit….I am even eating cored rallies with it..The last was against Dragon bone with 2.6m rqlly capacity…..I am only 24m t4

    • Thank you for your reply, Edward. The reason I asked, is the attack boost guide states that attack debuff is the strongest boost for minimizing losses when taking a rally. I have enough attack to kill all of the attackers, but am looking to minimize losses.

      • It’s weird smh..I took about 4 rallies last week ranging from dragon bone, Dragon king, Odin and home made core…I won every of the rallies but only captured hero with Odin core….I am actually going fully on troop attack. ..I might be dropping my attack debuff…I just want to test to see if I could eat the whole 3m troops in a rally. Troop attack at 600% and attack debuff at 300% plus

    • I have a trap account. 330 mil in power. I have completed set training… Is xena black my best armor? If so, what set it that. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.

  30. Profile photo of gowanus

    How does this compare to gear sets ?

    • Most of the pieces above are from sets. If you don’t have full set bonus research done, follow some of these guides. Once you have full research done for set bonuses, use all of one set, especialy core recipes.

    • I have a question of to what I am better suited for, 28 million troops 9 million t4 , 7 million t3 2 million t2 10 million t1 131k t4 traps and fisherman’s core set 3 of them one set of four horseman full sets of all coverage Calvary l6 all l6 cores sets, 3pieces Colossians gear l6 2 l5

    • For a rally trap with over 30million troops, would you recommend Colossus, Samurai or Xena kunoichi set for defending against rallies? Keeping in mind I would use cores for cored attackers. This is more for people rallying in regular gear.

      • Never Ever Use Colossus Gear for Defense.
        Samurai has a lot of debuffs but it’s only good for attacking. NOT DEFENDING.
        Xena Balanced Set 2 is the second best gear set for eating rallies (I’ve eaten core rallies with this set on)
        Xena Defense Set 2 is by far the absolutely best set for eating cored rallies.

        Hope this helped

      • is Xena Kunoichi that you are referring to? How about the hunted gear? what should I go for to get the best defense? Do i complete the set or set it up with the different pieces that it shows above for defense?

      • You can combine black xena with Haunted xena pending the time you get full Haunted xena set. .I currently have a mixed set which I am yet to try out

  31. Why are there no hunter or Halloween gears compared

  32. I would like to know what type of gem is good for a city with 20m t4? I currently have health/defense and troop attack gems on my Kunio set…..I want Bo be able to capture heros with core over my kunio set…Do you recommend that I switch to all debuff gems or those ones listed?

    • Lots of variable here. No other troop tier? How is hero skill tree set? Hero level? Altar boost? Captured hero in prison?

    • Thanks for all the answers..I eventually went capturing heros with might kunio gear. .I gemmed it with shadow/Rose/Halloween gem/courage gems…But it’s really difficult to capture heros with 3000 rally capacity..I keep winning the rallies by killing 2700 troops in the rally but her and 300k troops do returned back home..I have 25m troops and they are all t4…Do I need to increase my attack bonus with is currently 600% or increase attack bonus debuff which is currently 350%?

  33. I have read through almost every blog….can someone please answer what boosts in order are best for a 92 mil T3 turtle….i have 1.5 mil t2 and 1.3 mil T3…….I am thinking attack/attack debuff/health/health debuff/ defense and last defense debuff…..I am 586 attack/ 190 attack debuff….638 health/55 health debuff…..635 defense/ 80 defense debuff…..i am 92 mil with 76 mil kills and 2.5 power destroyed………..

  34. Profile photo of Bill


    i would love to figure out top hero gear boost numbers for Level 5 purple also, to see how they stack up against gold gear further down the list. Is there away you can share you “weighting formula” so we could do this?

    Thanks for all your tireless time and action to this site

  35. Best Gear only shows top 5. It’s not fixed

  36. appreciate the site, thanks, Needled heart is listed as a good defense weapon, it has no def, health or attack debuf. Am I reading it wrong?

    • in addition to that there are a couple of items labeled “troop attack debuf qa” sorry I don’t have the cores to build that. lol

  37. ughhhh I’m finding things impossible to figure out….lol I want to be a trap but have now opened t4. I’m 200 mill power, have 730k beds and 4.5 mill troops….spread evenly between t1 and t3. just opened up t4 so was starting to build t4 troops as well. I have most gold fireage set….just purple accessories though, some xena gear and some shogun gear….oh and colossus headcage lvl 6. I want to be a trap that takes down rallies….I like to hit smaller cities to make large cities attack but got absolutely spanked in colleseum by an 8 bill player. what should my focus on gear be….like what would be best for each slot and should it all be lvl 6 gear?


    • gold gear, all the way xeno konoichi if you can. Careful of the defense side on this guide. Needles heart is listed as defense. but it has no defense boosts when I look at it. I think the offensive side is correct though.

  38. Your option to show X number of items per slot has stopped working. Tried in Chrome and IE.

  39. Profile photo of DJG

    Could we get something like this that focuses on the best sets?

  40. Comparing the stats on the Shogun Kabuto and Armor, it looks like you’re heavily weighting the defense debuff (+33) and troop health (+40%) on the Armor, compared to the Kabuto’s more favorable attack (+18%) and attack debuff (+15%). This seems contradictory to the overall theme that Attack and Attack Debuff are the most relevant boosts. Seems to me that health is a bit easier to come by (gems, hospitals) than troop attack, too, which weighs on my decision on which to craft.

    Are you sure these weightings are correct?

    • If you read the guide to troop boosts, you’ll see that attack and attack debuff being the best is just the summary. They are not the best in all situations. This particular guide has different situations. Attack, Defense, Bargain, Suicide. Plus if something is not as good as something else, but you have a lot more of the weaker boost, it can outweigh less of a better boost.

  41. Since this is a general guide, are there times when it’s better to defend using lower-rated gear? If you’re being attacked by infantry, for instance, is it better to use the Helm of Fire to boost your ranged, or the Arena Mask, which is more general (troop boost)?


  42. Profile photo of Skilly

    Slaggy you have a computational error on Troop Type Defense Debuff in defensive gear. You are factoring it at .0325 when on all other debuffs you seem to use .325. I’m not sure why you don’t use .3333 but in any case you may want to address the inconsistency. You are basically zeroing out any troop specific benefit of Defense Debuff on defensive gear in this chart.

    • Profile photo of Skilly

      Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this stuff but that error hasn’t been fixed and you have another error with the colossus Armor and forgot to factor any of the Health which makes it by far the best for all troop types and mix defense…

      • Profile photo of Slaggy


        Thanks for the feedback. Regarding defense debuff I checked the calculation and it seems to be correct (note that it adds together the three troop specifc types and divides by 3) – do you have a specific example?

        And thanks for the colossus error – this should be fixed now.

      • Profile photo of Skilly

        I found the error only on the troop specific defense debuff. it should be calculating the percentage as 1/3 of .6 of the amount and it seems to be 1/30 by mistake.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Could you let me know a specific gear and I will check it out – thanks

  43. While this list is fantastic I think it definitely should have some sort of filter for troop type..example – the Colossus Headcage, while undeniably strong, is more suited for a Cav build unless you have the entire set. So building a “mix and match” ranged set would benefit greatly from a more ranged specific helm

  44. Could you add a section for set gear and what max set bonus adds? Like full collosus gear with total attack defense debuff etc plus set bonus? Tx

  45. Did the Colossus Vambraces Accessory get missed or is it really not than those on the list?

    • the Vambraces essentially give 35% troop attack and 65% troop health…there are better options honestly. Too expensive unless you are doing a full set for the bonus IMO

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