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Best Combat Gear – Update

The List of the Best Combat Gear has Been Updated

Based on the results from the Guide to Combat Boosts, it was clear that not all bbest combat gearoosts were created equal. On the back of this I have updated the list of the best combat gear based on the following tiers for boosts:

  • Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Health Debuff
  • Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Siege Boosts

Here are some of the highlights to the changes:

I have also added a new list called Suicide Gear. This is totally irrelevant for most players, but if you are going to be zeroing people with over 20mil troops then the optimum gear becomes very different. Specifically Defense Debuff becomes very good and Health Debuff and Defense Boost become pointless.

Check out the new list here.


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  1. Why do the packs keep getting more expensive as u get to a higher level, shouldn’t u have different packs varying with prices……but not like the ones available such as 4k gold coins for 100 bucks, i think u should have different options for players such as myself..

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