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The Best Combat Gear – Revealed

Which are the best items for combat?Equipment Gear

It is not an easy question to answer as items frequently offer multiple boosts. How do you compare an item offering 30% Troop Attack with one offering 20% Troop Health + 20% Defense Debuff?

Hopefully this list will help solve the problem. It adds together all the combat boosts to find the items that offer the highest total combined boost.

These boosts include: Attack, Defense, Health and Defense Debuff.

There are two lists: attacking items and defensive items.

Check it out here:



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  1. I agree with SMG. Look at all the stats you want, but have you battle tested and compared this gear to other gear out there? I wouldn’t use any of the attack gear showing highest value for attack based on tests.

  2. The only problem with this list is that we know that attack and health bonuses are more effective than defense bonuses. But it seems like the formula is just adding the total percentage up and giving the highest total precedence.

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