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Become your Enemy’s Nemesis

New Defence gear – Nemesis Lord

Help yourself combat the many attack boosts with this latest set of defence gear.

Its boosts include:

100M% type attack & empire defending attack debuff

10M% troop health

8M% troop defence

6M% type and legion defence

Set bonuses add a further 20M% empire defending attack debuff & 5M% troop defence for the base set and, for the full 7 piece set bonus, 80M% empire defending attack debuff, 3.6M% type defence and 140% march speed debuff.

Powering your gear to level 25 will give you 100M% empire defending attack debuff and 140% defence & health.  Add to this, with the set fully levelled up, 200M% attack, 600,000% defence and 100,000% health.


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