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The Bazaar: An In-depth Look

The Deal of a Lifetime

The Bazaar – Guide and Analysis

With the release of the Bazaar, the first new addition to the Alliance City since its release, we thought it might be time to do a little analysis and evaluate its effectiveness as a building that allows you to unlock some of the stored value in accounts.

We have previously suggested that material / gem / core / piece trading might actually be the #1 player requested feature.  As such, we have very much been looking forward to the release of an in-game exchange. It’s not quite the large-scale cross-kingdom trading system we heard rumours about a few months ago but instead, converts items into copper – a new monetary resource which can only be used to purchase other items in the Bazaar.

In theory, there are three uses for the Bazaar:

  1. Trading your items for better items.
  2. Getting hold of items that can’t be purchased with gold (e.g. Master’s Shovels)
  3. Extracting value out the unused items sitting in your inventory

To answer these, we’ll start by looking and what kind of gold to copper rate the Bazaar is currently offering.

1) Trading Your Items for Better Items

For this to be worthwhile, it is essential that you get a good exchange rate for your items. So let’s take a look.

Each day it is possible for a player to sell items to the single merchant in the bazaar, to a maximum value of 150,000 copper pieces.  It appears that this limit of 150,000 copper pieces resets every 15 hours, so it works out as 10,000 pieces per hour, or 240,000 copper pieces per day if you use your full allotment each rolling 15 hour period.

Let’s do a little analysis on the exchange rate of items for which we know the existing gold value from the gold store.

Bazaar - sell speeds

By doing this, we can start to build up a table of items for which we know the gold cost, and calculate a conversion ratio for selling items for copper.

Sell Copper Gold Ratio
Building move




Masters hammer












War commissions




5-min speedup




15-min speedup




60-min speedup




3-hour speedup




24-hour speedup




3-day speedup




30-day speedup




When selling, it appears that copper is worth 2.5 times as much as gold.  Every single item that you can sell appears to be being converted at a copper to gold ratio of 0.4.

What about on the purchasing side of the equation?

Bazaar - buy speeds

There are a number of items for sale from the merchant in the Bazaar for which we have known gold values, most obviously the alliance city speedups.

Buy Copper Gold Ratio
3-hour AC speed




8-hour AC speed




15-hour AC speed




24-hour AC speed




3-day AC speed




30-min monster attack boost




Griffin feathered sandals




25% XP boost




Here we see that the ratio for converting items with a known gold value into copper that you can store is somewhat different from the sell ratio.  The conversion ratio is now in the order of 30-45.

Direct Comparison with  a Known Gold Value

If we compare an item with the same known gold value (1,500 gold) for sale and purchase, we can get a good idea of the transaction cost that the Bazaar is charging us for their services.

You sell 117 x 24-hour speeds, each with a gold value of 1,500 gold.  Each one of these nets you 600 copper for a total copper received of 70,200.  You then use that 70,200 copper to purchase 1 x 3-hour AC speedup, which has a gold value of 1,500 gold.

One way of looking at it is that you are using 1 x 24-hour speed-up to exchange for 1 x 3-day AC speedup, it is just that the Bazaar is taking 116x 24 hour speedups as their commission.  In a sense you are selling them 117 lots of 1 item worth 1500 gold, to purchase 1 item worth the same amount of 1500 gold.

The only other directly comparable example is Selling 94 masters hammers at 2000 gold each, to receive 1 x 25% XP boost at 2000 notional gold value.  94 masters hammers for 1 x 25% hero XP boost.  This is slightly better than 117 for 1.

Conclusion – This a pretty poor exchange rate and there are better ways of getting hold of items you want rather than using the bazaar. So don’t go trading in items you think you might useful in the future.


2) Getting hold of items that can’t be purchased with gold

Ignoring the exchange rate, there are some items that can’t be purchased with gold, so unless you want to spend real money, the bazaar might the only way. Let’s take a look using Master Shovel’s as an example.

Estimated gold value of Masters Shovels

Masters shovels are a very new item that are in short supply, as they are a) new and b) not in the gold store.  They can currently be purchased with copper in the Bazaar, and we hope that they will be made available every 15 hour period when the single merchant resets his stock in store.  They are the first item mentioned for sale in their blog – clearly they are important.

Masters shovels sell for 5,000 copper each.  Assuming that the conversion ratio is in the middle of the range for the calculated conversion ratios (which is between 29.5 and 46.6) , we are going to choose to use the 37.5 ratio, which is close to the mid-point.

Based upon a conversion ratio, this means that each Master’s shovel is worth (5000/37.5) = 133.3 gold.

Time to unlock urban plots with Masters Shovels

The first additional urban building requires 1,000 master’s shovels, which would be 133.3k gold.  As such, if master’s shovels were available directly in the gold store, quite a few people would be able to purchase an additional urban slot.  The second urban slot requires 5,000 masters shovels, which would equate to roughly 666.6k gold.

However, they are not able to be purchased with gold, only in packs or with copper.

And in the Bazaar, assuming that they are made available every time the merchant resets their stock, it is possible to purchase a maximum of 48 masters shovels per day.  This means that the minimum time to acquire 1000 masters shovels by just purchasing from the Bazaar would be just over 20 days.  So, the first urban plot takes about 3 weeks to unlock using the Bazaar.

The second plot, requiring 5000 masters shovels would require a minimum of 104 days, or close to 3.5 months.  One imagines that the 3rd and 4th plots would take significantly longer using just the masters shovels purchased through the Bazaar.  And that is the best case scenario of the masters shovels being on sale 24/7/365, rather than as special deals on offer for a limited time only.  Under the scenario of them only being for sale every now and then, the time to unlock an urban plot could blow out to many multiples of the above best case scenarios.

Conclusion – Based on this example, getting hold of 1,000 Master’s Shovels for your first additional plot is not an exciting proposition but at least there is now an alternative to spending real money.

3) Extracting value out the unused items sitting in your inventory

This, I suppose is a no-brainer. You have unused items sitting in your inventory that will likely never be used. Even with a poor exchange rate it is still something for nothing.


We welcome the availability of the Bazaar.  It is the first addition to the Alliance City since its release, and finally follows through on the promise of ‘Coming soon’ The main concern with it at the moment is the disappointing initial exchange rate. Selling 117 items of 1500 gold value in exchange for 1 item of 1500 gold value seems like a rather high transaction cost. This precludes it from being useful as a way efficiently trading your less desirable items for better ones.

Instead its usefulness comes extracting some value from all those redundant items sitting in your inventory as well getting hold of some items that can’t be purchased for gold.  It’s hard to complain too much as its existence is certainly better than it not existing at all. We just hope the transaction costs don’t inhibit the actual usage of the bazaar and that the exchange rate adjusts as the market develops. It would be great if this was the first of many more useful Alliance City features to come. We still hold out hopes for a truly cross-kingdom trading system, one that actually allows bartering and trading between players but this is at least a step in the right direction.



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  1. Hey Sil, you still monitoring this blog post? Just happened to come back to see if you still wrote for this site. – lordhelmet from Sora, Grail Elite

  2. I have the same question

  3. That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to search for. What happens if you buy something over the limit?

  4. Is there any idea when the Merchant Copper Limit will be raised?? The silver torches are 300K in copper if sold but the Merchant has only a max of 150K. Anybody have thoughts??

  5. Hi all,

    For some reason bazaar purchases are not reflecting in my inventory list. Just bought 200 units of bottled sunfire with my copper savings and I can’t see it in my inventory at all. Anyone knows why this may be the case? Anyone had a similar problem?

    Many thanks,

  6. Jenelle Sullivan

    We have noticed disappearing copper. I lost over 12k, a friend, over 200k. Has anyone else had this problem? It’s just gone from the bazaar.

  7. They raised the copper price for shovels to 12,000 each from 5,000. I was able to unlock one plot before the change. Seriously? they pushed it closer to 300 days of perfectly selling before you can get the second plot. I’ve never seen a company more hostile to its users.

    • I agree
      They say we can play without buying packs all the time.
      But they are really getting greedy.
      Even in the Bazaar. ?

  8. I have promised myself not to buy anymore , 100$ for a pack , r u gone mad or what , go make fool to someone else

  9. Lvl 5 baazar brought no change at all , my allience Got it In the begining, the same items to sell , no change, once u r out of that items , Then whole baazar is useless, What a Piece of shit u r MZ, tons of Big players already boycotted packs , even better comes we NOT gonna buy,

  10. I would like to add that a rate of .6 can be achieved if you purchase shackles and daggers at its bulk price of 1000 for 10k gold. Of coarse this option is only available if you still are in the process of the trinity build. I will continue to keep finding exploits of anything Mz produces from this game. You can find me in “the oracle” if you have anything to contribute to my cause, be it an idea or concept.

  11. The first Urban Plot cost 1,000 shovels, the second one cost 5,000 shovels. How many shovels does it take the third and fourth Urban plot to unlock?

  12. I knew MZ would screw us but I had a tiny amount of hope in the Bazaar but it sucks, total rip-off. I’m unable to sell the thousands of materials I don’t need. Isn’t that what we all were hoping for? Buying multiple packs to have enough level 6 materials to craft a couple items leaves us with piles of crap we don’t need but the “bizarre” only wants us to sell useful items for pennies and buy mediocre stuff for dollars.

    Have to agree with the other comments generally bashing MZ greed. I haven’t quit, yet, but kingdoms are now full of dead accounts. The gap between small players and big players is ridiculous, 100k to 1 K/D’s and no real way for small players to actually play. Whole alliances just up and quit once they realize they can’t be relevant.

    I could understand the greed if they made a quality game, had great customer service and were committed to the players but this is not the case. On my brand new iPhone the game constantly crashes. The crashes have not always existed! It wasn’t long ago the game ran without crashing. This is not the fault of the device it’s the code. A good, decent company would try to fix these problems but it seems MZ is too busy adding more research and buildings for us to buy. I’m real tired of seeing that pop-up advertisement for new stuff after restarting my game from constantly crashing. They are keenly aware of the problem and are not fixing it while at the same time asking us to spend more money on new stuff.

    The customer service is probably the worst I’ve ever had the displeasure to deal with. When the iPhone crashes first started they would respond with the normal lies blaming everyone’s device. Of course it was so widespread everyone knew about it so this was very insulting. Often the reply from customer service has nothing to do with what the complaint was. They either didn’t read it, can’t understand english or are robo-replying based on key words. They rake in billions of dollars but refuse to reimburse customers when they lose money due to faults in the game. What other business does this??? Every time the “rate this game” comes up it gets one star from me, mostly due to no customer service.

    I’ve spent a little more than $3000 already and have a playable sized city that can trap, rally and participate in events. The new march research will cost roughly $5,000 to complete. It’s just getting stupid expensive. I spent over $3k and I’ll be lucky to get $300 to sell my account. They are slowly ruining this game, constantly relying on new customers to keep it going because 99% of people who download GOW ultimately quit. Once it’s no longer popular the game will die. Some people have spent tens of thousands on their accounts and one day it will just be gone. MZ sucks. It’s really too bad, this COULD be a great game if scumbags weren’t running it.

  13. So I have been transferring to another alliance to use their Bazaar almost since it was available. Tonight when I transferred it wouldn’t let me sell anything. Anyone know if this is a glitch or is it MZ’s new way of making everyone build their own.

  14. Does anyone know an alliance with a level 5 bazaar that outsiders can use? It’s going to be years before my alliance is able to build it.

  15. What have I purchased since I stopped buying packs. Let’s see…. 2 PS4s, numerous games, 65″ 4k TV, home theater system. It’s kind of a joke now whenever I check GoW on my tablet compared to gaming on that system. Mz made money off me for sure but life lesson learned. I see the latest packs have over 1mil gold and I didn’t bother adding all the speeds but it’s several thousand. I don’t see how it’s possible for anyone to play without spending at this point. If they had some kind of handicap system in place like Coc things wouldn’t be so lopsided. But they obviously could care less about a sustainable game.

  16. Stop Being Screwed By MZ. Screw them instead.

    1. Go to Amazon
    2. Search for Game of War
    3. Read the #1 most helpful review (hint: it’s critical, not positive)
    4. Write your own one-star critical review
    5. Stop buying packs and quit playing this game

  17. Seriously

  18. There are similar reviews on the other app distribution sites and the messages have been consistent, and I’ve often referred to them. MZ is in death spiral but there are some with the addiction tendencies that are trapped for the lack of better term… I see it in my own alliance just by the pack gifts being generated, especially when the new gear or research comes out… but at same time I see more and more calling it quits, trying to sell, etc…, or doing like I have and set long term bubbles and not spending a dime, all the while knowing catching up just to be ale to defend will be insurmountable without spending a a small fortune. The ones who don’t manage a constant bubble are getting zero’d quickly… and these aren’t smalls – I am talking about multi-bil players. Many just leave at that point – seeing the millions of T4 gone is enough to send them packing – the ones who don’t quit, well, they are the weakest, of the weak minds and MZ loves that kind – problem is, there just aren’t enough of them to keep the lights on in the joint.

    I predict some day, MZ will be the poster child for “how not to run a technology company” – they had something good that could evolve over time into a long lasting game with a large following… instead they choose to let the numerous technical and fundamental game play flaws go without remediation and instead turned it into a get rich quick scheme business model…, the same kind that is synonymous with con and scam artists.

    Now, for those with a weak mind that like to disagree with the obvious or slam the messenger… I see the latest “last chance pack” is 1.25mil gold with even bigger allotment of speed ups and chests to make that new gear… go get a few of those and get to crafting that chancellor set gear for 6bil silver to save yourself a few hundred days on those new lvl 11-12 march tree tasks… those extra troops you gain will be needed to start solo’in those 5bil players and take on StayAlive’s pod of whales… lol

  19. Above and beyond what everyone is observing, this far the bazaar seems to limit its offers to the gems that are actually useful and in short supply,
    No – my level 6 abyssal gems are not for sale, but I exult love to get rid of some of my 459 level 6 rose gems..

  20. Amazon’s top negative review explains the game so very well. Check it out!!

    Seriously, it sums every thing us very well

  21. Playing this game from the first day, won’t stop playing iT but there is no more fun in this game, calculate what the Exchange currency is with real money. All the real money I spend has become a waist. Once you have Bought something iT becomes usseless because there are new, better items to be Bought. IT Will never end this way. Only solution, stop buying. I started alraidy

  22. The bazaar just made me sad. I had hoped it could be a tool usable by smaller players to get some better gear or gems that they might not have had access to, as well as for large players to exchange their massive numbers of unused items and materials for set pieces/cores they are short on. Instead MZ has let us down again, with the cost to build a bazaar.

    The bazaar doesn’t even serve the purpose of discarding your unwanted items. The equip preset item is literally impossible to consume for players over vip 13, and I’m sure large players have dozens if not hundreds of those saved up (not to mention the staggering stockpile of resource boosts and equipment bags). But no, the only things I’ve seen in the bazaar are speed ups, daggers, shackles, books of war, war bonds, and building moves. Not including speed ups, I sold my whole stockpile of those items in two days. How can I ever build up a stockpile of copper to buy anything if I can’t get any copper at all (let alone 150,000 per day).

    I got excited when I saw things like the flame crested war helm and the hades axe in the bazaar. For big players those items are meaningless, but a basic upkeep reduction helm and training boost weapon are good for small players. But if I’m hard pressed to get even 1 million copper, how could smaller players build up the over 3 million required? Especially if small players have to visit a larger alliance to have any access to the bazaar at all.

    All in all, disappointed once again in mz’s capability to make something sound cool until it is actually released. I get that there is give and take, but it’s been a lot more take and a lot less give in the last few months.

  23. This is exactly what I’ve thought since the beginning. MZ will NEVER give us the ability to trade materials, gems, pieces or cores. And if they did which would surprise me it’d be so expensive only the elite players could. Look I’ve spent good money on this game, more than I should’ve and I understand that they need to make money but obviously MZ has decieded to focus on only a few players instead of a broad group of players. It’d be awesome if we could “donate our unused items to the bazaar or a different city building and trade them to another alliance member. But after playing a year I don’t think it will ever happen.

    Noticed also that new march research is live. ok fine but the time to complete is crazy. Packs got more speeds in them like we asked and well guess what MZ makes the research longer. So we spend just as much to complete a tree because your speed to cost ratio is the same or worse. Possibly MZ is trying to make it possible to rally or even solo (doubt it) big players but all it does is give big players more troops to zero even bigger people and the ability to solo bigger players that where safe from soloing before.

    Play for the friendships you build in the game, don’t spend unless you absolutely have to and just remember that whatever is released it only benefits MZ. New gear will cost a couple thousand to craft and billions of silver. Thats just the way it is. Make informed decisions everyone. It helps to laugh at the opening ad. Keeps me from buying.

    xxIce Coldxx K442

  24. I stopped buying , One day everyone have to leave this game , accept IT or not , better not to do so much damage to ur economy by spending à LOT to this crap as u cant spend whole of ur life and they keep introducing better gears and research which beats the old u spend ur hard earned money at, have seen people getting zeroed and leaving the game with over 10b might, tons of accounts out There. Open ur eyes and accept the fact

  25. And less than a week later they release March tree levels 11 and 12, adding a weird (and small) incremental March size increase to both solos and rallies, but for a ridiculous amount of resources and speedups. Abundantly clear what MZ’s #1 requested feature is.
    Just waiting for levels 13,14, and 15 to be released in a couple of weeks…….

  26. This falls somewhat short of what MZ said to the Emperor that they would be doing. This is so far away from a cross-kingdom trading system that is just not funny.


    What is a bazaar? It is a marketplace with multiple sellers where values change frequently, and people haggle and negotiate prices. A monopolistic single seller with a fixed exchange rate that includes a 99% commission (MZ extracts 99% of the value) is very very far from any definition of a legitimate marketplace or bazaar. MZ is again taking the piss. Deal of a lifetime? Don’t make me laugh.

  27. I’m betting in a month or two there will be another research tree in the Alliance City for the Bazaar. Want better deals, research. Want to be able to trade for more copper, research. Want more options, research. At least they finally gave us the number one requested feature. (Read that drenched in sarcasm)

  28. Profile photo of LeCat

    Take a bow Silverhair! You showed exemplirary restraint in not calling MZ’s latest addition exactly what it is (I’m sure your check is in the mail). Take a bow MZ for boldly putting forth another epic FU to the players who have made you all very rich. Finally, and most deservedly, take a bow players who are still spending (especially after the failed boycott) on this masterfully crafted psychological game of addiction.


    • Agree with everything you said.

      It’s almost unbelievable that from a customer retention standpoint, MZ hasn’t made one feature that actually benefits the players without squeezing even more money from them. You would think that they would eventually throw a bone to keep players from quitting, but no. MZ has gone full-evil and every step is to screw players over even more.

  29. yeah, very disappointed by the bazaar. if you are a non-spender, then participating in regular events becomes challenging.

  30. Unless it changes as you upgrade your bazaar, the refresh rate for merchants copper is actually 24 Hrs, so collecting enough copper for say another building plot would take 34 (rounded up from 33.3) days – not 20 days as stated in the article.

    Personally, I feel like the exchange is beyond silly for most items – selling a lvl 6 asteroid core grants you 240 copper, but to buy a lvl 6 Astral Blade core you have to pay 510,000 copper. That’s a *lot* of items to sell. The amount of copper each day and refresh rate is also too low/not often enough.

    If they fixed the amount of merchant copper and improve the exchange rate and selection (alliance city research perhaps? *cringe at cost of unlocking*) then the bazaar would be exciting imho

  31. Yeah I agree the Bazaar is extremely disappointing. I’ve decided not to spend any more on packs too but I admit that I like the game too much to stop playing. I’ve built a rally trap that takes little to maintain. I will continue to just make food from my farms and sell for speeds/gold and hopefully I will at least be able to unlock one urban plot for an additional hospital. I’m bummed because I thought each urban plot was 1000 master’s shovels…didn’t expect that each additional urban plot would cost MORE. But that seems to be more in line with MZ so I don’t know why I wouldn’t expect that lol.

  32. I think your cost to unlock the first Urban Slot is incorrect. A single Master’s Shovel costs 5000 copper, and 1000 are required for the first slot. So that’s 5m copper needed. That would require selling 25,000 building moves, which cost 500 gold each. That would cost 12.5m gold for the first slot.

  33. So I tried out the bazaar within the first week, and as someone living in a country with a crippling economy not being able to afford gold packs at all, I like this new addition. Although I agree with some of the other commentators about how much money needs to be spent to build this in the first place. Its ridiculous to say the least.

    What ticks me off though is that I couldn’t purchase this mystery chest due to a bug, with an error popup mentioning an invalid item cost, and then I decided to spend the couple of copper coins I got from left-over daggers/shackles and books on monster slayer chests and got frostlord chests instead. :/

    What’s worse is I’ve mailed MZ (and they bragged about their new support center) about the issue and no response what-so-ever. This, is the true shame, that they cannot even release a bug free feature and when bugs are reported, give no feedback to the users.

  34. Well, I don’t trust Machine Zone. I’m pretty sure once we get rid off our items that we think not useful right now, MZ will make them required. I have thousands of shackles sitting in my inventory. Let’s say I sold all of them in the bazaar and earned a tiny amount of copper. Who knows in future MZ will not introduce Prison, Altar Level 22 etc? Then MZ will offer us back shackles daggers with ridiculous price tags…

    • The only assurance is that MZ’s habit of not allowing players to use old items for new useful things. If a new prison level comes, it will likely require “Golden Shackles” or some other sh*tty new item that requires packs to buy. So MZ’s own greed is probably reason enough to get rid of your old stuff. MZ will make up new crap for you to buy instead of those who held onto their old materials.

  35. I must comment on the obvious. No doubt MZ has threatened the good people behind this site, to “never put mz in a bad light” or a legal action will proceed. Fuck u MZ for yr delibrate Insolence, arrogance and intimidation against obvious intelligent and perceptive individuals, who dont hide behind the scales of the serpent, like you reprobates do!! Clearly yr pride and greed know no bounds!! Well thank goodness the commonsense of players in general cant be silenced by you Money Zealot Nazis. The Bazzar is nothing short of BIZARRE! ! What hypocrisy and self deception..if ive ever saw one! Once again the arrogant model of delibrate CIRCUMCISION OF PEOPLES WALLETS IS WIDELY FLAUNTED IN YR NEW INGAME ADDITION OF WALL STREET THEFT.


    For the record too everyone..checkout the latest lawsuit regarding the unethical rougue new terms and conditions, a firm in america is currently pursuing gainst mz. Join the good fight people! We DESERVE BETTER.

    Thanks again also for the fine work this site continously gives against the very little substance mz gives them to work with.
    Keep up the good work!!

    • I don’t know why people reading this site can’t see the obvious … make no pack purchases people – it is simple as that. Do a long term bubble, set reminder to when it expires, logon to renew it, and repeat for as long as necessary until things change or they fold. Find and play another game until that time. This will do two things – starve MZ of revenue, and starve the more money than brains whales using the ancient ATP’s of their entertainment. Don’t participate in any kvk’s or anything.

      Think about it.. many already have left the game… kingdoms, even the ones that have merged are littered with accounts with hero’s killed 100’s of days ago… yet many reading this site still feeds MZ pack money on a regular basis, and this and the other GoW themed site continues to give MZ promotional and marketing eye time they don’t deserve … I for one haven’t bought a pack for a long time, and won’t. Like I suggest above, I set long term bubbles and said screw it months ago now. Try it… if enough do it, you will see what comes next… the whales will demand change and MZ will give it to them… but like everything else you have experienced, it won’t be to benefit you, the average player.

      The next highly sought after feature will be announced – It will be the INVINCIBLE Bubble busting cores!!! – and the sad thing is, there will be some that will spend the $1k to obtain and craft them… that will be MZ’s last hurrah and final middle finger to the hand and those that’s been feeding it for far too long.

      Get a clue people!!!

  36. Little off-topic, I’m loving all of the MZ’s descriptions of their newly released features as if they are the best this world has seen. Sometimes it’s even funny, a good chuckle material I must say.

    And speaking about the Bazaar itself – complete junk. And I agree to Ed, “pretty poor” is an understatement. Overall the Bazaar is only gainful/beneficial for MZ itself and not the players.

  37. “pretty poor exchange rate”? 117 times the cost of trading an item in? I think “pretty poor” is widely inaccurate at the sheer crappiness of what MZ is trying to push onto the players.

  38. Really? Not one negative comment? This is complete garbage, nothing more then a shitty attempt from MZ to say “look we did something”. Mean while it was executed with such crappy foresight that it’s almost a back handed slap to the face to screw people even more. Sell your items that you spent Real money on for next to nothing to purchase more worthless gold shovels….

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