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Battle Marks Research

New Battle Marks Research Tree

Mz added a new tree to our Academy. The Battle Mark research tree allows you to now mark up to 3 targets, extends the mark duration, and completion will add 70K Troop Attack.

Battle Mark Benefits

Attack Total- 25,000%
Health Debuff Total- 5,000%
Battle Mark Duration- 1 Hour, 20 mins.
3rd Battle Mark

Battle Mark Benefits

Attack Total- 45,000%
Wonder Health Total- 100,000%
Wonder Defense Total- 50,000%
Wonder Attack Total- 15,000%

In order to unlock the third Battle Mark, you will need a battle mark token, only available in packs.

Also, there seems to have been some confusion in the past. It does NOT matter who marks the target. Any one of your alliance members can mark, and the rally leader still gets the Attack bonus.

It is only you who gets these boosts though, not everyone in the alliance.

Completion of the Battle Mark research tree, will bring total research power, to 723.8B.


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  1. Has anyone tested if battle marks only effect attacking an empire? Or will the boosts apply to a marked target that is occupying a tile also?

  2. Why don’t you post the amount of power the new trees will add to a SH, not just the new total research power?? Thx!

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