Carnage Banner

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When your Hero is present, increases Infantry, Ranged, & Calvalry Attack, Rally Attack Debuff, Wonder Holding Attack Debuff, Troop Defense, Rally Health, and Wonder Holding Health.


Duration1d 6h 0m 0s2d 12h 0m 0s3d 18h 0m 0s6d 6h 0m 0s10d 0h 0m 0s30d 0h 0m 0s
Cooldown3d 0h 0m 0s1d 0h 0m 0s0d 8h 0m 0s0d 4h 0m 0s0d 2h 0m 0s0d 0h 30m 0s


Cavalry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Enemy Rally Attack Debuff192009600048000024000001200000060000000
Infantry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Rally Health Bonus2400012000060000030000001500000075000000
Ranged Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Strategic Cavalry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Strategic Infantry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Strategic Ranged Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus160080004000020000010000005000000
Troop Defense Bonus160080004000020000010000005000000
Wild Cavalry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Wild Infantry Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Wild Ranged Attack12800640003200001600000800000040000000
Wild Troop Defense Bonus160080004000020000010000005000000
Wonder Holding Attack Debuff192009600048000024000001200000060000000
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus2400012000060000030000001500000075000000