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Avatar Collection Bonus

Earn Bonuses for completed Avatar Sets

Chat Avatars now have a battle function. Each different set of avatars, now comes with a different type of permanent boost for your SH. In order to start receiving the benefits, you not only need to unlock every avatar in a set, but you must also purchase the Avatar Unlock. It’s important to note, that while you need to unlock each set separately, you only need to purchase one pack for the ability to unlock them once completed.

Each set has a different bonus.

Troop Attack, Health, Defense
Enemy Attack, Health, Defense Debuff
Rally Attack, Health, Defense
Hero Attack
Energy Limit

Start opening all those extra avatars that you have sitting in inventory, assuming you didn’t break them already. Also, once you unlock the Chat Avatar bonus, it is active. You do not need to keep the avatar as your profile picture, in order to engage the stats.


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