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Game of War Prepares for All Things Halloween

Many of our warriors celebrated the tradition of All Hallowed Eve’s over the weekend. But Game of War still have many themed events in store before the most haunted day of the year is upon us. Game of War offers you both Halloween Avatars and a haunted team event to help keep your celebrations going through the week. Halloween 2017 ...

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Event Update: Warriors Prepare for the Terrestrial Spirits Team Event

Are you ready to invoke the spirits for battle in the upcoming Terrestrial Spirits Team Event? It’s time for us to join forces once more and choose the team that best represents our inner warrior. Will you lead the Dragons, Roosters, or Tigers to victory? The choice is yours, but first you’ll need to qualify. Get Ready for Terrestrial Spirits ...

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Trials of Olympus Team Event – Are You Ready?

Warriors – are you ready to find your strength among your allies? The Trials of Olympus Event is nearly upon us, and it’s time to prepare if you want to dominate the battlefield. Is It Your First Event? If you’re joining a team event for the first time or you’ve never participated in the Trials of Olympus team event before, ...

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Prepare for KvK Warfare with Hero, Building, & Troops

Are you ready for KvK Warfare Season 2017? You have been preparing for this season all year, and it is now time to gather your resources and dominate you enemies. Don’t worry warrior, Game of War has now released all the items you need to survive and thrive during this most difficult period. With these newly-released benefits, you can: Reach ...

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Are You Ready for Max VIP

Game of War recently announced the opportunity to go further and achieve more power than ever before with two new VIP levels: 350 and 375. VIP Level 350 VIP Level 350 takes game play to a new level with the ability to unlock the Smart Troop Training System. Reaching VIP 350 allows you to train Troops more efficiently by limiting ...

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New Release: Liberator Gems and Behemoth Runes

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level in your next battle? Meet your maximum potential with the latest release of Liberator Gems and Behemoth’s Runes. These are just the latest in the newest releases to help warriors make the most of their power. Collect them all to boost your current stats and take game play to ...

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Reveal the True Power of Your Hero with The Hero Gladiator Skill Tree

Are you ready to realize your true potential? Dive deeper and release previously untapped prowess with the Game of War Hero Gladiator Skill Tree. The Hero Gladiator Skill Tree is the newest opportunity to enjoy amazing boosts and take your game to the next level. Following the changed tier systems, the Tier now includes new benefits for Hero Gladiator Level ...

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New: Take Your Buildings to the Next Level

Are you ready to level up for extra boosts? Game of War now lets you level up your Auxiliary buildings, including your Graveyard, Mausoleum, and Pantheon, to grab exclusive advantages and prove your dominance to your adversaries. Want a 33.33KT% boost on your Legion Defense? Level up your Graveyard and your Treasury. Boost your stats by leveling up your Archaeology ...

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