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Wheel and Deal on The Black Market

Hail, warriors, After a long time away, the Black Market Broker has returned, and the Gods have decided to bestow new blessings upon him and his wares. As a result, moving forward, there will be new and exciting ways to obtain his exotic and powerful treasures. The Broker is opening up his items for a limited time, so make sure ...

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Promote Your Demigod Troops to New Levels

Hail, warriors, Your noble troops have been an invaluable asset to you on the battlefield and beyond, and now is the time to take their knowledge and raise them to another level of tactical acumen and agility! Start by upgrading your Training Garrison to give new promotions to your Demigod Troops today. Here are some of the benefits you can ...

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Use New Demigod Rewards Research Tree Additions for A Research Boost

Hail, warriors, Your Demigod troops are some of your most powerful assets in battle, and now you have the chance to make them even stronger with new nodes in Demigod Rewards Research. These nodes are available now in your Academy. How do they work? You have two options for getting boosts through your research. You can either collect free Athena ...

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Enhance Your Demigod Gear

Hail, warriors, The enemy hordes are nearly upon us, and in order to weather their onslaught, you need to raise your Demigod Set Gear to the challenge! Prepare to mow down your enemies like grass by taking your Demigod Gear sets and enhancing them with Gear Leveling Materials. Combined, you’ll command power like you’ve never felt before. Here’s a preview ...

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Grant Gifts to Your Allies

Hail, warriors, Even the most gifted in battle does not win every fight alone. Chances are that in your many wars, you’ve come to make many new friends that you trust. Now, empower those who fight alongside you with Giftable and Jackpot chests. Any items with the designation of “Giftable” can be sent to whoever you choose from your Alliance. ...

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New Core Gear

Hail, warriors, An artisan is only as good as their tool, and the same applies to even the greatest of fighters on the field of battle. The time has come to enhance your tools of war with new Core Gear. Mix and match new exciting combinations of Core Gear to help defeat your enemies faster than ever before. Keep an ...

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Demigod – Serpent Dragon

Hail, warriors, There are a new set of boons from the gods to bring onto the field of battle, but only for the worthy. First, on this coming weekend, fight to the end of the rainbow on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the Lucky Jackpot Super Wonder. One lucky warrior will get an enormous treasure trove of Mystery Chests, ...

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Demigod Boosts

Hail, warriors, Part of taking on future challenges is being prepared for anything, and doing what you can to set future battles in your favor. Start by taking advantage of the Demigods’ favor, contained in divine chests filled with treasures. Stock your armies with the items found inside these Demigod Mystery Chests, with exciting items like Spartan Spears, Demigod Resources, ...

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