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Strategic Troops vs. Regular: The Facts

Strategic Troops or Regular Troops – Which is Better? The age old question. Which should I research, which should I train……which one is better? As of now I have yet to see a convincing answer. So here goes. The answer based on the beauty of maths. Strategic Troops are better Perhaps that doesn’t surprise you. Anyone who has done any ...

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Hive and Pod Raiding

I wrote a guide for my alliance about coordinating attacks on pods and hives and thought it would be worth sharing here. Just to give some context, this was written when the kingdom was relatively young and power levels were comparatively low .   Pod Raid A pod raid is a coordinated attack against an enemy pod or hive with ...

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The Current State of Events – Nov 2014

MZ have made some changes to the event payouts recently,which on the surface feels like a change for the worse. Rather than paying out large volumes of speed ups (20 x 3 days) they now payout prizes weighted more towards chests and resources. What are their reasons for doing this? MZ have demonstrated in the past a desire to remove ...

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