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The Dungeon – New Feature Coming Soon

The Dungeon – New Game of War Feature Launched in Beta It is a Dungeon Runner style mini-game where you attack monsters to win prizes. Each attack wins you a prize. Attacking requires ‘Dark Energy’ which can be purchased in the store (and presumably from gold packs). There are two game modes – regular or hyper. Hyper is presumably more ...

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Introducing Silverhair to the Inside Game of War Team

I’d like you all to welcome Silverhair to Inside Game of War’s team of contributors. Silverhair is a true veteran of Game of War. She remembers fondly the days when you had to rally monsters with troops to take them down. Now spanning 3 kingdoms with multiple accounts (including a 2.2B power main), she has a wealth of testing experience ...

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Combining Locked Cores and Pieces

You Can Now Combine Cores and Pieces in the Locked Section This is a huge time (and money) saver. No longer do you have to use an item to swap your pieces/cores around just so you can combine them. This functionality should probably have been there from the start but let’s give MZ some credit. This is the first genuine ...

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4 Game of War Exploits That Need To Be Fixed Now (Updated)

Machine Zone Need to Fix These Game of War Exploits Now Update: The Embassy Exploit has Been Fixed – see below for more details It’s always difficult to know whether to share things like this. Clearly, the fewer people that use them the better. However, by making them as public as possible it should put pressure on Machine Zone to ...

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Alliance City Update – Buildings

Alliance City Building Data Now Live Alliance City buildings data is now live. There is complete data for build times, resource costs, might and deeds required for all alliance city buildings from levels 1 to 5.  Research data and items to follow shortly. A few facts for you: Total building time for all buildings: 2,360 days Total (new) Resource Cost: ...

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Xena Valentine Gear and Nian Lion Gear Added

Xena Valentine Gear and Nian Lion Gear The latest Xena’s gear and Nian gear has been added. Full reviews to follow but they both seem very good in their own right. The Xena’s Valentine’s gear has taken the Best Combat Gear list by storm – displacing even much of the excellent Fire Age gear.  A lot of the gear requires ...

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Core Gear – Update (Xerxes and Krampus)

Update to Core Data The core gear has been updated to include Krampus Gear and Xerxes Elephant Gear.  This should now include all cores and pieces but let me know if not. Also, noone has reported any bugs so going to remove the Beta Status – please let me know if you come across any though. Thanks, Slaggy

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Fire Age 2015 – Gear Review

Game of War – Fire Age Gear Review The new Fire Age 2015 gear is insane. Both in terms of boosts and costs. I thought it was worth reviewing them all together as the conclusions are going to be fairly similar – superb but ridiculously expensive. The Fire Age 2015 gear was released in February 2015 and is comprised of 5 ...

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Core Gear – Now Live!

Launch of Game of War Core Gear (Beta) Very exciting news for you – Inside Game of War has now launched its Core Gear section. This includes Full data on all cores and pieces from level 1 to 6 This includes boosts, craft times and durations Browse Recommended sets – complete core sets to boost specifics stats Browse By Item ...

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