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Guide to Traps in Game of War


Everything You Need to Know About Traps in Game of War: Fire Age Traps are very powerful. They take little damage from troops, deal out lots in return and help keep your own troops alive. However, you can only build 125k of them. This guide should tell you everything you need to know about traps including how they work, their stats relative ...

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Guide to Siege in Game of War

Everything You Need to Know About Siege in Game of War: Fire Age Siege serve one purpose in Game of War and that is to destroy  traps. In the early and middle part of the game traps can be a real issue and siege is the only way to deal with them effectively.  This guide should tell you everything you need to know ...

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It’s Official – We’re #1!

Inside Game of War Is Now the Most Visited Fan Site* It’s been an incredible few months. It was only 3 months ago that I was absolutely delighted to have attracted over 100 visitors in one day. It felt like a tremendous milestone. How things have come along since then. Now we sometimes have that many in 10 minutes! I have thoroughly enjoyed ...

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New Troop Healing Calculator and Update to Troop Training Tool

Changes to The Training Tool and Healing Calculator You have been requesting some additions to the troop training tool so I have added a few extra features: You can now select to train a mixtures of troops rather than just one troop at a time You can now apply troop training cost reduction You can customise the points awarded for KvK events in case they ...

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New – Alliance City Events

Inferno Events

Alliance City Events Coming Soon The first screenshots have emerged of a new type of event – Alliance City Events. We don’t currently have any more details but presumably they will follow the standard format of completing Alliance City building/research in exchange for prizes of gifts/resources. Will keep you updated when we found out more.  

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Dragon King Core Set – Now Live

Dragon King Core Set The Dragon King core set is a cavalry attack missile with massive attack and health boosts for Cavalry. It has since been outdone by the Frostbitten core set however. Check out the stats for the Dragon King Core set here. And load it into the Core Builder Tool here. The Dragon King and Nian Dragon Cores ...

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Web Developer Wanted

Javascript Developer Wanted! Dear all the fantastic visitors to this site, Do you have red hot javascript skills? Do you want a fantastic opportunity to learn? This site would really benefit from a few slick additions (such as a hero skill tool) that really need a programmer’s touch. I can’t offer you much in the way of financial reward but I can ...

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The Best Core Recipes – New Tool Live Now

The Best Core and Piece Combinations in Game of War We are very excited to announce the release of our new Core and Piece recipe tool. Cores are an incredibly powerful part of Game of War but there are so many possible combinations that it can be very difficult to find the best recipes. This tool should help significantly with that. You simply provide ...

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Best Hero Gear Before Level 50

Equipment Gear

Which Gear is Best Before Hero Level 50? 2 New Filters for the Best Combat Gear Tool Not everyone can craft full sets of Xena and Fire Age Gear. Not everyone has a level 50 hero. This update is for you. These two new filters let you set your hero level to only show gear that your hero can craft. ...

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Xena’s Valentine Gear – Review

Game of War – Xena’s Gear Review This is a review of the new Valentine’s gear from the Xena’s Gear set. No sooner have we finished raving about the excellent Fire Age 2015 gear then another incredible set comes along. And with much lower silver costs as well. Xena’s Gear is now one of the largest equipment sets, containing 15 ...

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