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New KvK Event – Monster Killing

Kingdom Vs. Kingdom Monster Killing Events Many Kingdoms see the launch of a new type of KvK today – Monster Killing Events. Like other monster killing events you get some points for hitting monsters and more for killing them. However there is a twist – you can port into your opponent’s kingdom and kill their monsters for a 5 x ...

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Game Updates including Alliance City Traps – April 2015

Game of War Updates – April 2015 Machine Zone have been busy updating the game with some new features so I thought it would summarise all the latest ones here (as well as the new ones coming in Beta). Alliance City Traps Dungeon Mode Defense Research Tree Alliance City Events Hero Presets Boost Information Referral Codes New Features Soon to ...

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Game of War (Briefly) Overtakes Clash of Clans as #1 Mobile Game

Game of War Takes the #1 Mobile Game Spot After airing the Kate Upton commercial over 9,000 times and spending around $80m on airtime, Machine Zone are now estimated to be taking in over $1m per day. The #1 spot has been hotly contested between three powerhouse games: Clash of Clans, Game of War and Candy Crush Saga and it ...

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Catzilla Cores Just Added (WTF?!)

Catzilla Cores are Now on the Site And…..wtf? I think we all suspected that MZ  were going to do something for April Fool’s day but probably not this. You can check out the Catzilla cores and pieces here on the best cores page and on the cores and pieces page. For those of you that haven’t seen the login screen its full of well….Cat ...

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Four Horsemen Core Set – Now Live

Four Horsemen Core Set The Four Horsemen core set was the very first core set and the only one to come in 4-pieces varieties. The boosts now seem modest in comparison to some of the newer sets but nonetheless it is still widely used. This is partly due to the relative ease with wich you can acquire the cores and ...

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New Battle Report Tool – Who Really Won the Battle?

New Tool to Analyse Battle Reports in Game of War Our latest tool has just gone live – the Battle Report Tool For those of you that want to look deeper into Battle Reports and see who really won the battle then this tool is for you. The in game-battle reports are a little hard to interpret at time. It is ...

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Equipment and Core Update – Leprechaun, Cyclops, Cerberus and Relics

Leprechaun, Cyclops, Cerberus Gear plus Relics Updated All the latest gear, cores and gems have been added. (Today’s Minotaur release still to come). I have also updated all the older standard and relic gear so everything should be completely accurate and up-to-date. Have been working on the backend processes to make the updating of site quicker and easier so hopefully you won’t ...

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Secret Core Recipes in Game of War

Mystery Core Recipes in Game of War We have started putting together a list of the secret core recipes in Game of War. If you follow one of these recipes you will receive the bonus boosts in addition to the normal boosts. Some of these are pretty nice and well worth assembling when you can. The size of the bonus boost ...

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New Defense Research – Coming Soon

New Research Tree – Defense Hot off the press from Beta Land – a new research tree is on its way. The New Defense Tree looks rather sweet – Troop Health and Troop Defense early in the tree and some potential improvement to Traps later on. As discussed in the Guide to Traps and the Turtle Guides, traps and siege currently ...

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