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Unlock VIP Benefits For Your Beryl Hero

Hail, warriors, A whole new set of benefits make it possible to send your Beryl Warrior heroes into the fray faster than ever, with the new VIP Level 1371. By hitting this pinnacle of power, you have the ability to unlock new mighty skill presets to lay waste to your enemies. Here are some of the new skill presets for ...

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The Gold Store: New and Improved

Hail, warriors, The Gold Store has been an invaluable asset when it comes to supplying and supporting your army’s conquests and battles, and now, we’ve made a new major addition to make it easier than ever to find the items you need. Our new Gold Store Categories help you quickly find Gold Packs that meet essential needs like Troop Training, ...

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Rise To New Heights With New Stronghold Levels

Hail, warriors, Strongholds are now able to go as high as level 1160, giving the opportunity to make your Empire even more robust and powerful. Ascend to these new levels to reap some of the following benefits. Here are the benefits you get for reaching the rank of 1160: 6,000% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, and Mercenary Attack 3,000% Demigod Troop, ...

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Gain Treasure and Experience Rapidly In Speed Dungeons

Hail, warriors, Prizes earned in dungeons can be the difference between victory and defeat, and you are now able to earn them faster than ever. With the improvement of the Speed Dungeon Autoplay feature, it’s possible to complete stages at incredible speed, so make sure to unlock it if you already haven’t. To try out the new and improved feature, ...

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New Special Building Levels Are Here!

Hone and adapt your battle strategies in the future with new Special Building Levels. You can now customize these buildings up to MAX Level 1125: Alchemy Lab Black Market Gear Workshop Archaeology Hall Mausoleum Graveyard Explorer Dungeon Imperial Banner Speed Up Treasury Treasury In total, you can reap these MAX Benefits with these upgrades: 3000% Demigod Troop Attack 4200% Demigod ...

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Higher VIP Levels Are Yours For The Taking

Hail, warriors, The true titans of the battlefield are something to behold, and the time is now for you to carve your name into that top echelon on the battlefield by upgrading to VIP Level 1351 and unlocking the sheer force of Battlemark Demigod Attack for yourself. Here’s a preview of VIP Level 1351’s boosts: Combat Benefits: 6300% Demigod Attack ...

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Traverse The Black Market Dungeon

Hail, warriors, Perhaps you’ve already mastered the dreaded Speed Dungeon in the past, but now, there’ s more reason than ever to enter the depths. Empower yourself with Black Market Master Dungeon Energy and brave the depths of the Black Market Master Dungeon. With monsters prowling around within the dungeon, now is the time for you and your trusted warriors ...

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Enter The Dragon War Dimension

Hail, warriors, Following battle after battle on human battlefields, the time has come to test your might and tactics against dragons in the Dragon War Dimension. The gods and our alchemists have come together to create a gateway that leads to this new dimension, a land of lush green, towering peaks, and many dragons. For both glory and reward, now ...

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Empower Your Pantheon with New Demigod Levels

Hail, warriors, While the conflict in the Dragon War Dimension rages on, new advancements have arrived to the Demigod Dimension. The Demigods have provided all-new Pantheon levels in order to make sure that you and your loyal troops are up to the task. Level up your Pantheon to 1140 to get as high as these Max Boosts: 1400% Demigod Type ...

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