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New Troop Nerf Calculator

Slaggy has compiled a Nerf Calculator to help iGoW readers to stay under the nerf limits for the different tiers of troops. If you are new to the game, or have been playing but this doesn’t ring any bells,  a limit was installed on the number of lower tiered troops one can have in relation to their T4, if they have ...

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iGoW Monster Madness Event 1 Results

    On March 1st, the first iGoW Monster Madness Competition was held. 96 competitors battled it out over 24 hours, in order to see who could kill the most monsters in that time span. Over 22,ooo monsters were killed during the event. This inter-kingdom event was the first of its kind and stretched through 31 different kingdoms. The players that ...

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Level 25 Buildings Preview

Over in Game of War beta we have now seen the release of level 23 buildings. In addition to the ability to construct the level 23 buildings, we can now also see stats up to level 25. The boosts they confer upon completion can be quite significant as you can see below. Some buildings now require both Hammers as well as ...

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55 Billion Power Player Zeroed

We’re trying something new at iGoW. These screenshots and details were submitted by one of our readers that is a member of DV, and I’ve got to say, they’re pretty terrifying. People always say things to the extent of, “Anyone can be zeroed,” “It’s always safer to shield overnight,” and so on. But when we say anyone, we don’t actually mean ...

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Budget Rally Trapping 105: Defensive Cores (Part 5)

Part 5: Defensive Cores Welcome to the fifth article in the series on budget rally trapping. For this article, I’m going to go over my general strategy when making a set of defensive cores, and what boost and debuff values I try to shoot for in a general sense. Then, I’ll cover the basics of crafting counter missile defense cores, as ...

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Imperial Dragon – Set Gear (Sneak Peek)

Over in Beta, (for a brief moment) we caught a glimpse of some possible up and coming new set gear. Defense and Health in large quantities seem to be the feature of this set, so this might be the next ‘top of the line’ defensive set gear. Like other strong set gear sets, the pieces of this set require very large amounts of silver to craft them. It’s ...

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Level 22 plots – Sneak Peek

A few months back we in Beta, we saw the release of Stronghold level 22. Today in Beta, plans were revealed to increase most buildings to level 22. Resource costs are remarkably high to complete each upgrade as are all of the build times. We might see the release of the High Templar construction set gear that never made it out of Beta, ...

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