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Paladin of Sola – A Look at the New Set Gear

Paladin of Sola Set Gear A new defensive set gear has been released, called the Paladin of Sola set. It’s going to be a slight improvement over Golden Shogun, to be sure, or there’d be no reason to upgrade. I have not seen any complete sets on social media yet, so I cannot confirm this first-hand. Based solely on the ...

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New Biggest Burn Record – 263B

A player named KissMyCores is starting to get a reputation for his custom built core sets. His recent hit testing some heroless cores on an alliance-mate led to the largest nerfed hit in recorded GoW history, which can be seen here: Apparently his custom cores work well even on large heroless players that aren’t nerfed. As far as we know, or ...

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Next Batch of Lv.23 Buildings Released

More Level 23 buildings have been released. This group of buildings includes the Forge, Gymnos, Hospital, Barracks, Villa, and Mine. Here’s a quick rundown of the costs/benefits of each building. All costs/real time construction times are with a full Master Architect’s gear set equipped along with two level six Architect gems in each piece of the set (3% Construction Speed Boost ...

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Zeroing Record Broken Again – Now 114 Billion Power

New High Zero – 114 Billion Power Zeroed to 9 Billion Power The old zeroing record has been broken, as we all knew it would. It took a while for 100b to be broken, but we’ve now had two 100b+ zeroings in two weeks.  There could have been several more,  but defenders have managed to log on and change hero ...

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New Core Set – Apollo

Apollo Core Set It’s that time again. Yes, already. A new core set, called the Apollo core set has been released. The Apollo set replaces the Hades core set as the premier wonder and super wonder core set, and the stats are so good they’re just silly. The “Radiant Pauldron” recipe was originally INCORRECTLY  posted on the blog, but is correct now. ...

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Ares Core Set – Now Live

Ares Core Set and Secret Recipes are Now Live The Ares core set has just been released and is now live on the site. You can check out all the recipes, boosts and get a complete item list from the Ares Core Set page here. Or load it straight into the Core Builder so you can get customizing with different gem combos. ...

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Mythic Destroyer – Set Gear for Wealthy Monster Hunters

Mythic Destroyer Set Gear There is one player demographic in particular that is very well catered for. The Mythic Destroyer set gear is an excellent example of the highest spending demographic getting something new that they wanted, and in a timely fashion (Who can blame them? It’s good for business). When the Dark Hunter set gear was released not even a ...

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The Largest Burn in Game of War History

How to Burn a Heroless 220B account, and Solo Burn a Heroless 40B Account Game of War evolves relatively quickly, and the introduction of hemlock was part of that evolution. But even with hemlock, if a rally leader loses their hero and it can’t be rescued, there’s a 45 minute window in which they can be attacked without all the ...

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Golden Shogun – New Set Gear

Golden Shogun Set Gear The Golden Shogun Defense Gear has been released and it is unlike anything we’ve seen before statistically speaking. It focuses entirely on the different troop type defenses, along with overall troop attack, forgoing overall Troop Defense and overall Troop Health. Silver prices are astronomically high as per usual with new gear releases, which is in keeping with ...

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