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New Pegasus Set Gear

A new gear set called the Pegasus set has been released. It’s kind of awesome, actually. It has huge Troop Attack, Troop Health, and March Speed as well as some economic boosts like Troop Load. It combines the benefits of the Hermes gear set (known for March Speed and Troop Load) and the Northern King set (Troop Attack, Troop Health, ...

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New Core Set – Bacchus Core Set

  The third missile core set of the newest generation with huge attack and giant troop type debuffs has finally been released, with this iteration being the newest generation cavalry set. The Bacchus set rounds out this generation of core sets, alongside Nike (infantry) and Artemis (ranged). See the secret recipes below: The Base/5 piece set bonus and the Full/7 ...

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Hera Core Set – New Wonder Cores

Hera Core Set A new wonder core set has been released, called the Hera core set. It is a wonder core set, like Hephaestus or Apollo. It is considerably more powerful than Apollo, and should match up with Hephaestus. You can see the specifics of the set here and load it straight into the core builder here. The main difference ...

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Artemis Core Set – A Review

Artemis Core Set Note: Inline with our new weekly updates, The Artemis Core Set is now Live on the site. On the Artemis Core Set Page here and in the Core Builder here.  It’s that time again. Since the Nike set and Ares set have been released since the Poseidon set came out, a new ranged core was expected to ...

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Rally Trapping: Gem Selection (August 2016)

Rally Trapping: Gem Selection Since it’s such an important aspect of defending rallies, I figured I’d discuss gems to use since it hasn’t been a major focus. It’s a very critical aspect when setting up your gear, and several gems either way can make the difference between capping a hero or burning handily. For the rest of this article (like ...

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Oracle Set Gear – A Review

I bet a lot of you saw this coming. With the release of lv.14 and lv.15 of the March tree, the research times/costs have been comically out of hand, so a new set of research gear is not much of a surprise. It doesn’t come cheap – to complete the new Oracle set of research gear it’ll cost you $700. ...

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Review – Anniversary Colossus (Goliath) Set Gear

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that defensive gear sets sell more, since people always want the latest and greatest defensive gear. I imagine there’s an increase in sales every time one is released. I’d be curious to see whether that was the case or not with the Anniversary Colossus set, since it looks far worse ...

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Budget Rally Trapping 103: Hero Skill Point Allocation (July 2016)

Part 3: Hero Skill Set Point Allocation – Updated 6/22/16 Welcome to the third article in the series on budget rally trapping. If you missed either of the preceding articles, you can find them here. This particular article is pretty much independent of power or anything else. It’s the hero skill set up I use, and it’s what I’d suggest to ...

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Budget Rally Trapping 102: Troops (Part 2) – July 2016

Part 2: Troops, Meatshields, and Research Update: This series has been updated (June/July 2016).  Welcome to the second article in the series on budget rally trapping. If you missed the first article, this article will focus on troops, however, and will consist of what I’ve used personally, or know others have used personally with success. But still, these are just ...

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