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Hero Levels 61-70

MZ has released hero levels 61-70! These new hero levels, will provide your hero, with more exciting, powerful boosts. Not only will you be increasing the power of your hero, but you will now be able to help your alliance members make their accounts stronger! Many of these levels, will allow you to grant members of your alliance, blessings using ...

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New, Biggest burn record, 1T

Dangerzone66 from raGe, burned a 1T player in monster gear. Hero was home for this rally, making it the largest powered player, burned to date, with hero home. Mad Napoleon had 24B troops when he was hit. The rally, that was set using Bacchus cores, killed 22M. I think it’s safe to say, even if you are 1T power, logging ...

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Instagram Custom Core Contest, Results

The results of our first ever, Instagram contest, are in. Congratulations to our two winners (IBL)Rain K192 & (3R5)xVANIMALx K366 should be good, thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! It was great seeing all the reports come in, showing all the big hits that were made, while using the custom Ranged Bait & Defense Burner set. Keep an ...

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New Core Set, Perses Cores

MZ has just released its newest core set, Perses. Perses cores are the newest generation of infantry cores. Not only will this set hit harder than its predecessor, Nike, but it is also the first set released, that includes siege defense debuff. Look for people to be utilizing the new Perses cores, to start breaking through those siege traps. Stats ...

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FearFest Colosseum

MZ’s next team based tournament, FearFest, opens tonight! This tournament event is a little different than the others. The FearFest event will be taking place at Coli, multiple times, over the next few days. Starting tonight at 11PM EST.¬† Make sure you are utilizing stronghold¬†marking, as additional points will be awarded, based on troops killed while marked. Daily Bonus Club ...

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Instagram Custom Core Contest

Instagram Contest

Premium Custom Core Contest on Instagram Introducing the Premium Custom Core contest. Join for the chance of winning a $50 Amazon gift card by posting your best hit using our Ranged Bait & Defense Burner set. The following hashtags, are required. #GameOfWar #InsideGameOfWarPremiumCustom There will be two winners chosen, and each, will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. First Place: ...

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OMZ has claimed Kingdom of Fire

The Kingdom of Fire, has opened, and closed. After 5 weeks of waiting, witnessing one of the closest (1st & 2nd only separated by an hour & nineteen minutes), and hardest Super Wonders to date, a new emperor has claimed the Kingdom of Fire. Congratulations to OMZ and his team, and for those worthy rivals, who made this one of ...

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New GOW Biggest Zero Record 827B

GOW Biggest Zero Record 827B – October 12th, 2016 NoPrisonZeroMe, the name pretty much says it all. Player apparently lost hero, then decided to quit the game. First alliance to rally, was RIOT, with level 5, boosted bacchus. Within minutes, half the kingdom ported over. Before it was over, there were many alliances that had ported teams over, from other ...

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