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Building Boosts Updated

Building Boosts Constantly updated, we are adding a “credits” section at the end of the post for those who helps providing a picture with a better boost. Academy Boost Multiplier Total Defense Debuff 1.84% 63.5 116.84% Altar Boost Multiplier Total Ranged Attack 3.08% 63.5 195.58% Barracks Boost Multiplier Total Defense 0.40% 63.50 24.13% Type Health 1.22% 63.5 77.47% Embassy Boost ...

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Gem Set Bonuses

Gem Sets Bonuses and Recipes Adding specific sets of gems to your gear now grants you extra bonuses in Game of War. Follow the recipes below to get the extra boosts. Be warned though Рthe extra boosts are not always better than using other gem recipes so make sure you compare the boosts first. We have split the sets into ...

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