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New Attack Maximus Gem Set

Maximus Gem Set has been released, focus on attacking Maximus attack gem set, with a full seven sets added to gear/cores, will add 10,000% Troop Attack, 4,000% Troop Defense Debuff and 3,000% Troop Health Debuff. Below you can find a comparison VS the older gem set (Shredder) TA = Troop Attack, TDD = Troop Defense Debuff, THD = Troop Health ...

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New Hero Levels 76-80

New Hero Levels with powerful rewards. New Hero Levels has been released as expected in our premium room. Doing the events, you can get up to hero 78 with 3 packs. Check the table below for requirements and benefits, such as embassy defense blessing, which may change the reins power once again. Hero Level Requirements Benefits Level 76 200,000 2,000% ...

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Building Boosts Updated

We have updated the building boosts, as always will be constantly updated with credits, if you have a higher boost(even if isn’t highest multiplier, which is 280.7) please submit the screenshots. Click HERE to check the boosts page

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Gear Workshop Level 27-30

The Gear Workshop can now be leveled up to 30 Coinciding with the rest of the buildings, you can now upgrade the gear workshop up to level 30. In addition to needing brass rods, you will also need Seething Power Jewels, which you can obtain by purchasing packs. Once you max your Gear Workshop, you will be able to power ...

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Gem Set Bonuses

Gem Sets Bonuses and Recipes Adding specific sets of gems to your gear now grants you extra bonuses in Game of War. Follow the recipes below to get the extra boosts. Be warned though Рthe extra boosts are not always better than using other gem recipes so make sure you compare the boosts first. We have split the sets into ...

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