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Troop Gear Leveling

Exceptional Troop Gear Levels Within your barracks, the troop leveling tab is ready to help you access more boosts/stats to help you conquer and burn.   Make sure to wear your Inquistor’s Gear set to receive a 32% in cost reduction on the spinels needed to level up.  You will need Sinister, Crystal, Lustrous and Dense Spinels to use in ...

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VIP and Set Gear Levels

Raise your VIP to help Level Gear Faster and Higher Being a VIP gives you another bonus.  Along with the extra stats/boosts, it will make set gear levelling faster and easier.  Access the one-button set gear levelling option beginning with VIP 80. The new highest levels available, with their stats, are: VIP 90 set gear leveling of 20 levels per tap ...

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Monsters Are Your Friends

Monsters follow your Hero into battle A new building, Monster Lair, has been opened up and will allow you access to three monsters.   These three monsters – the Wind Dragon, Colossus and Cerberus – once summoned, will follow your hero into battle.  They will bolster your troops as you attack encampments, enemy strongholds and the Wonder. Upgrades within this building require ...

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New Levels for Specialized Buildings

Upgrade your Unique Buildings With the increase in your stronghold’s level along with he rural/urban buildings, your specialized buildings now have the chance to expand and better serve your plans for KE domination. With the new levels, come a new necessary building item for each upgrade.  The buildings, with each required material and subsequent maxed boosts, are: Archaeology Hall   Archaeologist’s ...

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Higher Hero Levels

Level up your Hero New levels are out and your hero will enjoy the extra benefits from aging. At hero level 115, you will be able to access: sole march and trap sizes of 1,500,000,000 and 800,000,000 rally march and trap sizes are 5,000,000,000 and 3,000,000,000 120,000,000,000,000% attack 30,000,000,000,000% rally & wonder health 10,000,000,000,000% in empire defending attack debuff, wonder ...

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Tier Eight Troops Released

Mythical Tier 8 Troops. Twelve new troops and nine traps have been released and are eager to help you burn your enemies into oblivion.   Wind shards are needed to help you advance through the research to gain access to these new troops and traps. Once unlocked and fully researched, you can look forward to a 3,000,000,000 troop rally size ...

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Expand your Stronghold

Level up to 40 and enjoy the fires you will create! Strongholds, and the buildings within, are now able to level up past 35.  You will attain huge benefits with each building as you raise their levels higher. The following boosts per building are based on a maxed building with boosts/skills applied. Stronghold – 400,000,000 solo troop march size Hall of ...

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Anniversary World Slayer Gear Set

Celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of GOW with a new Gear Set. Complete the Anniversary World Slayer Gear set to gain phenomenal stats.  Athena’s Ring has already been released and now, with these additions, you are able to finish the set. Helm – Hera’s Crown           Armor – Zeus’s Guardian     Feet – Poseidon’s Treads     Weapon ...

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One Of The Top Killers

Burning Stronghold

One Of the Highest Kills in Game 200KT and counting! InsideGameofWar recently had the chance to chat with Nic aka Gahlaktus about his achievement. What is your current kill count? As of right now I am at 201KT kills How long did it take you to gain these kills? Did you make a concerted effort to get to this number ...

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Advanced Troop Gear Levelling Unlocked

Getting the absolute most out of your gear. Within your barracks, click the Troop Levelling tab to add more benefits to your gear. Using Sinister Spinels to upgrade and receive these boosts, once maxed, in: Advanced Troop Weaponry – 75,000,000,000% troop & legion attack Advanced Rally Weaponry – 450,000,000,000%rally & wonder attack Advanced Debuff Weaponry – 625,000,000% empire/legion/type/troop defense debuff Using  Dense Spinels  to upgrade and receive ...

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