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Athena Bestows Rewards Upon Gracious Mortals for Her Birthday

Brace yourselves, mortals! Athena’s birthday nears, and because she bestows gifts upon the gracious and devoted, she has sanctioned Bonus Round 3. The Kingdom of Champions will open November 13th at 8am, and close at 4pm on November 14th!


Those that have spent time with Athena in the Kingdom of Champions will be rewarded by special gifts, and more events for you to participate in. Bask in Her glory while it still shines upon you!


What Will the Top Warriors in The Kingdom of Champions Receive?


The top 100 winning warriors in Bonus Round 3 can receive:


  • 5x points toward KvK
  • First place scores 500 Points in this seasons KvK Warfare!
  • New chat adornments!
  • Secret rewards scrolls!
  • Event rewards scrolls!
  • Level 7 Monsters!


…and rewards that have yet to be revealed!


You Would be Wise to Remember…


Your Peace Shields will not protect you here.


Getting burned anywhere in the Kingdom will remove you from the Kingdom and send you to from whence you came.


The Wonder Forest will be more dangerous than ever before. But the potential rewards will be much greater.


The Throne of Champions awaits… but only the strongest armies that can coordinate their attacks will be fit to sit upon it.


Study the Champions Research Tree in your academy to gain special combat bonuses exclusive to the Kingdom of Champions.


Solo attacks won’t work. The Throne of Champions is only vulnerable to rallies and mega rallies. Be warned!


Kingdom of Champions


Since introducing these events since last year, more and more excitement has been generated around them and those that fared well invest well invested a lot of time into Champions Research. Since the original even, the Kingdom of Champions has gotten better and better, and with more excitement surrounding it, the stakes continue to rise.


Entry goes through November 14th, so prepare yourself, and your armies for battle!


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