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Artemis Core Set – A Review


Artemis Core Set

Note: Inline with our new weekly updates, The Artemis Core Set is now Live on the site. On the Artemis Core Set Page here and in the Core Builder here. 

It’s that time again. Since the Nike set and Ares set have been released since the Poseidon set came out, a new ranged core was expected to be the next set. Though not quite a full order of magnitude more powerful than Poseidon, the Artemis set is no joke and is substantially more powerful than Poseidon. It’ll easily burn the vast majority of heroless players right out of the box, much like Nike. The stats for Artemis are truly monstrous though, especially considering the example I’m sharing with you is gemmed for Troop Defense Debuff (thank you raGe). The headline though, is that the Artemis set is an immensely powerful ranged missile set that has ridiculously high troop type debuffs. Here are the recipes for the full set:


Since the most important pieces for the best core sets drop in a similar manner to the most-needed materials for the best permanent gear, assume the Wolf Pelt, Gaia Charm, Chimera Feather, and Forest Essence will be the most difficult to come by, along with the Dragon Arrow, since a full set needs another four of those.

Here are the stats on a full Artemis set once crafted (whether this example is skilled or not is unknown):


And this is the Artemis set gemmed and skilled (though there are another 69 points remaining that this raGe player could skill still) for Troop Defense Debuff:

burningatttrtype debdeb

The highlights:

-Nearly 7500% combined Ranged and Troop Attack, ~1630% Troop Health

-Between 540% and 562% Troop Type Attack Debuff

-500% each Troop Type Defense Debuff

-Between 350% and 360% Troop Type Health Debuff

-Between 1450% and 1460% Troop Attack Debuff

-2035% Troop Defense Debuff (with these gems, can be even higher)

-1445% Troop Health Debuff



The above stats should give you an idea of how powerful the Artemis set is. We predict this is going to make life rather difficult for rally traps, and should be able to burn quite a few heroless heavy hitters, so look for some new records in the not very distant future.




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  1. In my opinion do not waste the speeds and RSS on T3 troops as per testing they raise your power a large amount and provide little for attack and they die point for point easier than T2. Train T2 is what I’m getting at.

  2. All trap accounts won’t be taking an Artemis hit until they release better defence cores -7500% ranged attack is obscene and don’t waste your troops from a MZ money grab

  3. you can b assured of that

  4. Probably one of the most accurate assessments ever of GOW ha ha

  5. Game is money sucking beast..better to spend money on strippers …

  6. That is for sure. They can’t find a lost account that I have spent a pretty penny on building up and now it’s lost and Gracie can not find it because I have 6 other accounts. This is just a bunch of crock. They love coming up with new stuff to speed money on but when something like a tablet crash and they can’t help put it together and put back on same tablet. I don’t need this agrevation. I can go play bingo. Jesus Lovers 11 Alliance in Empire Kingdom 825.

  7. You need T3’s also.

  8. Profile photo of Errol Barnes

    i have trained 1,212,000,000 T4 troops….no t1 -t3, is this a good thing, or do I need to have t1 – t3.

  9. Profile photo of cdm2234

    Of course now MZ will have to come out with another set to counter this one, and we can be assured that that set like all the current ones will cost us both an arm and a leg. MZ must spend plenty of sleepless night figured out ways to ruin the game and bring about its end quicker with each new release.

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