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Anniversary World Slayer Gear Set

Celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of GOW with a new Gear Set.

Complete the Anniversary World Slayer Gear set to gain phenomenal stats.  Athena’s Ring has already been released and now, with these additions, you are able to finish the set.

Helm – Hera’s Crown           Armor – Zeus’s Guardian    

Feet – Poseidon’s Treads     Weapon – Hermes’ Rod

With all 7 equipped, you will gain

  • 10 trillion % rally/wonder health
  • 5 trillion % troop, strategic troop & wild troop attack
  • 2 trillion % mobile trap health
  • 5 billion % resolute troop defense
  • 2 billion %  legion/enemy empire troop/enemy troop/enemy strategic troop/ enemy wild troop defense debuff & wild troop/legion/strategic troop/empire troop/troop defense

Gain a further 10 trillion % rally/wonder health, 5 trillion % attack, 2 trillion % mobile trap health and 6 billion % in defense & defense debuff with a maximum set bonus.  Use the Anniversary World Slayer Charms and Power Seals to level up in your gear workshop.

Collect the Anniversary World Slayer Chance Chests and open them to win either a Full Set of this gear, individual pieces of gear or World Slayer Gear Collectibles.  Use the collectibles within your forge and, once combined to level 6, exchange them for the chance to choose your desired piece of the Anniversary World Slayer Gear set.



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