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Alliance City Update – Coming This Week

Update: Sorry about the delay – am experiencing few technical difficulties! I am working very hard to bring you a complete Alliance City update with all build times and resource costs. It should be ready for you this week!alliance city After that I hoping to have a guide to optimum refining. Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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  1. If two alliances merge. What happens to the alliance city thats already built

  2. The big problem is, the alliance cities have rss in that can’t be protected right now, but no doubt they will be able to be rallied just in time for the next kvk ke. What rss will be at risk? The refined ones or normal rss? Also how can we move it?

  3. I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to move the alliance city from one Kingdom to another? Like as part of a jumper alliance?

  4. Great job Slaggy!! Dont know what I would do with out ya friend!

  5. xxxSALTHEART #136

    I might be able to save you some time on writing the guide.

    Move the slider all the way to the far right.

    Done 🙂

    The Speedups are much costlier than the rss is to those who can make one. Anything else is gonna take people a very long time.

  6. R4 and above are the primary benefactors from alliance city

  7. the big question is, what serves the city?

    So far what we have seen is that goes against smaller players. Stop growing to donate resources to the city.

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