Game of War Research: Full List

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You are viewing all research currently available for Game of War. Research is conducted in the a building found on the city screen and also within the Alliance city. The main research page is the best place to view research but feel free to use this page if you just want to see all the research trees available.


  1. (m3Rc) Nerf Ready

    631 b research power account for sale, total power on account is at 21.2t… 3b gold, 20kt rss left over… hero 79, vip 38

    Line me, bm_befok

  2. I’m at 222.7 B. Scout report says missing a chunk of defense but I hear that’s still locked in my kingdom, and one locked at bottom of adv Econ.

  3. Richard ClarkBartlett

    What is the total research power in game now with stronghold 24 Academy Building open

  4. max reseach was 74 billion prior to academy 24

  5. Well I’m over 27 billion in research

  6. Max research WAS 22,894,473,284 on 21.Apr…

  7. I heard max research is now almost 23bil

  8. Max research power is 13,121,031,559 (Feb, 2016)

  9. How many years for max research with full magi?

  10. Max research is about 5.8 bil.

  11. My research power is almost 1.4 billion what is research power once all research is complete

  12. Just found this site. I’m a relative noob. Any chance you have a list of all the research available at each academy level?

  13. If you did all the research what would be your pwer level?

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