Game of War Cores and Pieces: Full List

All Cores and Pieces in Game of War - Fire Age

You are viewing all cores and pieces currently available for Game of War: Fire Age. Core and pieces are crafted in the forge. For more info on all of our information on cores and pieces please see our main cores and pieces page. This list is every growing so check back often.




  1. Is there a place on this site where you can see what maps you can get certain pieces from im looking for earth icon and fireworks and a few others if anyone has a site or can show me where on this sire would be much appreciated

  2. if I unequip the core gear, the time on it continues the countdown?

  3. Christopher Tilley

    Do you guys provide a way to download all cores and pieces in CSV format? I like your tool but it would be nice to find pieces that have more than 1 attribute. For ex, I want to query a piece that has both health and defense. I can do this programmatically through SQL if I have the table data.

  4. Awesome work…i’ve created a spreadsheet detailing every core and piece, and use this site for point of reference. Just waitimg on the hades core update here

  5. Ice Crystal piece is showing incorrect (showing stats for the Ice Crystal Core)

  6. Site is great but some of the core and piece stats are wrong.

  7. A spreadsheet would be great! Basically looking to do what others are as well. Need to sort for example Health debuff then ranged attack then troop attack to give me the highest cores and pieces with those properties. It would make crafting a lot easier. Set cores are great but they suck against larger players. Custom sets are taking over again (which im a fan of anyway) but finding each piece one by one in the current sorting page is tedious. Even adding troop attack and ranged attack for instance would be helpful to give an overall attack when looking for ranged gear. Thanks!

  8. Hi Slaggy, I’ve been away from the game for a month due to medical issues. I noticed you no longer list some of the cores. Have they been deleted from the game or is it just an omission here? Some of the cores are: FORK SWORD, HARP, HAWKRIDGE HELM, HELIX SWORD, LEG WARMERS.

  9. Profile photo of Kris

    Hey Slaggy, do you have a spreadsheet or a database of containing all the stats of cores and pieces I can have a copy of? Even if it’s just level 6 stats, I’d REALLY appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  10. What was the purpose in abbreviating that names of pieces? Makes tracking new pieces a little more difficult when were use to seeing the exact names.

  11. Profile photo of Gary

    Need to add the nian lion and dragon king cores and pieces. Your site is top notch bro, keep it up.

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