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Alchemy Lab- Newest Building Release

Alchemy Lab is a game changer!

MZ’s newest building release, is for crafting potions. These potions are crafted just like cores, only in the lab, instead of the forge. Pretty easy for those experienced in crafting cores, as both are pretty much set up the same way.

In the lab, you combine Vials, with Ingredients, to craft the Potions you desire. Once you have crafted your Potion, you will then equip it. Potions have duration times, just like cores do. However if you activate a new potion, the other one will expire.

Potions do last longer than cores, though. If you have an upgrade Alchemy to level 24, your potions will last for 3 days and 1 hour.

In order to build the Alchemy Lab, you will need Alchemist Tomes. It is currently running about 10 packs, to level up, to building 24.

Alchemy Requirements Set
Building Level Alchemist’s Tome Resources of Each
2 1 40M
3 4 200M
4 6 275M
5 139 3.9B
6 50 6.4B
7 100 16B
8 110 18B
9 240 42B
10 350 64B
11 400 76B
12 450 90B
13 500 111B
14 550 138B
15 680 194B
16 770 257B
17 860 344B
18 890 445B
19 1,200 800B
20 1,260 1.26T
21 1,440 2.88T
22 1,900 3.8T
23 3,000 6T
24 5,190 10.38T
Alchemist’s Tome Resources
19,990 26.9T

Potions doesn’t show on reports or scout reports, so isn’t noticeable for other members.


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