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Alchemy Lab 27-30 Released

Upgrade Alchemy Lab to 30

To go along with the rest of your buildings, you can now build Alchemy Lab to 30. These new levels, also come with a new stat. Increased building levels will now also give you Potion Troop Bonuses. They will applied to every potion you craft, once you research Alchemy Lab 27.

Level 27 Alchemy Lab

Unlock Potion Troop Bonuses
2000% Potion Troop Attack Bonus
300% Potion Troop Defense Bonus
300% Potion Troop Health Bonus
21% Minimum Potion Range Boost
667% Maximum Potion Range Boost

Level 28 Alchemy Lab

4200% Potion Troop Attack Bonus
650% Potion Troop Defense Bonus
650% Potion Troop Health Bonus
22% Minimum Potion Range Boost
740% Maximum Potion Range Boost

Level 29 Alchemy Lab

6500% Potion Troop Attack Bonus
1050% Potion Troop Defense Bonus
1050% Potion Troop Health Bonus
23% Minimum Potion Range Boost
831% Maximum Potion Range Boost

Level 30 Alchemy Boost

10000% Potion Troop Attack Bonus
1500% Potion Troop Defense Bonus
1500% Potion Troop Health Bonus
25% Minimum Potion Range Boost
1000% Maximum Potion Range Boost

In order to upgrade your Alchemy Lab to building 30, you will need Alchemist Cauldrons. You can currently go from level 27 to level 30, with 4 packs if done with the events and offers.

Requirements Breakdown

Alchemy LabAlchemist’s Cauldron
Level 27100,000
Level 28110,000
Level 29136,500
Level 30253,500

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