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Advanced Troop Gear Levelling Unlocked

Getting the absolute most out of your gear.

Within your barracks, click the Troop Levelling tab to add more benefits to your gear.

Using Sinister Spinels to upgrade and receive these boosts, once maxed, in:

Advanced Troop Weaponry – 75,000,000,000% troop & legion attack

Advanced Rally Weaponry – 450,000,000,000%rally & wonder attack

Advanced Debuff Weaponry – 625,000,000% empire/legion/type/troop defense debuff

Using  Dense Spinels  to upgrade and receive boosts, when maxed, in:

Advanced Troop Armor – 675,000,000% troop & type defense

Advanced Specialized Armor – 675,000,000% empire & legion defense

Advanced Attack Debuff Armor – 250,000,000,000% empire defending attack debuff

Using Crystal Spinels to upgrade and receive boosts, when maxed, in:

Advanced Wonder Supplies – 1,250,000,000,000% wonder holding troop/rally health

Advanced Encampment Supplies – 1,250,000,000,000% gathering/encampment raiding tile health

Advanced Trap Supplies – 1,250,000,000,000% wonder & rally mobile trap health


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