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Inside Game of War

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Inside Game of War was set up by Slaggy, a game enthusiast with a penchant for picking apart games. Borne out of a desire to better understand the game mechanics, he unravelled the combat engine through the power of Math. This opened up a whole host of new strategies and tactics, most of which seemed unknown at the time to the Game of War: Fire Age community.

His focus for the site was to create tips, guides and strategies that were based on a scientific approach. There are already sites out there that offer opinions, but few, if any that have thoroughly tested their recommendations. Each Guide comes with a guarantee that speculation and opinion has been kept to a minimum. All claims will have been backed up by testing and analysis.

The second element Slaggy wanted to include was a useful set of tools that Game of War players would fine genuinely useful.

He also sensed a need for an authoritative database of Game of War resources to assist the gaming community. All the information, all in one place. These two things combined have lead to InsideGameofWar.com as you see it now. There is an awful lot more work to do but hopefully it brings something useful to your Game of War experience!

For general enquiries please email contact@insidegameofwar.com

Also, check out our sister site for the new game Mobile Strike – Mobile Strike Guide

Contributing to this site: We are always looking for contributors. Please see here for more info.

About the author

Slaggy, founder of insidegameofwar.com and all around game enthusiast.



  1. What is the fastest means to collect the new rss with the research still locked for demigod gathering

  2. is it possible to get this site updated cause there is nothing I see here about Demigod era
    I have used this site for the past 5 yrs and its done good now nothing here is to date


  3. Profile photo of Minxmayx

    I have stopped playing for a while, and I have been trying to cancel my membership here so I don’t get charged while on my sabbatical. I can’t find the cancel button anywhere. Can someone please send me the link or contact? Thank you.

  4. I just paid for premium membership through paypal and it is not showing that I am a member. My account was actually charged twice. What do I need to do?

  5. Profile photo of Nagamin

    My premium membership not working and still charging on my PayPal account. I need help on that issue. Please contact me ASAP.

    • Contact Google play or apple tell thru shout the issue and drop the payment yet will refund the money
      To all that had had an issue with m z contact Google play and have the dates and process numbers . Speak to a live technician or asked to be contacted by them goggle play or apple asap . The longer you wait the less z chance you will be reimburse

  6. Profile photo of BD_Long_Jack

    Hi y’all I am going to try my first attempt at makings a couple of my very custom core sets with a homemade recipe I came up with of my own,,, I have found all but 2 pieces needed to complete my one for each core set,,, the two pieces of attempting to find are
    #1 Pottery Fragments and #2 Core Of Water,,, According to inside resource chart both pieces should be found in the “Aquarius Core set”, now I’ve been playing the for 2yrs. now and I have never heard of Aquarius Core Set nor has anybody else that I know of,,, While on my to
    Quest To Conquer All Kingdom an become Supreme Ruler Over All Land’s,,, And have been searching high low throughout the Kingdoms for these 2 pieces past three and a half months for these two pieces,,, So I am asking you all my game of war family for your help in finding these last 2 peaces of the puzzle, an the where a bouts of the estranged “Aquarius Gear Set”,

    Thank You Very Much
    BD Long Jack

  7. I would like to know this myself

  8. Profile photo of BD_Long_Jack

    Hi, I just recently became a member to your inside game of war premium an struggle to get the site on my tablet do you have a app,,, oOhand thanks for this membership been playing the game of wa for a little over 2 years now, or shall I say I’ve been playing the game keep it up with the judges for a little over 2 years now but anyway I had tons of questions and hopefully I can get a better get experience but looking forward to your reply thank you very much

  9. Hi do I have to unlock a resource shield or buy could some let me know how to get 1 please

  10. How can I put the shield in the forest of wonder?

  11. This is going on now as well we are boycotting mz until all issues are fixed…

  12. Not really sure where to put this but I just had my acct stolen by the middleman from playertrade.net and am just blown away right now. Wondering what can be done a. To retrieve the account b. To stop these people? Thank you!

  13. Profile photo of f.zajac@yahoo.com

    Slaggy , why can’t I log in or make an account , I always get some error message .

  14. How about a news update on the boycott?

  15. the prize the building and research time is too darn long you want us too get broke while you get rich jeez come on you want more people to play this game lower the prize and time days of building and research

  16. Profile photo of sgalentine@icloud.com

    April 24th, 2016
    Complaints about long research times, extra new research trees becoming ridiculously longer to complete, packs are becoming unaffordable to many and lag in game causing players to lose troops while participating in kvks etc has pushed many to a point of either selling up or quit game and uninstall the game app. MZ’s greed has gone too far. We ask each and every one of you to aid in this endeavor alongside millions of other players around the world. Many will be joining the boycott. World wide GOW boycott will begin on April 26 for two weeks until MZ decides to fix these issues and provide cheaper alternatives to all players around the globe. Pass this message on to everyone and anyone you know who plays GOW. Post on kingdom chat and all rooms on LINE. Share this message and spread the word to all!

  17. I enjoy this site a lot, however I feel there is a lot more news you can add since there’s not much of the latest

  18. Profile photo of Kram

    Love your work guys. Over the past couple of weeks I have been unable to get your research calculator to work. When I type in research it isn’t bringing up options, and when I finish typing and hit submit I strike out. Funnily enough I can find ‘trap attack’ but nothing else. Thanks guys. Hope you can assist.

  19. clash of clans is the best

  20. Profile photo of OxOx

    where did the ascended recipes for the Ryujin set go? they gave extra 400% boost over the normal set and worked great. Can you either send me the recipes or repost them please. thanks

  21. Your ascended recipes for Orion screwed me. They are wrong. You just cost me so much money?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, was this for the accessory? I can see there was a mismatch between the piece names and the pieces images. I’m very sorry about this – it should be fixed now.

  22. Profile photo of risc999

    Not able to post to forum. Have issue with 20% research speed card not working.

  23. Profile photo of jeff

    Does anyone know why the game is not giving me the option to activate a resource shield when gathering?
    I max send 250,000 troops

  24. Well it seems machine zone finally did it. They took GOW and modernized it. Mobile Strike has been released. Guess the GOW money tree is almost bare. Time to move on everybody…. What do you think slaggy? End of GOW or just another machine zone game under a different company name? Don’t believe me check it out:


  25. Profile photo of Edward H


    I have just started up a YouTube channel on for GoW: Fire Age topics. I would like to use your site in my videos, and get your contact info to converse with you on topics as well.

    My channel – GOW Talk

    – SilentServce (K577)

  26. hey slaggy… great site. Question: If you deconstruct the $ buildings after you have reached academy 21, can you still unlock t4’s? Or will they pop back up as a requirement?

  27. Question, trying to get some set gear crafted and am frustrated that GOW doesn’t provide a view for normal gear like they do for core sets that shows what materials are needed versus what you already have in inventory. Does InsideGOW have somewhere where I could select a set and it would show a summary of all the materials and quantities needed? (i’ve not found yet) better yet, it would allow me to de-select the ones i’ve already crafted so I can see what materials I need to craft the remaining items in the set? If this doesn’t exist yet, consider it a vote for the future as I believe Insidegow has all the pertinent data needed. Thanks

  28. Profile photo of Eminent King

    Slaggy, How do I submit my Stats for Power Ranking. K707 Xyris EC Eminent King 60.3B Power

  29. Hey Slaggy can you reach out to me t the attached email. I had sent an email to the site email but had not heard anything so trying on here as well.

    Thank you

  30. Are you checking your resource tab, that’s where the gold goes.

  31. I am LOVING the game but….I don’t get any gold. I have bought backs and received chests with gold in and it doesn’t get added to my account. HELP!!

  32. fabulous site slaggy! On the core tool when you select strategic troop health to sort by is lists strategic troop defense instead. Otherwise awesome!

  33. Slaggy, do you have any more information on Profecy gems in game of war? I would like to know exactly what the benefits of these gems are. Once applied mine don’t seem to change anything.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi KinJi, the Prophecy gems don’t have any stats of there own. They allow you the ability to equip two gems that are the same. For instance if you have a level 6 Prophecy gem you will be allowed to equip 2 of the same of any other gem (2 x Health Level 6 Gems etc).

  34. What is invalid CRL?

  35. I will see this page in spanish, or able to have a traslator, i think it will be a great idea, and a lot of peoples can understand and join, because spanish is a oficial language in Spain, Sud america, …

  36. how can i determine if someone that just joined in one kingdom an wanted to start in a different, how do they switch to the one that they really wanted

    • Profile photo of MHY

      that person will have to be under SH5, and still have one of there beginner teleports. Then they can teleport to any kingdom they like. Just ask them to check in there items for the beginner teleport.

  37. Hey Slaggy, you a fantastic website. Is there anyway you could make a category of the special core/piece recipes that GOW has posted in the blog? I just started to write them down but have missed a bunch of them.
    Thank you,

  38. Profile photo of Dmitry


    What do you think about SH level 30 and Ttreasury level 10 ? 🙂

  39. I started playing on my phone, am i able to also set up the same game on my laptop / pc?

  40. Profile photo of Dmitry

    Do you see a new building in the Beta?
    The Temple – Increase your Troop Defense Bonus by recovering your killed Troops back to life at the Temple! And we will need “Book of Life” used in upgrading the Temple

  41. Can resources that are protected be taken from storehouse during an attack.

  42. Profile photo of Gwyn Fyrre

    I would love to be able to adust/replace my current profile photo. This just does sit well with me. <3

  43. The information on a resource tile states when sending a full March for the purpose of collecting the resources that a resource shield will protect you from attacks or from scouts. Where is the resource shiled ? How do you activate it? If this shield is available it would be a great thing because most never collect resources due to attacks. I would like to collect resources but I’m not ok with having my troops killed. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

  44. Slaggy, great job on the site!! You did what I wanted to do last year when I created the ‘Gear Spreadsheet’ that went around to all the Kingdoms. Chad had it on his site and the FB pages had it but I stopped as I couldn’t keep up with all the MZ additions.
    Keep up the great work, I know how much time you spend on this. *Thumbs up* buddy!!

  45. kimberly brocato

    We see where you can activate the tab for guardian shields, when a player is offline. How does another player activate the shield?

  46. I can’t find any stats on hades helm. In game or on here. I have one and was wanting to upgrade it. Do they remove pieces from the game?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi noodle – just replied to your last post. But to recap – it’s not able to be crafted it was given to you in the very first few gold levels as a bonus gift once you unlocked / purchased the very few gold packs.

  47. Hi I’m fairly new. Just wondering if there is a way for me to donate my troops to an alliance member that just got destroyed.

  48. Sorry Mate,, need to ask.. Where’s I can see List Banned..? Please

  49. Hello I’m writing a blog about GOW for my alliance, I was wondering if it is okay to add links to your website and to use some information ( all info used will have gratitude paid to your site)

    Thank you.


  50. Profile photo of psychostalkr

    mz will not let me protect my account . it keeps telling me invalid email. which I know is valid…

  51. Hi mate, can you help please. My friends tell me that we can build a city of allians. Do i need any extras for that, or some high level, to start build city?

    • An Alliance city can only be built by the alliance leader (R5). Only 100 alliance cities can be built per kingdom. The only way I could see that the R5 couldn’t build one is if the 100 maximum has been reached. Click on the Alliance tab and click on city. It will tell you what is needed to build it. Also, search this site for alliance city.

  52. Rumor has it that the casino is going away because of the addition of Dungeon. True or False?

  53. Profile photo of July

    Do anyone know if there is a quickest way to open resources in the ITEM Tab? I have about 12 thousands item to open. I already opened 5 thousands for total of two whole day and my finger needs pain reliever now. I still have to open 7 thousand more.

    • Just click away. The easiest way is to not let them stack up. You can click two at once and that makes things go faster. As long as the button is green you can hit it. A really fast person may be able to hit three at once but the popups make that hard. This works for resources only. Treasures must be opened individually unless you have vip premier maxed then you get an open all button.

  54. Hey Slaggy,

    One of our players, who has spent money on the game, shielded before the last KvK event before he signed off. He was charged in gold, it activated, and a little later he was unshielded and was completely zeroed. He contacted MZ about this issue and they told him basically it was his fault somehow. I’ve heard of this happening before to other people several times. Have you heard anything of this issue? Any advice on dealing with MZ support and/or avoiding this issue?

    • You are not alone. There is a player in my alliance that has been zeroed 3 times. She has screen shots of shield, mail and even verified with others that they could see an active shield and woke up to be zeroed and confirmation mail was gone. Even with screen shots of confirmation mail, MZ did nothing. My advice…don’t spend any money on this game. At least then when you get zeroed you will only have lost your time.

  55. I changed phone and the new phone started over. How do I transfer my game to my new phone.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, you have to go back to your old phone and create an account with a username and password. You can then log in on your new phone with this username and password.

  56. Is there a guide that explains combining pieces in the Forge? For example I have 51 OPEN pieces ranging from L1-L4. I also have 76 LOCKED pieces ranging from L1-L4. How can I unlock the locked pieces or how can I get my L3-L4 pieces in the open section and the L1-L2 pieces in the locked section? Thanks… this an awesome site

  57. would love to see how to level your hero quickly with stats on kills vs hero exp. if troop type makes a difference in experience gained or is it just kills.

  58. Even though I am 10 times more confused than before I got here it is still the best thing I have found. And best breakdown around. I was looking for a way to understand things but I got more lost but I think that is me as I get confused about which is what meaning when you are defending your city do you want defense gear on or attack attach or defense boost. I am guessing the % of boost here is level 6.
    You gave me exactly what I was looking for research gear and then at what level are they available and same for the others saved me tons of time looking through scrolling to see when or what I CAN craft. Thank you and maybe I will get smarter at this game. I am a senior on social security and this is the first game I have ever played electronically other than the games that come inside of windows os. My grandchildren will be proud of me if I ever figure it out
    Thank you again Danny

    • Profile photo of Slaggy


      Wow – congrats on making it this far. Even seasoned gamers find this game confusing!. You are correct that defense gear is what you should be wearing when defending your city. And yes, they are level 6 boosts. Good luck!

  59. Maxinoncool@yahoo.com

    In my kingdom there was a post on the blog that said there was a monster madness tournament. Does anyone know the start and end times of event and how points are tallied?

  60. I love your work. I have tried to conduct my own tests. It was very hard for me to balance my boost with a willing tester’s boost, but I did it, and I independently verified the t1 vs t4 1 to 4.5 power ratio. The problem was ppl watching the test didn’t understand the results! lol. They see a win as burning, or as total troops lost. This website is definitly way too much for the average gow money player big. I won last kvk because of putting your numbers to use. Thanks so much. Winning kvk,620m points, with over 90% positive points has given me the credibility to spread your math, but people still don’t want to know, probably because they spent so much money on building only t4. Because of the reported city power differences I call them paper tigers, easier than you would think to zero. Thanks again, you have completely changed how I play.

    I’m doing simulations on rally leader using t3 meat shields vs a lower boost simulated medium 120m or so enemy enemy. 2.275kt4 into 3k t3 approximately, 150% boost advantage for rally leader. Also testing the effect of not being able to get a full rally, a problem we have.

  61. Nordac from K148
    Slaggy, I want to give you a deep hearted thank you. This is by far THE best free site I have found on this game. PERIOD. Keep up the good work. Its a beautiful site and I send all my friends in game to your site for research and help. Thank you So very much

  62. you should set up a donate button or some way to give you a little thank you $$$

  63. Looking great keep up the good work and thank you!

  64. It’s really hard to read the pages that you have equipment listed on and such, a pale beige background with white writing. Could you change it to a darker font. I don’t wear glasses, but can still not see it very well.
    Thank you

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