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4 Game of War Exploits That Need To Be Fixed Now (Updated)

Machine Zone Need to Fix These Game of War Exploits Now

Update: The Embassy Exploit has Been Fixed – see below for more details

It’s always difficult to know whether to share things like this. Clearly, the fewer people that use them the better. game of war cheatsHowever, by making them as public as possible it should put pressure on Machine Zone to fix them as soon as possible. Competitive Game of War play is being compromised until they do. I urge all of you to contact them in any way you can asking for these to be fixed.  Thanks to the anonymous contributor who sent these in.

Note, these all generally relate to KvK Kill Events:

1) People sneak into alliances using same or similar names. 

Usually the letter L or the letter i is replaced with uppercase and lowercase versions to mimic the identity.  This can be used to do the following:

— Provide scores
— Determine March composition of wonder thereby increasing odds of victory
— Set rallies and see if anyone in infiltrated alliance is on to prevent it
— Sow Dissent
— Provide Intel on where Outlanders are setting rallies and also determine if someone is reinforcing thereby exposing themselves unwittingly to an attack
— Drop shield of that alliance R5 by attacking the wonder

The R part is the worst offense of those.  Most view espionage as a valid tactic and a fun part of the game.  I take issue with the parts that alter points.  I would think there’s some toggles/flags could be introduced to restrict this.

2 ) Purchase Accounts

— Outlander purchases account in a kingdom they are fighting.  They zero it or build troops and then zero it.

This was potentially done by one or both sides in the finals of the New Year tourney (there is proof).  It would appear nothing can be done about this.

3) Pay cash to have people drop shields

Nothing can be done about this.

4) Worst of all and a flagrant exploit is the Embassy Reinforcement Trick.

This is when you join an outlander alliance, either one you have created yourself in their kingdom or where you find an open alliance that has a zeroed out account with an embassy.  You join it and then introduce your troops into that embassy.  Friends from your kingdom hit the reinforced troops and the attacker gets the points.

This exploit is limited only by how many troops one is willing to sacrifice.  It’s far worse than the T1 nerf which many viewed as distasteful but not an exploit.

All of these are against the spirit of the game and border on cheating. The embassy trick (and to a lesser extent purchased accounts) in particular is a game breaker and needs to be stopped now. I know in the short run popularising it will only make it worse but at least more people will be aware of it before spending cash on a KvK they may have no chance of winning. Let Machine Zone know your thoughts on this through the in-game feedback, email or twitter.

Update March 15: The Embassy Trick has been Fixed!

It was posted on the blog and confirmed from MZ support:

embassy fix embassy fix 2


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  1. I had a farm alliance back in April. On April 20th Someone was king jumped into my farm alliance dropped a 30 day shield that had only been on 1 of my accounts for 6 days. I was attacked, hero was captured, and killed. Of course I contacted MZ about this situation and was told ” You became King so of course your shield is going to drop.” They would do nothing to rectify what happened. I fought with them for 2 months on the situation and couldn’t get anywhere, no matter how many different ways I explained it and also showed proof of what happened. MZ really doesn’t care about it’s players. They only care about the money that is coming in from the big spenders.

  2. My comments to MZ this morning:

    Machine Zone,

    My 3.8 Billion power account was zeroed overnight by no fault of my own! You’re more than welcome to investigate that claim! I had 20 or more days left on a 30 day shield! I know this because I am active daily and shielded for 30 days with purpose! As you can imagine I am not pleased! I have spent a ridiculous amount of money and time on this account and want answers as to why one can shield to protect that investment and that protection not be reliable?! Evidently as I was told by a fellow player what happened is that another player was able to join my alliance, take the wonder and then make me king which subsequently drops my shield! This is not strategy it is malicious exploitation of a loophole in your programming!

    If one shields their account they should under no circumstances be subjected to losing thousands of dollars in real money because of a loop hole in your programming! If a player shields that shield should remain in effect without question until either the player themselves remove said shield or the shield expires and the player is left unprotected due to his own negligence by not maintaining his or her account and shield!

    I am out 10s of Billions in resources and as well the expense in resources and speed ups incurred training 54 million T4 Troops, both Regular Combat troops and Strategic! Which cost me a LOT of real money? My question to you is what are you going to do to rectify and correct this situation, for me personally and then the issue of the exploitation as a whole?!

    Fair is fair! If this were by fault of my own, tough for me! It is not! It is yours!


    Not a Happy Camper!

    • Ok first of all 10 Bil ressources is absolutely meaningless. for fuksake you cant even do 1 advanced research. Second of all if you love loosing 10% of your silver daily by having the R5 you must be educated. And it happened to me as well but being crowned King of the Wonder is the Ultimate Prize. So kick your ass up. Get a farm to use as a depot of ressource. Get another small SH14 with a hero lvl 50 and use it asyour R5. Simple

  3. Profile photo of psychostalkr

    how do I contact game of war about mz account ?

  4. Would be nice if 3 month old kingdoms were getting put up against ones that area 1 year+

  5. Embassy is ok with because how many players really want their troops killed? If a lot do then the embassy trick would’ve been popular already.. Word spreads around quick in this game. And the word is the trick is not worth the win and the gold

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, not that many but it only takes one person prepared to sink a lot of cash to tip the balance of a Kvk. There definitely are a number of spenders out there prepared to do this – particularly in tournaments where the stakes are higher.

  6. Profile photo of orion6

    Pay cash to have people drop shields – Nothing could be done , though isn´t allowed by MZ they never do anything. In fact , I used to pay 40 K gold for be attacked with a full T4 march to get 3-4 mill points at the end of the event if I need that points to finished it in my turtle

    Embassy Reinforcement Trick – As I see , its a real exploit that could be easily fix.

  7. Profile photo of orion6

    About the others , I share your point of view they arent good for spirit of game and probably aren´t fair play , but if possible any of us could done , an most important that people doesnt know

    Purchase Accounts – It´s not allowed by MZ , you must be carefull because in any time , acording to rules of game MZ could close your account for this kind of practice …. I always recomend don´t do it this kind of negotiation inside the game ( using MZ chat or mail )

  8. Profile photo of orion6

    I agree spy trick could be a part of game , its not difficult to discover an spy inside your alliance and if you are from other kingdom a simple mail could put things in rigth place. In fact, in fact people used to do new accounts before KvK to check outlanders.

  9. Fix the embassy cheat boycott buying any gold packs until MZ clears this up

  10. iTunes Support is refunding last 30 days of purchases without question due to the embassy cheat. People spent money preparing for the tournament only to find out the only way to win is to cheat therefore the app is not working as intended. Google Play is doing it too.

    • Can you tell me if this also applies to purchases made on kindle thru amazon? How do I go about getting the refund and what dates are applicable to this. Thanks.

  11. 54 and 64 are well known for cheating. First tine we warred 64 they were buying accounts in our kingdom. And there was plenty of cheating in the finals. We were there. Pretty expensive way to win and can’t be very satisfying to the victor.

  12. I agree and disagree. The spywork adds a real life element to the game. If an alliance let’s a spy in and the r5 has troops and let’s his shield drop, shame on them. Too harsh? However, the embassy trick is simply cheating.

    I would also add that cheating in kill events is nothing new. Remember when you got one point for wounding troops and two points for killing troops regardless of their tier? People would set up dummy accounts in the opposing kingdom and wound and heal troops all day long for points. It was used against us in one of the early KvK Kill events. Look at 54:188:550. Check out the stats and the name on the account. MZ fixed that exploit with the tier based point system and hopefully they will fix the embassy exploit.

  13. Game of war has become game of how to out cheat your enemy.

    • Not only that it has also become who can spend the most money and slaughter the little guys and not let them grow

  14. I disagree. with these things not being in the spirit of the game. Subterfuge, sabotage, and downright spy work has almost always been a part of war and it sounds like what you are describing in my opinion.

  15. I have seen a similar thing happen to us. An outlander got into our alliance and made our R5 King, thereby forcing his shield to drop and he was then zeroed! Very annoying!

  16. Shara just lost a kvk we clearly won because Khaos cheated with the embassy trick. MZ needs to fix it and reverse false victories or people are going to quit in droves.

  17. Profile photo of silverhair

    Agree. The embassy trick, and dropping an R5’s shield by taking the wonder, so that the R5 can then be zeroed, are definitely the worst. Hopefully alliance leaders will start using farm accounts as R5 for Kill Events, to reduce the risk of them being zeroed. A lot of alliances do this anyway to reduce the kingdom silver tax.

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