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  1. does anyone know if the new Apollo cores are for wonder or missiles!!!

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  3. What gems for frosted Lord set how to skill lvl 60 hero to eat rally’s have a 8.9 bil account caint get any test hits not sure y but just would like to no

    • Okay So, Frostlord isn’t ideal at your size.
      How about for skills use:
      Health and Defense 1 & 2 Full.
      Troop Attack 5/5
      All alter skills MAXED!
      Health Debuff Full and Attack Debuff Full.
      Put remaining Points in Specific Troop defenses(Should be 25~ each)
      [When you get hit,Use a Defense and Attack Debuff boost from your menu on the top right]
      Gems for Most defense gear(Minotaur,Defense,Shadow,and Special slot is rainbow or Xena Defense)

      Better set of gear to help you eat at a smaller size…is the following
      Frostlord Helm
      Imperial Dragon Chest
      Imperial Dragon feet
      Frostlord weapon
      Two Black Kunai
      One frostlord acessory.

      Hope this helps.
      I AM FIRE(GoW Player)

  4. I have two main accounts a solo with 500 m and a 1.2 b rally I use mix of frostlord and Haunted Xena with a Kindle armour pulling in sell over 2000 in defense on my main.
    My new solo is in the process of gearing up.
    Question is where was the snake symbol found the VIP lv in my main had spoiled me and am now caveman opening chests again.

  5. When will the Dark Hunter gear be released?

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