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So, after the apparently unscheduled outage of Game of War, the blog has announced that MZ will be implementing the #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE.

Most requested feature

What do you think that #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE is?

Do you interpret the capitalised and bolded words INCREASE and MARCH and VICTORY to suggest that there will be an increase in the march size allowed?  And if so how?  Stronghold 22 (or higher)?  New VIP level boost?  New ‘Attack’ research tree?  New Alliance City research tree?  We’ve seen screenshots that appear to suggest stronghold levels 22-30, but have not published them because we have assessed them as most likely being fakes.

Or could this be what a lot of people consider to be the #1 most requested feature:  MATERIALS TRADING.

MZ hinted in a letter to StayAlive77 4-5 months ago that they were working on a cross-kingdom materials trading scheme.  And the Alliance City has always hinted at an ability to store pieces within a yet to be released building in your AC.  We discussed what materials trading would do to the in-game economy in some detail in Part 1 of our guide to Economics back in July.

What is your guess?

  1. March size increase
  2. Material / piece / core / gem trading, or
  3. Something else?

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  1. its all about the big spenders ,., Mz is trying to kill the trap accounts becuz they dont spend alot and could eat he big spendes marches ., and the big spenders crying about traps having a shit load of t1-2 troops
    MZ is looking out for the bigs here not us traps
    i dont blame them ., a costumer that spends 1000 a week will get better treatment then some one who spends a couple 100 a month ., i do it at my store ., i would rather keep the 1000 a week then a 100 a month .,true story ,ppl are better off playing there ps4-xb0ne

  2. Problem is small, mid players can’t match boosts of bigs. So we train few more troops… But we don’t like to loose them. So hosp space and storehouse should be increased… So we can hold min 5m in hosp. And have some what protection of RSS to heal… Defensive game has far more strategy then spend $$$&& craft monster cores have ur buddy donors fill the rally and hope to kill millions of troops… Now basicly what I say is give bigs what they want. But keep hope for small to stay in the game, craft decent gear and be able to rebuild from farms etc. just like it was in the beginning…

  3. Support another boycott

    Just to ruin y’all’s hope and bust bubbles. #1 request from players apparently is more research..Lmaooo good job doing a boycott with stayalive. Everything he cried for he is getting! Everyone else is just screwed. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Y’all were pawns. Research to increase March size. Assuming MZ doesn’t change research time shorter when released live, players are looking at about 5k days per research. 8 or 9 new researches (can’t remember exactly) at 5k a pop. 40-45k days. Seems legit. Oh yea the first 4 or 5 researches once at lvl 10 only increase March size by 60k. Y’all can do the math to calculate how much money it will cost to send an additional 60k troops. Good job everyone who supported stayalive in getting everything he wanted and everyone else has got nothing.

  4. In beta we just got new March tree research for increasing rally and march sizes. And they made a blog post about it being the #1 requested item. Currently you can only research up to 120k additional troops but there’s another group of researches that they haven’t unlocked yet

  5. I have seen some beta screens. It is research for march size increase.

  6. I think it will be March size increase. Only obtainable though further research in the March tree. it makes sense give bigger players what they want and provides MZ a way for people to buy packs to complete the research. If you are a big spender then its a win-win for MZ and you. If you’re not a big spender it’s just one more thing to add to the list of things you won’t be getting this year or in the next 5 years if you play that long.

  7. its research for the big spenders that cry about not being able to compete ,with only training troops ,
    lol and for the small spenders to Quite ., lol

  8. Can anyone comment on the “nerfing” of troops please? Is it 15 million of T1s total or 15 million of T1s & T2s combined? Thanks in advance

  9. It’s march size/rally size increases. Screen shots have already been scattered around from beta. The first march increase is a total of 45k, no i idea what march increase 2 and 3 are because its still locked in beta. This is a continuation of the march tree with rally redux needing to be completed. MZ just continues to bend over backwards for the bigs and gives them whatever they want. This game is now a total spenders game and all little players will be gone in a matter of months if not already. This does completely change all solo traps and I would like to see another post about the effects this has on them once this is released to the public.

  10. The game need to be more leveled.
    Tornament with power range 0-50, 50-200, 200-500, 500-1bi and so on… Can´t attack people if is not on your power range It would be great for everyone in this set of time, people that dont spend would be more interest in playing the game and with more people playing the game more money to mz as well. Big players would have big and small acounts to fight all range of powers.
    Change shield mechanics. People that attack small players can shield for a time 1m-5m, would not stop people for bullying ( it is part of the game ), but will make it more dificult for sure.
    The game need to be more fair with people offline, having bug or glicht, or being kicked off game, you can´t get zeroed if you are not online or cant get online, it is unfair and coward. This game need to have another way to zero people, because getting offline people to zero isnt fair.
    City alliance need to be more then something you just spend rss on, need really help the entire aliance and make it stronger.
    Merge all low populated kingdoms is a must.
    Gift mode need to have all options that you can buy for yourself.
    If you have more then 1 acount it need to be able to switch acounts without logging off, so we dont loose too much time having to manage more then 1 acount.
    A big mats store would be great, even if you have to buy it in gold (sure the prices have to be fair)
    The number one problem are the bug, glichtes and people being kicked in the middle of a rally, anything else they said is the number 1 is a lie.

  11. Increase the “might” of your army…Alliance city.

  12. Few things that they should do on the game:
    Tournaments with power range 0-50, 50-200, 200-500, 500-100 and so on, so the big guys cant attack the small guy for that time and would be a fair fight and everyone would have fun.
    They need to make something better to the small and medium guy, the game need to be more leveled, the smalls are who make the kingdom more alive and would make the game better even for the big guys and could end those dead kingdoms and would make the more people to join the game.
    Another thing is make easier to get a decent gear to the guy that dont spend,
    Trading mats is a must, and the gift mode should be more fair and have all the options that you have to buy for yourself.
    I think the number one request could be merge all low populated kingdoms or fix all the bug and glicthes the game has, and is not few.
    Alliance city with that many space, you cant do anything about it, seems like the only purpose of it is to spend rss.
    Even having a big acount I think the small acounts are the ones that should be looked more.
    Something must be done to shield mechanics to make the game more fun, you can only attack people that you know is offline or are having some problem with bug or got kicked out of the game and cant get in, some rules need to be aplied to raise shields or the game need to be more fair to those the are not online.
    That is some things I think they should do on the game

  13. We forget that every time we gift shields and other stuff, we wish we could gift from our inventory instead of spending gold. That to my mind should be the #1 requirement…
    The other unsaid need should be to be able to get into multiple accounts through a single login; ability to link multiple accounts, making switching easier and the consequent shielding something like the guardian shield (this was introduced and quickly removed)

    • Whatever MZ’s new scheme for filling their pockets is will definitely not benefit the non spender. You can take that to the bank!

  14. material and item trading is a bis must for me, higher stronghold and march size is pointless right now

  15. I agree with the common sentiment that MZ will do what is best for MZ, so I am thinking it will be March or Rally Size Increase, only available in packs, like legendary teleports and instant hero executions. Not sure if it will be for one rally or a limited time like current March Size increase. However you can imagine no whale at the Super Wonder will be without a Rally Size Increase of 100% even if it were available only for a one time rally. Only one per Pack of course, imagine the sales.. my only hope is this does not now give them the idea to do this.

  16. It seems obvious, march size increase and therefore higher stronghold levels. It’s also obvious that that isn’t the “#1 requested feature”, it’s not even top ten, so once again MZ is lying.

  17. Profile photo of Jeremy Blaine

    Go nab a hero with 3 troops? Or you mean bait an attacker?

  18. Trading Mats is definitely at the top of my list. That means small/mids/non-spenders can find a way to get the good gear and can keep from getting completely dusted by the gear the big spenders have now.

    I expect to pay a ‘transaction fee’ in gold for each trade… whatever they do can’t be pack based – too many people can’t take advantage of it then… which means it’s not the #1 feature request, right? Lol. MZ will find a way to get paid.

    I do wish I’d stop crashing out of the game… wasn’t like this a year ago!

  19. I am a 25Billion players and I have been playing for nearly a year now. I never rush to buy packs when a new set comes out, in fact quite the opposite. You will notice that new cores/gears get quickly democratized after a few weeks making them more “affordable” when combined with inferno, packs and other events. Also, when you reach that size in power the game turns out to be boring (the only thing I can do is to train troops and participate in the KvK KE one time a week)… I am not a bully and rarely attack people in my kingdom, I enjoy the KvK Kill Events even though it cost me an average of a few good cores set each time… From the various post I read, increasing the rally march is not a good idea, it will imbalance the game and make it unplayable for most players (except if we all want to stay shielded which will ruin the concept of the game).
    The main issue I see in the game, is our inability to constrained the Bully big players who are terrorizing the small players. I am thinking that a few thing can be done to improve the overall balance/strategy in the game such as:
    – Kingdom vote on rules setting (the leading alliance who controls the wonder could enact specific settings and rules for their own kingdom, such as the tax rate, no attack below a certain Sh level, vote on the most bully players and gives him real penalty/debuff). Those rules and setting could be reset each time the wonder resets. Players could vote and validate the king choices…
    – Add real powers for the King of the kingdom, such as the ability to shield or unshield someone for a very limited period of time (like 1h max) one time a day per kingdom, also a “King free heroes” ability would be awesome to prevent bully players (such item could only be available one time until the Wonder resets) to hold too much heroes and preventing a kingdom to grow (and please dont tell me that this is a fault of the small players if they are not shielded… if everybody is shielded what is the point of playing this game..)
    – A real store in the game, where every items that exists are available for purchase (such as the different boosts only available in the packs like the 75% attack boost, 20k VIP points, 50Million hero exp, gems, Legendary teleports, etc…).
    – A real “stock exchange” platform for trading mats, pieces, gems and even resources. The prices should be determined by the players as a real market. Imagine You could trade and sell whatever you have. No need for an alliance city building, it could be done by adding a new building in each player city. Mz could make a fortune out of this by letting the game more open ended. Don’t forget, Mz makes money on volume not just on the top 100 players.
    – The Alliance city should be rethink as a common good of any alliance, such as giving special boost to its alliance members (attack/defense/debuff/speed boost through alliance research), alliance city should be attacked giving the wining alliance a boost for all its members and a debuff for the defeated alliance, this is where the size of an “Alliance city Rally” could be increased with million of troops (this could make players focus on one big target). Otherwise, like the new dungeon, it is completely pointless.

    To go back to the original question on what is the most requested features… well it all depends on who has voiced out the requests and to whom Mz is listening to… Personally, I just wish the game to be more stable and more player oriented. There is no need for further research or troops type, just let the game to be fun again by fixing the current bugs and improving the overall balance.

    • Ezekiel – those are some good ideas that are deserving of recognition and further discussion and you also are on point about the game becoming technically stabilized above all else. Don’t know how MZ or anyone can think new players or existing players experiencing chronic technical problems with the game can justify spending money or time trying to play a game that is unreliable and unstable. The cat is out of the bag to try and rein in and put a cap on the MASSIVE ARMYS they have encouraged everyone to make, but it’s a flawed concept in more than one way and promotes stagnation, especially when nothing is needed to support and maintain that amount of troops once they have been created. The upkeep reduction is and was in place that kept something’s in a limited way in check (don’t load too much food in queue at once) until they created the means to eliminate that problem with gear… But as result made it meaningless to upgrade and produce your own rss and there are no consequences of not maintaining enough food once you have the army.

      The only thing I disagree with is the research. I think that needs to be revamped but think it should be required and there be true advantages to those that spend time doing it… Seen too many sh21 raced to t4 and amass massive ARMYS of such but no meaningful research outside of crafting done so they can build cores and attack – it’s the hero cores giving them the power – not the research.

      • Jeff, the true power of a player is derived from research… But several month after finishing all the research trees, the only thing you can do is to train troops. With the recent packs, it takes 2-3 packs to gain a billion in power. This is nice, but it means 6 months from now most players will be multi billion account. Honestly, I don t mind. The game needs to evolve and get balanced / stabilized. The social dynamic of the game should be re-inforced with real objective/reward such as specific power once you control a wonder…

      • Oh, I agree but the game allows other methods to dominate. I have a main account at 1.8bil – and over 1.6 of it is research. Can make the best of gear and cores if I get the rights bits and pieces, but I don’t have squat against a 10-12 bil with 500mil t4 and only crafting and maybe sets fully researched and takes 10 hits to kill a lvl 1 monster.

        Check k #769 – a 3 day old kingdom for perfect example. Ruling alliance is already 8bil and one player well over 1bil and many others very close. Not research power for sure… And the new players scattered about still at sh 2-7 won’t have a chance in hell – another dead kingdom within months… A fundamental flaw by the game maker to allow cross border alliance joining to feed the hopper accounts.. Counter intuitive from a long term revenue generating model of business too.

        Compound that with The power of research in attack and defense/health really not being emphasized and dominant and is it should be, and is instead supplanted by cores these days.

      • Yeah I’m in Kingdom 769 and I’m using the alliance of my main to gift myself speeds
        This the fourth jumper I use my main to support. But I stay an SH14 trap and when the bigs get too big for a small trap to be effective I move on to a new kingdom a start over with a new small trap
        My main is no fun anymore and I’ll never spend that much money on account again but it’s still possible to have fun with the game in a new kingdom
        I’ll never get to rally a huge outlander in kvk again but the look on a 200mil noob’s face when he attacks an SH14 and get’s owned is still priceless

      • @SteveCook: That sounds like a blast. Could you outline the construction method for a rapid SH14 mini-trap? I understand the research and troop levels, but how do you get to the necessary hero and equipment levels?

      • @SteveCook:

        That sounds like fun. Can you outline the process of building those SH14 mini-traps? I understand the research and troop angles. What’s your approximate troop building layout, trapping layout, and what does your hero and gear look like?

      • Two to three packs per billion power is pretty good. It takes me four of the double silver/double food packs for a billion. At this point, I am actually hoping for new research to be released.

    • One of the most well-thought discussion i’ve seen on the comments section. Thank you. I support all the ideas. Our alliance did not rush to build the city, since the research alliance is not even there (is it in older kingdoms?) … i like the king power things, specially on the bullies. The white-knight alliances could have a real power.. thanks for the post. Make it visible to MZ

      • Thanks for the comment philgow. It would not require much to make GoW almost a perpetual game if Mz does the right thing to make it even deeper in terms of strategy and social interaction.

        Jeff, the flaws you are mentioning cannot be solved as we all have spent thousands of $. Look at K142, ctess is now well above Stayalive with more than 400Billion power Vs 300Billion for our emperor… Those two guys, nearly doubled their size in just 2 weeks…
        Given the maximum power from research is 2.6Billion, to get to the 400Billion power, it would require to train a lot of troops meaning the equivalent of 12billion T4 (which would require nearly 1,620 packs at $99, to get the 6.8Trillion of food and 3.2Trillion of silver, meaning a total “investment” of $162,000). I think we will have fun at the super wonder today! lol

      • Ezekiel – I’ve heard there are a few within game that has spent what is equivalent to a medium income family home to build what they have… and that is their business and opinion about will be kept to myself; BUT the game that purportedly has aspirations of having a sustainable revenue of a $1million+ per day isn’t going to find enough of those whales to do that. What’s being lost in the thought process is what this game really is… it a mobile device game and is limited to the system resources of such devices, and its primary and majority of customers is NOT going to be the type as you described above, and if GOW is going to be successful it must cater to the average customer; and by all accounts I’ve seen in the last 7-8 months I’ve been playing, they aren’t; and the consequences are being seen everywhere – not just in game performance, but in player/customer retention.

        A couple days ago I did something just for giggles and created a new account in a 6 day old kingdom, joined alliance where my main is (something I disagree should be allowable)and dropped $25 for lower end speeds and RSS so I could train some troops. Many of the jumpers in this new kingdom had already acquired over 1bil power with ruling alliance well over 15bil total and many are going around burning wood of less than 500 -100k as soon as complimentary game start shield drops. These are new players, not jumpers. By the looks of it, that new kingdom map is filled with sh 2-4 dead accounts already and I was just observing what was being said in KC about it and justification/mindset of burning the woods and everything… and it was a joke. This game won’t survive like that, and I am purposely keeping my new sh below 5 so I can hop to the next new one on world map and see if its the same thing right out of the gate. Like I said in previous posts… it may take offending some of the extremely big spenders to fix the fundamental flaws in the game (and there are many) or they can continue to cater to the few that spend a small fortune and more than most peoples yearly income and let the game go down the tubes because there isn’t enough like kind big spenders to support the game…. (not sure how the big senders will feel the day the servers go dark because not enough revenue is being generated)…OR perhaps they should start thinking about it.

        This latest (#1 requested) feature isn’t the right direction IMHO and I am cetain if the “average customer” were asked… it certainly would not have been the top of their list.

  20. Profile photo of figure9

    It seems like people are assuming that material/gem/core/piece trading would be free, and I just don’t see that being the case. I predict 3 possible outcomes:

    1. Item trading is possible as a “mode” that requires pack purchase, much like the other “modes” in-game (Gift, Max Attack), through VIP Super Ultra Prestige Level 20, or through a credits system, e.g. 1 gold pack comes with 10-20 trade cedits.

    2. Item trading is released alongside a march size increase…so sure! You can trade (at some cost) for a beautiful set of defense gear, but if you’re a 200mil solo trap staring down a 1mil+ troop cored march, you’ll need more than good gear to save your skin. Like a few packs.

    3. No item trading…March size increase is released alongside the Temple, which from what I’ve heard is crazy expensive to upgrade and operate. Unless you buy packs of course.

    Regardless of what is actually released, I believe it will benefit the most those who will invest the most.

  21. My #1 request would be trust/reliability. Can I or anyone trust MZ? I stopped spending and haven’t played the game much for the last 3 months because MZ has given me no reason to trust them or what their true motives are. Great companies all have one in common, customer trust and credibility. Can anyone give a reason why MZ should be trusted?

  22. Profile photo of Troll

    based on what I have read here, AC,KC etc…. the #1 request is….. a refund…LOL….I think the most common demand I see is still game stability, and mats trading but like many have said “that will mean a hit to mz’s profit and not a likely scenario”. They will claim its too difficult and just offer us 1/2 price packs with 1/2 the stuff and 100% of the useless stuff for our “loyalty”… case in point the new Colossus gear…. new gear requiring a new material (silver) and making it almost 50% of the required materials to make… WTF????! I already have over 230 pink fireballs…there are 10 fireball colors and many not used in anything, why introduce yet another one that again is almost 50% of total mats to craft???? GREED….if I could make the new gear with all of the useless fireballs I already have….then that would be a different matter.

    mz will only do what they BELIEVE maximizes their profits, period. If some how allowing us to trade materials increases revenue then they will do it…prepare to be disappointed and let the free market decide if it is worth it…if I were an investor, I’d avoid MZ. its a volatile market and games have a short life span in general, …MZ needs to have several revenue streams to prove they are a long term player…they seem to be struggling with one game, not sure they could handle several gaming options

    but is it really worth it to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on a virtual world? I’d rather have a nicer car, remodel my house or a nice vacation…which is where I’m putting my money now…I’ll continue to play for now, but not “invest’ real money.

  23. i think it will be the ability to port to an older kingdom

  24. I will reiterate something I’ve posted before… If MZ doesn’t adequately address the stability problems that plaque so many people using various devices on both platforms then anything else they do is really pointless because for them to have a successful game with a long term profitable player base it will require a wide variety of mobile devices being able to play the game reliably. So that in itself has to be the #1 request and it’s supported by what’s being conveyed on the review boards of all the supported platforms. They are filled with complaints about the app being extremely buggy/glitchy/laggy, etc… They aren’t loaded with complaints about not having big enough March sizes or trading systems. Although, there is a significant amount of comments about bigs being able to destroy smalls and not having some sort of penalty or buffer preventing that type of thing… But that’s for another discussion. Fact is the game maker has created many of the problems they face themselves with a flawed concept and design. Let’s look at one glaring example… Troop amounts anyone can have.

    There is no cap whatsoever – and that’s just ridiculous. If there was a cap on troop amounts anyone could have or someone had to actually keep enough food on hand to feed/maintain their troops or the consequence would be reduction in their strength or even die off, this would impact the game significantly in a good way. And in my view it would make it more fair and interesting for everyone … It can be designed to keep a monetization of things, but it would rid the game of destructive elements… And that would be the troop factories that think nothing of losing 1-2mil T4 at a time that can send endless marches or rallies and make it a battle of attrition more than strategic battling because they can just buy another pack with billions of food & silver. Cutting off someone’s ability to get supplies through trade or farming is part of any war strategy and if implemented fairly It would reduce the chance of being zeroed and also make one think before even attacking someone. – there are many fundamental flaws and incomplete features in the game as it stands now… Fix them before introducing more crap like the wonder dungeon. This game is turning into what’s termed as bloatware within the software industry and with each new revenue generating “feature” just adds more bugs and instability, not to leave without mention requiring even more system resources, but they haven’t to date gone back and fixed the existing bugs or complete the last new big feature. Alliance city comes immediately to mind.

    The only way to change the game makers mind and direction is to hit them in the pocket book. Stop buying their product. It’s no secret MZ wants to get rich by taking this company public… They are actively seeking venture capital investment to do just that, BUT – To do so and be attractive to investors they have to have a proven and sustainable long term revenue stream… Take that away until they get their shit together or make them fold due to lack of revenue to support the game. I am convinced the pack structures of today are not so much about the complaining from players of the past as not having enough to progress, but more because of the loss of revenue they have already sustained due to the exodus of active players from the game since early September when the widespread and chronic instability was introduced.

    • Sounds like somebody is super small in power and gets zeroed a lot. A troop cap won’t solve any problems. Let alone it’s physically impossible now. Is it fair If a spender eats the loss of 500 million t4 based of your theory of fair. Pop a shield and protect and then it does t matter how many troops a person has. Noob. Get off the I’m small and have no clue how to play the game band wagon.
      Alliance city is definitely a joke and was pre-released without any future planning. Also I don’t think mass exodus of players is a fair or accurate statement. ? All kingdoms die off if this what you base your opinion off of. However the introduction of about 500 plus kingdoms since September doesn’t support your mass exodus theory. Inflation drives packs. Always has always will since day of this game. Learn the game and come back with real opinion of the game.

      • Have been playing for nearly a year – have one account that is over 1.9bil and a few farms I toy with in different configurations. Don’t have to really worry about being zeroed with my main (unless there is enough morons willing to band together and lose hero’s in process and have battle of attrition) – and never have been zeroed since I started playing. Know how and when to shield – so your advise and reading of my comments as to what I have and am are wrong. As I opined in reply to another of your change your name every time you post something comments… You have no credibility – sound like an MZ apologist or excuse maker and by your own admission are close enough to their insiders to beta test… Probably were compensated in some way and wouldn’t be surprised if you’re encouraged to speak and tout the company mantra for that promoting and defending. And whoopy if a whale gets offended on a troop cap or limit. I would even likely be affected. How about just make them have to keep enough food in queue at all times to feed the 100-500 mil armies they produce with their free will spending. If I didn’t have the lvl 6 stuff with upkeep I would lost a mil food per minute, if not more… I would love to see a kingdom turn against a more money than brains MZ fool and restrict their access to rss and starve the beast by not selling or interfering with them collecting enough food to feed their T4 MASSIVE ARMY… Karma would be a bitch.

        See, the real problem is there are not enough weak minded self disciplined whales (possibly like yourself) in the game to support the operation long term… It offends them if they aren’t catered too, as they think they are more important themselves than the future of the game… Shortsightedness at its best. Their view is let’s Make the game for their kingdom fame more imbalanced than it already is due to the already in place fundamental flaws even if you have less players over all and the game dies because of it… And your right… Older kingdoms die off, but I have to believe it’s because the whales in that kingdom have all but made it impossible for anyone but the brainless that spends a house payment a month on virtual nothing, to compete; and there just aren’t enough of them, so they’re bored and complaining and want kingdom merges to provide fresh low power meat, bigger marches to hit the larger, and stealth rallies because they don’t like someone able to defend, etc…

        Point being – the game has fundamental concept and design flaws that will impede it’s long term surviability. Offend a few whales by fixing the problems now while game is still young enough to survive… Or just let it continue dying… And the new kingdoms you mention… Most are immediately populated with hopper accounts owned by whales (and perhaps MZ insiders) to be gifted to instant multi-mil power levels. Kingdoms a couple days old already having these. Sure gives the new customer coming into the game for the first time something to aspire too… Little do they know (but learn quickly) they will only become fodder for the hoppers to zero sooner rather than later… And the cycle begins again.

        Now – go and fill out a few game reviews on the app stores… How do you all keep up with the unique user names required… That’s a science in itself. lol

      • Profile photo of Jeremy Blaine

        Wow I like the way you write! Yes there needs to be a requirement of food. It’s total bs to have no troop cap and no effen need to feed them lol

  25. You can fill more than one spot in a rally! That would make it easy for small allianses to be active in kvk.

    • Now the ability to add to a rally with the amount of marches you have available would be quite a neat idea, theoretically if you have 8 marches why can’t you add to a rally 8 times… though it would mean a single player could basically fill a rally which would then defeat the point somewhat.

  26. A fair end to a tournament. We’re currently in the tournament final in the colliseum. Basically whichever individual player scores the most points wins and their kingdom wins. So what happens? A player in K8 has got his whole kingdom to send heroless marches at him. He’s probably on 20 billion odd by now. Don’t be surprised if Bling and K8 win. Some kingdoms have basically just left the tournament completely. MZ are just idiots. Also, they give you one epic tp to go there, then you have to buy packs with teleports to even compete in it. If this is the future of tournaments, I think most people really will quit.

  27. As player I would like to see a slight increase in March/rally size or the ability to trade mats (I’m sure they could use an auction type system as they do for FIFA ultimate team) however as said this would hit them in the pocket so no chance of that. After briefly reading the link provided by silver hair and the ceo of MZ saying it’s actually one big world and not seperate servers would it be possible to just drop all the walls and have one massive world of fighting??? Now that would great!

    My fear is it’s going to be something boring and pointless. Like the last number 1 request in the blog when they cancelled a kill event for a coliseum ?

    Regardless of what it is I won’t be putting a penny into the wonder dungeon even though I have more money than brains as suggested below. Which always makes me giggle as without brains where did I get enough disposable income to just put money into a game and not worry about it? (Sorry forgot it’s my trust fund or Daddy’s credit card) lol

  28. There is nothing they can do that won’t p**** some sector of the playing community off.

    Personally I would love a store where I can buy specific crafting mats (even at inflated prices) so that I can finally craft a gold item, or at the very least buy the chests for gold. I have 3 items I would love to be able to make, but I’m at about 80% chance for each of an orange… I don’t want to drop £80 (x3) for packs to change one purple mat to an orange. Equally I want to be able to sell/Trade all the mats, gems etc I’ll never use.

    If they bring in shield buster cores or increase march sizes, then I’ll probably leave, 375k T4’s is already scary enough, without upping it to 500k or beyond.

    To try and get the player base moving (and staying), I’d implement a system whereby players cannot attack another where the difference in SH is > 5 and in KvK events > 7.

    Ultimately, as I’m no whale, I’d like a complete reset of all kingdoms, with the removal of NSTAAFL and a return to the good old days of when this game started.

    • Actually it should be based on power level. An SH21 with a billion Power is not the same as an SH 21 with 1 million Power.

      • Don’t think that would be possible. The power (in general) raises exponentially as you level. Therefore setting a power cap of say within 50million power of your target would be as bad for a level 10 SH as they could still be attacked by a SH21, as your example between a fresh SH21 and a whale. Also a 50million difference limit would be too small for those currently with over 100million power, e.g. a player with 801m couldn’t attack someone with 750m – wouldn’t be much of a game of war….

        Thinking about it, a percentage range may work better.

        Given they like to compare it to CoC maybe they should add an auto shield after the first “successful attack” to players sub level 21?

  29. It will be something that will help the majorities[…]Taking in concern the time that they hibernated the servers,it must be something “big”. Usually “small” updates like new buildings,new level buildings,new vips don’t even need a maintenance not to mention a 6hour maintenance,right? It could be something that has brought radical internal changes.Usually radical changes in a server could a brand new trade system (like new stuff for Alliance City). Maybe you could dig stuff that we wanted back then but the rest,in GoW blog…

  30. Whatever it is, you can be sure that I will cost a fortune to research and only benefit the big spenders.

  31. #1 request??? Bring back casino, lol.

  32. Mat trading will never happen. Think of the profit loss.

  33. bigger screen (horizontal screen play) for have better play.

  34. One thing that WDB forgot to mention is that when MZ tried to implement higher build lvls (22-30) in beta, it was very quickly shelved due to major bug issues (unable to attack, Graveyard unable to be accessed with message “need to be sh15 or higher). It has not been seen since the start of this reset (45 days aprox.). They did also try to implement it last reset and it had similar issues. so i dont believe this will happen any time soon. Or at least not until we see it in Beta again.

    As for the increased march size cap for rallies, that is something that is unique to beta (granted that higher sh lvl would give higher march cap, but refer to above). It is like a party that they throw before the end of that period of testing (we regularly get “reset” so that the playing field stays even). So this is not something that should be expected/expected to that extent in Live Game of war. we have once had a solo cap of 15 mil per march. Thats 15 mil troops. it was fun but would never work in Live.

  35. they will lose billions of dollars if thats mat trading

    • I disagree, if your buying packs for mats, then you do have more money than brains. (It takes 1024 basic mats to make 1 gold mat, so its cost prohibitive).

      Most players I know buy packs for the speeds, gold, and silver. With T4 and research being so silver intensive, (and a lack of silver in the game, and inability to farm silver, BC of bigs tiling players) it makes more sense to buy packs with speeds, gold, and tons of silver. The Mats and chests for me are just bonus items.

      • @wrath I disagree, I think plenty of ppl buy packs for mats. Yes it’s true that it takes tons of grey to get a gold piece, but if say you have 3 purple then a cpl hundred lvl 1 piecesat be just what you need and being that close could get u to buy a pack. I think speeds is probably #1 reason ppl buy packs but materials – esp things like fireballs flames and hard to find cores is probably 2nd reason

  36. Wonder dungeon blows

    Hopefully it’s materials trading so finally people can donate materials to others in the alliance that need them. As an R5 I’d love to be able to do more for my guys. I used to buy my highest scoring players packs. Since MZ as turned into hitler with new policy and guidelines it’s harder to reward them. Although I get why they did it. I’m sure idiots getting their accounts stolen by shady deals through 3rd party dealers, then running to MZ for help. When MZ can’t prove anything it’s all their fault. I still dont agree with terms and agreement and will politely do what I want and screw what I said I agree to.
    Secondly I wont be mad if it is increased March size. (SH upgrades isn’t fake, and was played with in beta for awhile) March size increase needs to happen to level out the T1 anvils and t1 rally traps. I get there’s a playing style for all players and for some that’s an anvil. However if all it takes is 10mil t1 and a shield to win a battle what’s the point of a rally. Anvils had a place back in the day when t4 was rare, and the nerf was effective. Now the nerf has been proven not effective and there’s ways around it. So the only way for MZ to make it fair for everyone is to increase rally size. Smalls need to shield, or learn cores quick. (Yes Smalls can still win with cores and actual skill. Cores work for Smalls just like the do for players with more money then brains) Bigs need to be ready to get zeroed extremely fast if this is the case. During this testing in beta I think rallies went up to 7 mil troops. (I can’t remember exact numbers)
    My Number one most anticipated change that I’ll be praying every night for : most improved change MZ can do is DITCH THE WONDER DUNGEON BULLCRAP. That’s a bigger joke then the alliance city. I don’t care how bored some engineer got on the weekend his wife went out of town..its stupid and makes no sense. For the record tons of people tried to boycott (in a sense) the wonder dungeon in beta..MZ turned off feedback and kept forcing it down people’s throat. No matter how loud we screamed in beta not to release it, they released it. (Ps: Jeff I’m the guy with MZ master from earlier)

  37. The No. 1 most requested feature and the feature requested by their No. 1 customer are not one in the same.

  38. it all depends on who you ask and who MZ actually listens too.

    If they are listening to only the whales (more money than brains) of the game… it will be march size increase so they can solo mid tier players or implement some way to rally without warning those being attacked… they don’t care about trading of mats or the like because they buy their way to what they got or need. Bad move IMHO as that will just send more to the door quicker than are already moving towards it now…

    If you ask a mid trier player with more brains than money, they would probably say material and the like type trading… and if you ask the low spender and people just starting out they would probably ask their be some type of disincentive put into play against bigs so to make it not be worth the cost or effort for them to hit small players…. that has to be the biggest turn off to someone just starting out and influences decision to leave game or continue and invest real money… by way of example… I have a sh 10 I am playing with… not putting any significant money into it, but setup a little trap over time with T1 only and am at 23mil power. This last kvk ke I took 2 hits from bully 4.5 bil and I laughed the whole time. He lost over 50k T4 the first hit and it pissed him off so he loaded cores and sent another march… he lost damn near same amount in that hit and then I shielded. Yeah, I lost nearly 2mil T1 but not nearly as time painful or rss expensive to replaces as 100k T4… but for the little SH 10 that just starting out with 100k T1-2 to have it wiped out by a big is a real turn off and probably loses this game more long term players than anything.

    But in the end… if this game cant be run reliably on a majority of the still in life cycle mobile devices out there, it’s all irrelevant, because there wont be enough players to support the game.

    nuf said!

    • You are exactly right, Jeff. I have left kingdoms because crazy big players simply feed off of smaller players. Shields and ports and rss are no big deal to players that buy but early on when I saw my first pack get wiped out because I didn’t have enough gold or loyalty for a shield I quit spending. Being shielded 24/7 is not a reality for small, mid and new players.

      I have one of the accounts I have left I decided to leave it as SH13, leave all of the troops in the hospitals and heal 3. Go nab heroes, get hit, go nab heroes, repeat. Having that account in the top 10 leaderboard in the kingdom makes the bigs mad…but there is nothing else to do since they prey on the littles anyway.

      • @mnyakko mid and small players can absolutely shield 24/z mz hives 5k gold AT LEAST once a week, aside frome real life getting in the way – which affects every level of player- there us no in-game reason why a small player couldn’t stay shielded 24/7 without spending a dime.

  39. did nobody notice how MARCH to VICTORY was in bold

    • Oh great, not ANOTHER advantage for attackers. Seriously, the Cores out there now give a huge advantage to attackers. There is not permanent gear that can save a trap with these cores. Have to be a Lv 6 Core rally trap.

      I hope it is material trading.

  40. Increasing march size will do nothing for smaller players but get us zerod easier. I hope its material trading.

  41. I think it will be an instant rally to be researched in March tree

  42. I hope for the trading materials and stuff, adding March size would screw over solo traps and such even more then they have been. And I seriously need to trade gems and such to get better gems.

    • I’m betting on MZ will increase March size and SH 22 or more. More troops will die which means more troop training and more packs to buy. My solo trap will remained shielded from now on. lol

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