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And the #1 Requested Feature Is…….


Today beta testers were the first to get a glimpse at the new features coming our way.

The feature to be able expand rally sizes will soon be granted.

The additions will be added to the bottom of the existing march tree.

In order to unlock the first “New” research you will have to have completed rally reduction 10.

All the new additions are:

  • Empire March Size Increase 1
  • Empire Rally Capacity Increase 1
  • Wonder Rally Capacity Increase 1
  • Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 3
  • Empire March Size Increase 2
  • Empire Rally Capacity Increase 1
  • Wonder Rally Capacity Increase 1
  • Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase

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  1. MZ has destroyed GoW. The researches cost way too much for little return. The KvK Evers requiring 1.2bil points is crazy talk. Non spenders can’t even come close to doing that. Event prizes suck across the board. It just isn’t worth it and for some reason I keep playing.

  2. We can do something about it… someone in thread was critical about earlier boycott… I am too, but for different reasons. No one stuck with it and adhered to it until there was real noticeable change. MZ knows what they need to do and what people want… but to do it they need to reinvest some significant amounts of their profit into reengineering, application code with related changes, and expanding and enhancing supporting infrastructure; and to date they have refused to do so in any measurable way. The march expansion and dungeon just adds to the bloat, and they don’t care. Why would they when there is still large amounts of weak minded buying their product? They only will react to a financial impact ad they’ve had one… but its because people have left game all together due to a unstable app and it wont play on their device… MZ counters that by significantly increasing contents of their in-game packs to lure the weak minded to spend more to make up for the loss… it cost them nothing for those virtual goods to do so.

    Want real change? You, yourself stop buying packs and stick with it until there is significant improvements and change… stop worrying the next guy is going to grow another bil in power while you are left behind. Get a 30 day shield and remain dormant – don’t buy a damn thing, don’t participate in kvk, coliseum, or any other promoted events. Encourage your remaining kingdom mates to do the same. Only then will they have an incentive to do what they should have long ago.

    I did little experiment over course of last few days… created a new account and went to brand new kingdom… it was an interesting exercise. I saw within 4 days of that kingdom being born nearly 50 jumpers gain over 500mil power… many went well over a bil – most come from dead or rapidly declining kingdoms looking for fresh territory and players to manipulate new players (one guy was tying to scam and buy silver from sh 1-5’s – where there was billions on ground to be farmed – lol) and ultimately that mindset will kill that kingdom in record amount of time… talk about weak minds… and I am sure MZ is laughing all the way to the bank to cash in on those weak minds…

    I stopped buying packs in early September when they broke the app with their updates… I didn’t and still don’t need StayAlive77 to lead me or encourage me into boycotting… and it should be common sense to most that is whats needed to get MZ to react in a positive way towards its average customer or just let the servers go dark when they run out of “real money” because they cant sell enough fake money.

    SIDE NOTE: This website should do more to foster this type of discussion. The other one out there appears to be more of an MZ shill and I see more promotional crap than critical thinking. This website has a following… use it to help voice and make changes for the better of the average player.

    • Well put. I stopped buying packs 2 months ago and yesterday, i stopped playing altogether. I wont look back. The game is fundamentally broken and simply not fun anymore. There hasn’t been a beneficial change to help players in over a year. It’s all about making things more difficult so they can sell “virtual and free items/speeds”. I hope more people figure this out before they get left with worthless accounts while everyone heads for the exits. Good luck all.

    • I think this website did make an honest effort to foster the type of discussion you are talking about, but MZ silenced them. Probably with a SLAPP lawsuit. I just hope they don’t devolve into writing endless fluff pieces fellating MZ like a certain other site.

  3. This feature sucks for just about everyone, except MZ if people actually spend cash on it.

  4. Cost in speeds to do the research greatly outweighs the return. With great gear boosts and Max helps the research to max what’s currently available is 9000+ days for a march size increase of 40.5k if you have a 50% boost on. (27k std March). Rally size only increases to 2.45. Neither are significant enough to hit bigger targets with solos or rallies

  5. Awful, just awful. Following the cluster that is the dungeon and the return of lags, instability etc. it’s as if they haven’t talked to a soul that actually plays the game.

  6. sales@MZhatesyouandonlywantsyourmoney

    Seriously, though…don’t stop spending. Go buy ten packs right now. There’s some really good stuff in them, we promise. Honest Injun, swearsies.

  7. Hey, thanks a LOT, everyone! We here at MZ are super happy about all of you voting for the march size increase as your number one request. We have to admit that we were surprised that such obvious candidates like “cheaper to play” and “no lag” were not the winners buy, hey, it’s on you, not us.

    Yes, thanks to you players who keep on buying just about anything we put on sale we are all driving Lamborghinis and using several tightly wound hundred dollar bills as tampons. Every two or three weeks we release yet another set of gear which is ever so much stronger than the last set and you clods snatch them up as if they were snack size bags of chips. Honestly, we’re scratching our heads over your behavior. There’s an office pool going at MZ to see just how far we can push this thing before you crack.

    And if you think things are crazy now just wait until we roll out the Spells & Curses research tree and the new Wizards, Witches and Warlocks gear. Marches will soon be out of fashion when you can dispatch your troops (new T5 Flying Monkeys, Vampires and the market-tested Freddy Kruegers) with flying carpets and brooms. It will take $5000 minimum to get T5 magic troops but we are pretty sure that you morons won’t be able to resist ponying up for our new super-hyper-mega-ultra Athena multi-quad gold packs with Xena pixie dust bonus poop.

    So don’t worry, little easily led children. We at MZ have got your backs and we are ready to shove a knife right into them and twist it until you squeal and hand over your grocery and mortgage money. If it weren’t for fabulously stupid rubes such as yourselves we would have to settle for crummy Rolex watches instead of Patek Philippe. Thanks again and just wait until our next big software upgrade where we introduce new ultra-lag and the Alliance City brothels with Xena’s Prostitution research tree.

    Keep spending and we’ll keep providing you with this world class experience.

    • We lol got played

      But but but there’s a super wonder have to just run to that and we all need to be for the tool this wanted to make the game better. Oh sorry that’s right just wanted to whine till the boosts were eliminated and then scratch our heads at the most minuscule March boost being released during the super wonder which only morons worry about. Well played mz tip of the hat for exploiting someone so dumb.

    • Profile photo of Lava

      Seeing as how the “boycott” still never unseated gow from the top spot in grossing apps I think sales is right about how mz feels about us. They know they truly have people addicted to this app. Can we even call it a game anymore? All MZ cares about is taking your money. They don’t even care if the game is fun. If they did care, they would apply new features that benefit everyone and not just the people who are stupid enough to keep buying packs every time they see something shiny on their screens. If not everyone, then at least the moderate spender. Wake up people! MZ will NEVER change. Thats how these mobile games work. This one just happens to be ethically the worst one I’ve played so far. It was specifically designed to take advantage of addicts. More so than I’ve seen on any other mobile game and MZ will continue to milk them until the game is dead. Like i said earlier, there’s pay to win and then there’s extortion. Theres other games out there. Gow just isn’t one for me anymore. But don’t worry about me. Just keep giving MZ money so they can continue to kill this game while they secretly work on the new one they’re trying to keep quiet about 😉

  8. It clearly says “one of OUR #1 requested”, not one of “YOUR” and that is the bottom line.

  9. Boycott has worked

    Good job everyone who supported stay and the boycott. He’s gotten everything he’s asked for that benefits him. Examples include but not limited to: Dramatically improved lag reduction in SW, MZ support at SW, March size increase, more wonders to rally that mimic SW wonder battles ( coliseum now being able to be rallied) which he won and several other features. So basically you all supported his agenda and here’s a list of what we got. More lag, more in app crashes and start up crashes, even worse customer support, more generic responses from MZ keyboard warriors who now only send automated messages. At least 10 months ago a real person would type a response. Now email them with my app is purple and the respond with : we’re sorry you experienced this and I’ll make sure to pass this along. Any other recommendations on how we can improve the game please let us know. More retarded gear, more retarded research, wonder dungeon anddddddd…nothing else. For the record if you buy the current pack for dungeon it will take $1k to upgrade it from 14 to 15. Just one upgrade is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!
    Basically what I’m saying here if you supported the boycott you’re an idiot that screwed us all ( not ur fault though Im Sure you had great intentions) Always remember rich people dont care about 99% of the world. They only care what they can do to get more rich and do more to feel more powerful…. At any cost!!

    • We lol got played

      Sad.y this is true. Everyone blocking for him still is a tool at best. If you want him to “improve”the game good luck. He doesn’t have a clue and as soon as a sw was dangled in front of him he caved. Well done mz releasing that increase now. Makes me laugh how they stuck it to our “leader”

  10. While bigger march size was no doubt a popular request, it seems unlikely that those players imagined it would be buried in a super-expensive research tree for the 1%.

  11. Awesome… Wasnt aware more research is the number one request!!!

    And best of all they missed the fact with there new chest heavy packs if you click open all at once it messes up not only what your opening but what you already have… Dont get me wrong its awesome i get hundreds of lvl6 rose gems from something in there so i could put them in hundreds of gear sets… But i rather have the stuff thats supposed to come in all those chests and keep most of my already existing cores and peices :'(

  12. Profile photo of Troll

    $400? Hell that’s a car payment for my son … I’m not apposed to spending money to have fun but this is losing its appeal. Bigger rallies doesn’t help the game it just means spending your way to a dead kingdom faster. It makes rally’s of bigger billion power players possible, you can now zero smaller players faster, and with the new rules you can’t pass wonder to those of lesser research, so forcing rally leaders to spend more money to maintain…fail to see how it makes the game better for anyone especially the smaller players…so now you just send more troops in a rally? Well hell if bigger rallies makes the game better why not allow people to send all of their troops? Soooo you just paid $400 (and your not finished yet) to kill your troops faster with no improvement in the gameplay….so now you can spend more money to retrain those troops… GOTCHYA!!!!!

    I’m a 2.5B power player gift level 79, so its not like I’m a cheapass… I think that will translate to about $7500. …wow, thats a nice down payment on a new rover, or a new new kitchen….

    So in short.
    Larger Rallies = more kills, and faster kills = more speeds and RSS to train = more $$ spent to maintain – WIN for mz
    more kills + faster kills = more zeroed players ….
    more zeroed players = more $$ retraining and more players quitting – short term PUSH for mz, but long run LOSE everyone
    more players quitting = faster dying kingdoms – LOSE everyone

    I challenge Slaggy to do a REAL poll on what players want…I’ll be you my account its not bigger rallies.

    1. Game stability –
    2. Material trading –
    3. improved drop rates / able to get the some of the good mats without spending on packs
    9999. bigger rallies

  13. The one thing no one noticed… in the original blog post, this was to be: “The #1 most requested new game features”, blog post about march size increase: “one of the most requested new game features.” Anyone else see the glare of MZ covering arse now?

  14. If you ask me, this is a great addition. Granted only a small percentage will be able to complete it, us defensive players (TRAPS) have a chance at more kills. I’m a small 89M trap that looks forward to eating these 415k marches all KE tonight. And then eating all the 500k marches next weekend or whenever the next addition of research is released.

  15. i already have it up to lv 9 and it only cost 400 to get it so not that bad lol

  16. Wow…Way to discourage people from trying to play and grow. The medium and small players get smaller and the only one his helps are the big players. So much for getting new people to play. Hope that revenue stream doesn’t run out MZ. When it does, this game is over.

  17. Honestly guys this is a great feature to level the playing field a little bit. spenders wont pray on sub 2b they will go for bigger targets 3b and up. and i assume once they launch sh 22+ the spenders will not be able to attack sh 20 and under. MZ cannot fart out a rainbow of no lag, if you notice SW is being monitored and they are collecting lots of data to work on the issue. So what if this new feature is only available to the 10% they clearly dont give a shit to spend over 20k on a video game just to be a little better than the next guy. Bigger rally size means more kills for my rally trap. Everyone need to stop bitchin and make the most of what is to come. They have SERIOUSLY increased monster drops and made monster gear COMPETITIVE to some of the other sets that you have to pay for. Just because you dont have the latest feature doesnt mean you have to spend buckets of money to get it. New pack recently dropped with 4 Master Keystones and they will only add more as time goes by. If your rushing to get the latest features then your problem lies deed inside yourself if you dont know how to strategically play gow…..

    • you forgot the #sarcasm tag in your post.

    • So Monster gear is competitive to normal gear? Well. It would be cool to test that as a non spender, but how am I supposed to get those drops? Killing monster lvl 4. With 8 hits? And doing that hole day long, just to get ONE single lvl 2 mat? And than there is still the problem of not even having that many hero power…
      I won’t say I am big, but having nearly 70 mil power in kingdom 547 as a non spender seems quite OK. And I am way not able to craft any good monster slayer gear out of the mats I got from chests in Events(and believe me. I did a whole lot of events on lvl 3 for my account)
      My hero is lvl 51 by the way if you are interested in how many points I can put in my monsters slaying tree.

  18. Every enhancement Mz adds makes the game worse. Only the top 10% can take advantage of update. Meanwhile the infernos got worse. Research points get lower and lower. Great way to stop people from spending Mz. Take away all motivation to even try.

    • MZStillDoesntGetIt

      Events have become a total joke with this game. 1B? I Billion points required for a kingdom event? Gear that costs 788M silver? and guess what, we have a secret gift for you to open, oh look, hey it’s 500 silver!

      It’s not IF you’re getting screwed by MZ, it’s how bad you’re getting screwed compared to last week.

  19. A long term profitable company plans for at least the next 2-3 years and sometimes beyond. They have to analyse the impact of strategic decsisions and what effect it will have.. it seems mz only plans to boost revenues a few days at time with no analysis of the impact its decsions have.. The alliance city development should have been mapped out. Currently they’ve put it on the back burner while they work out what to do with it. A good company is able to keep the majority of its existing customers while bringing in new.. i imagine the exodus far outweighs the new currently and therefore mz is applying a revenue bandage. New features aimed at its largest customers and pack inflation to entice new players to spend… a very short term solution…

  20. Profile photo of Lava

    There’s p2w and then there’s extortion…

  21. Profile photo of Troll

    Sucker punch… can’t really be surprised. Anyone who thought MZ would do anything other than try to maximize their revenue is smoking crack. Probably another 40K days in research….what another $2K in packs… With the rules I heard you cant transfer the wonder to someone who has a lower march level so thats going to force people to max so they can rally wonder and because we all can’t spend another $2K to max the new research means fewer ppl to lead wonder rallies and possibly more account sharing…. its hard enough now to get enough ppl on to run rallies for 24 hours during KE…

    You already see more powerful gear coming out…so expect even more and more powerful cores for tremendously higher kills putting even more bigs in range of being rallied….Im sure they have a revenue metric for troop kills….this might mean a short term revenue bump for mz…but in the long run it only means dead kingdoms faster…

    Now be on the look out for the #2 most requested feature…you bending over while they have a direct deposit transfer from your bank to theirs.

  22. The stability issues, I believe, stem from the install size of 700 MB. Most of the portable hardware can’t handle this load. The game seams to be more stable running in a VM like Blue Stacks, although it’s slow. Clash of Clans is only about 50 MB and runs better by far vs GoW.

    • You probably ave a point there. The game runs smooth like warm butter on my shield tablet which is designed for games of this size.

  23. The number 1 feature users would request is the stability of the game and fix the lagging and crashes. It’s gotten worse and not better since they supposedly did an update after the boycott. It would be logical to think that adding the Wonder Dungeon and these new features is only going to make the lagging and crashing even worse. I’ve lost several wonder battles where the game crashes within 1 minute of the march hitting. It’s very frustrating and makes you pop your cores sooner that you would like. But then again, as everyone has pointed out…fixing the stability of the game is going to cost MZ money that they won’t get a return from. I love the game yet MZ really angers the hell out of me.

    • Changes are live in K264. Amazing what can be done if it is a revenue driver. Meanwhile app crashes have now propagated into the city view, which was the one spot I used to enjoy a semblance of stability.

  24. I like it ., this will kill more troops that the bigs have witch means they would have to buy more packs… more packs more money
    simple ., and at the same time it could help out by getting a bit more ppl to quite ,mainly the ones who complain a lot .,
    love it
    GOW is for spenders ., NOT you broke ppl .,
    sooooo im out ., cuz im not a big spender ., next kvk ill go all out then quit after I destroy all the ress building so they caint get shit from it ., lol

  25. How is it just getting into beta? Wasn’t it supposed to be released today?

  26. Here’s how this works: Of all the features ever requested by players, MZ determined that this would be the #1 moneymaker if implemented. That makes this the #1 Requested Feature in MZ’s eyes. Read your EULA again. They don’t have to prove anything.

  27. I would agree with the others. Game stability and shorter loading times would be nice. Its gotten worse since the last few days updates..

  28. I think this is gonna be a good feature stop complaining

  29. The march size increase doesn’t change the power of bigger players anymore than hero lvl60 did. Or some of the other gear/cores that have been released. And a solo trap is still very viable, albeit some spending would be required for improved gear. What gets me is the deceit on MZs part. They lie to everyone’s face and I call complete bullsht that this is the #1 requested feature, yet only obtainable by the top couple percent of players. Maybe they could offer some proof that this is in fact the #1 requested feature. When someone constantly uses lies and manipulation against me, I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t put up with that. It’s like a bad marriage, eventually you’ve had enough.

    • I’m sure MZ could provide proof it’s the # 1 requested feature. Depends on how you frame the results. If you requested better game stability and you’ve never given MZ any of your $, then your vote was worth 1 vote. If you bought one pack at 4.99 it’s worth 2 votes, 19.99 = 3 votes, 49.99= 5 votes, 99.99 = 10 votes, once you reach buying 50 packs at 99.99 each pack at 99.99 thereafter is worth 10x, meaning 51st pack at 99.99 = 100 votes, 52nd pack = 1000 votes. This seems to match some of the MZ math, might be off a bit, but probably more accurate on how they look at requests than the common belief that one request = one vote.

  30. two other comments –

    Traps – they still seem viable. A good solo trap will handle the ~ 50k march size increase. I didn’t check the rally traps, but would think similarly. So traps are still good. The issue is the traps will need gear. The new haunted defense gear looks really nice, but … a trap is trap because they don’t want to spend loads of money. Not sure any decent gear is attainable without spending for lots of packs (special helms pieces anyone?)

    System stability – I also don’t think the game crashing earlier this week was related to march size increase. MZ has released whole new research trees, research tree additions, etc before and they didn’t have crashes. Wonder what the issue really was. And as I noted previously, to log on it is taking twice as long. So something happened and I don’t think MZ fully figured out the fix.

  31. #1 request was platform stability. My loading time has gotten worse. IS this the same with everyone? The pack screen pop up when I first start feels like it is taking twice as long to come up now.

    Hate to say it, I think I may be out of this game too. MZ is killing there own game. Just isn’t worth the time and it is supposed to be fun, right? I have no problem with spenders fighting with eachother, and understand its pay players that drive more development. But this game me be getting out of hand. Just to note what I have noticed – KVK’s used to be 2 kingdoms, then 4 way kvk kill events, then 6. I think I just saw a post for a 10 way kvk kill event. The spenders will kill eachother out of existence…. I say, let them.

    Have fun and btw – I think I will demolish all production buildings before I leave.

    • Spenders won’t kill each other off in a 10 way. 8 way was boring enough for everyone. When 10 was announced people didn’t even care or get excited. They blew it off as another stupid idea from a. Bored engineer. Nobody is gonna play hard. Once MZ analyzes the data and sees 4 way was the most profitable they will go back to 4 ways..mark my words.

    • Yep, load times is worse, often takes 3 tries to get in. Until THAT is fixed no way my trap is going unshielded during kvk. 5 minutes to get back in after getting booted is plenty of time for a big to zero me. No thanks. Took a year to build it, 5 minute outage to lose it isn’t worth it.

      I do think eventually they will fix this crap so I’ll just keep building my trap up. More troops always a good thing. Maybe stop start using 3 days shields constantly and taking 2 days off until I hear it’s fixed vs. the 24 hours so I can farm inactives… of course, I need about 1.5 billion silver and I don’t spend money so I really need to burn those inactives 😉

  32. Oh, and we were one of the kingdoms in the finals of the last tournament . They were kind enough to make it a kvk at the colliseum with no differentiation of outlander kills vs own kingdom kills and made it an individual event. Shockingly , it was won via cheating by suiciding ones own troops in solos . Then they had the audacity to post via the blog how brave the victors were. Smh. MZ is really screwing themselves and don’t even realize it.

  33. This isnt really a game. In a game the rules aren’t constantly changing. This app just feeds off of addiction and narcissism. Have fun.

  34. OK, that’s it. I’m out. Material trading would have been the one thing that stopped the exodus.

    • I was so certain this would’ve been the no. 1 requested feature. Wtf am i supposed to do with over 10k flames!…let alone all the other useless mats. Would really enjoy being able to utilize all in my inventory.

      • Agreed!

      • Double Agreed!

      • Material Trading may come. But you’ll need to complete the material trading research which is at the bottom of the March tree (once you’ve got rally march size increase to lvl 10). You’ll also need a trading token for every trade (which are only available in packs). You’ll also need to get the new building in the AC which then allows one person in the alliance to trade one level 1 material per day. Oh, you’ll also need VIP 24.

    • Yep, I thought the AC would be put to use for individual good, like mats trading.

  35. Pretty sure the number 1 requested feature is platform stability. Fix the crashes, fix the glitches, fix the lag so that we can actually play the game.

    The addition of March size increase as research with the only counterbalancing defensive change being the release of ridiculously expensive new haunted Xena gear, is not a balanced approach to the game. Temple: Missing in Action……..

    Sorry MZ, epic fail. This is the worst rush-job cover-up I have ever seen to explain away a massive server failure 3 days ago.

  36. Boycott has worked

    Good job everyone who supported stay and the boycott. He’s gotten everything he’s asked for that benefits him. Examples include but not limited to: Dramatically improved lag reduction in SW, MZ support at SW, March size increase, more wonders to rally that mimic SW wonder battles ( coliseum now being able to be rallied) which he won and several other features. So basically you all supported his agenda and here’s a list of what we got. More lag, more in app crashes and start up crashes, even worse customer support, more generic responses from MZ keyboard warriors who now only send automated messages. At least 10 months ago a real person would type a response. Now email them with my app is purple and the respond with : we’re sorry you experienced this and I’ll make sure to pass this along. Any other recommendations on how we can improve the game please let us know. More retarded gear, more retarded research, wonder dungeon anddddddd…nothing else. For the record if you buy the current pack for dungeon it will take $1k to upgrade it from 14 to 15. Just one upgrade is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!
    Basically what I’m saying here if you supported the boycott you’re an idiot that screwed us all ( not ur fault though Im Sure you had great intentions) Always remember rich people dont care about 99% of the world. They only care what they can do to get more rich and do more to feel more powerful…. At any cost!!

    • I’m sure you can fine another free game to play…why play a game that makes you so mad. You can reply but you will get no response from me. Move on and stop telling other people this garbage. Life is hard…get over yourself.

      • Please do respond. I’d love to hear how this isnt an accurate statement. I’m assuming you knew I was going to ask so you decided in advance to not respond. Good job running pff

  37. Look at the gold in the SS…and no 1 minute rally ? I’m not sure how that works. Would be nice to see the LV 2 numbers. Thanks for posting, you always stay on top it!

  38. For those requesting Material Trading…forget about it.. it will never come.. You really think MZ want people to lose $$$.. if everyone can trade mats..then very few will buy packs…

  39. Every single GOW player needs to submit a feedback ticket demanding an explanation. Apparently the boycott only emboldened MZ’s marketing team. Perhaps if we overloaded their “support” staff they will get the message.

  40. Gosh I must be dumb or something. The most requested feature is one that less than 1% of all players will ever be able to achieve? Gosh. Go figure!

  41. This is good. I may be able to finally quit this game

  42. They only increased total troops size by 500k? Did I read that right? That’s not gonna affect the game at all

  43. This game is not set up for freeloaders if your not spending leave I hate the welfare players always begging give me this give me that gtfo of the game

    • lol, who would you fight if all the small/no cash players left? You can’t rally anyone over 3 billion effectively, you’d get nowhere. What would you win?

    • Got to love the name… must hate self when looks in mirror. Perhaps not though, since comment indicates can’t see past the end of nose. I guess it all depends on what one defines as a spender/freeloader. I don’t think there are enough weak minded people that will spend the equivalent or more of the average yearly income in the U.S. on a unstable mobile app. But I could be wrong and anyone else is a freeloader, but if I am, it shouldn’t be marketed as it is – a “free to play” game. That’s about as deceptive as the published system requirements. None of it is even remotely close to the truth.

  44. Way to drop the all MZ! The greed is laughable. Why the hell am I still playing this sinking ship?

  45. This is ridiculous. The one feature I was hoping for is material trading. This feature is only relevant to a select number of players and I feel as though only big spenders will be able to take advantage of it. Mz really needs to get its next move right, or else could face a lot of people getting mad and quitting the game. I would love it of they stopped giving false hope to the non-spenders with these new feature announcements. We would love to see material trading, please.

  46. That’s it for traps and non money players mz does everything they can to get money from us but make up the number 1 request we all know that everyone wanted trading mats but mz fucked us again with a crazy feature that will help zero most of us who don’t spend thousands of dollars on the game I think this game is going to the gutter and the ones who will be left are the big money players and even they will quit when they have no targets to hit because they are all zeroed or quit the game

  47. Congratulations you just earned the chance to see the most requested feature, that is of absolutely no use to the normal player. Mz really went out on a limb here. There may be a select few in each kingdom that will be able to capitalize on this. For Joe Schmuckitalli off the streets it is just another useless feature. Really, wtg mz thanks for nothing once again!

  48. Bottom of the hardest tree in the game sweet…thanks mz

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